GLD Is Selling Anatomically Correct Life-Sized Adult Witcher Triss Toy At $3,000

Apparently, Rule 34 isn’t enough for everyone, since there’s an entire website dedicated to hyperrealistic life-sized sex dolls of video game characters, ranging from Resident Evil to Final Fantasy. And they’re as customisable as gaming PCs. Though, of course, you won’t find any male dolls–there’s definitely no Geralt on offer.



This was spotted by justaturt on The Witcher subreddit who shared a fully-clothed picture of the Triss doll, based on the third game’s model. However, it’s much worse than just gamers getting extremely horny for video game characters to the point of splashing out thousands of dollars.

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You can buy dolls of game characters who look exactly like the actors playing them, like Death Stranding’s Mama. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it’s probably illegal since it uses Margaret Qualley’s likeness without her consent, which is a problem that has cropped up more and more with the advent of AI and deepfake technologies, as actors and Twitch streamers’ likenesses are used in porn without their permission.

Some of the dolls sold are even based on very young characters, like Shenmue 3’s Nozomi Harasaki, who is an 18-year-old student. Even younger is the Rei Ayanami doll from Neon Genesis Evangelion who is only 14 years old, and Violet Evergarden from her namesake series who varies from 14 to 18 years old depending on where you are in the show. There are some unnerving selections on the site, to say the least, but the retailer has been active since at least early 2022 without any signs of shutting down.

It’s a German digital store that ships worldwide, though it has a disclaimer in its information tab about not shipping to “countries that have strict laws regarding our products”. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look to be a scam site emptying gamers’ wallets of thousands of dollars in the hopes of getting these characters (again, some who look exactly like their actors or are underaged) delivered to their doorstep. One look at TikTok and you’ll find unboxing videos, while the site itself has detailed videos showing each doll in real-life.

The actual site’s socials have few followers, with its Instagram profile only at 297, so its biggest breakouts have been via other people on TikTok and Reddit. However, it has been selling these dolls to people for over a year, and unfortunately, the real actors and underage girls crop up in the top-selling tab, meaning that they are popular picks among customers.

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