How To Build A Princess Deck In Disney Lorcana

When I think of Disney, I think of the Princesses. They’re in a league of their own for how iconic they are, not only in their own right as legendary movie characters, but as symbols for Disney itself. They rank as highly as Mickey as representations of Disney’s movie magic, and collectively are probably responsible for creating more Disney fans than any other group within the House of Mouse.Naturally, they already have a lot of Lorcana cards.



As a card carrying, fully paid up Disney Adult, each new Lorcana reveal has been excellent to watch. We have the full roster now, so working with what we have, I’ve tried to construct the ideal deck for princess magic. These are not going to be meta-dominant decks, but they will be game legal, meaning they will have 60 cards, no more than four copies of any given card, and only two inks per deck.

Deck 1: Elsagate

Elsa staring at her reflection in the mirror and singing

Elsa is my favourite Disney Princess (technically she’s not one, but they’re my cards and what I say goes), and she’s well represented in Disney Lorcana. Because she spans two Inks, this is going to be Amethyst and Ruby, mixing power with guile.

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Elsa has four variants in this deck, meaning over a quarter of the deck is pure Elsa. After that, Moana, Mulan, and Tinker Bell help round it out. This is an aggressive deck with Anna and Elsa working together and some big cards scoring points quickly. You can also easily ramp into Elsa, Spirit of Winter, simply by shifting onto one of the other, cheaper Elsas, like Queen Regent.

  • Elsa, Spirit of Winter x4
  • Elsa, Queen Regent x4
  • Elsa, Ice Surfer x4
  • Elsa, Snow Queen x4
  • Anna, Heir To Arendelle x4
  • Olaf, Friendly Snowman x2
  • Marshmallow, Persistent Guardian x2
  • Sven, Official Ice Deliverer x4
  • Freeze x4
  • Mulan, Imperial Soldier x4
  • Reflection x4
  • Moana, Chosen by the Ocean x4
  • Te Kā, The Burning One x4
  • Rapunzel, Letting Down Her Hair x4
  • Tinker Bell, Peter Pan’s Ally x2
  • The Wardrobe, Belle’s Confidant x2
  • Sword of Truth x2
  • Shield Of Virtue x2

Deck 2: Jasabelle

Aladdin: The Return of Jafar — Jasmine, The Genie, Aladdin in his prince outfit, and Abu

Jasmine and Belle make up the name, but Aurora and Ariel also make the cut. This deck is unique among ones we’ve seen so far, as it relies on Sapphire cards alone in a mono-ink deck, which might not be a smart choice, but it’s the most Princess-y colour. And we’re here for the flavour, not the wins.

This is a midrange deck that goes slow and steady a lot of the time, taking limited risks and slowly building up your lore count. As long as you can outlast your opponent and wait for their deck to run out of gas, it can quietly take the win.

  • Jasmine, Disguised x4
  • Jasmine, Queen of Agrabah x4
  • Belle, Inventive Engineer x4
  • Belle, Strange But Special x4
  • Maurice, World-Famous Inventor x4
  • If It’s Not Baroque x4
  • Ariel, Whoseit Collector x4
  • Flounder, Voice of Reason x4
  • Triton, The Sea King x4
  • Fishbone Quill x4
  • Aurora, Briar Rose x4
  • Aurora, Dreaming Guardian x4
  • Aurora, Regal Princess x4
  • Let It Go x4
  • Scepter of Arendelle x2
  • Magic Golden Flower x2

Deck 3: The Edge of the Water

Moana smiling whilst at a sunny sea

Amber and Ruby is a great combination, as Amber heals Ruby’s more reckless front-foot style of play. It also means we can get a great Ariel/Moana deck going.

This deck is perhaps one of the most Princess-synergistic of the four, as Moana, of Motunui lets you get your Princesses ready while the deck’s main play is to heal and sing until the game is won. Be Prepared is a bit of a leap, but we need songs and, while Amber is the most song-heavy ink, Ruby doesn’t have enough without it.

  • Ariel, On Human Legs x4
  • Ariel, Spectacular Singer x4
  • Part Of Your World x4
  • Dinglehopper x4
  • Ursula’s Shell Necklace x4
  • Sebastian, Court Composer x2
  • Moana, of Motunui x4
  • Moana, Chosen by the Ocean x4
  • Maui, Hero to All x2
  • Just In Time x4
  • Heihei, Boat Snack x4
  • Rapunzel, Gifted With Healing x4
  • Healing Glow x2
  • Lantern x2
  • Cinderella, Gentle and Kind x4
  • Be Our Guest x4
  • Be Prepared x4

Deck 4: The Outsiders

Tinker Bell from Peter Pan animated movie standing on a mirror

There are currently 13 official Disney Princesses, with Anna and Elsa as close to official as an Unofficial Princess can get. However, over the years the likes of Megara, Jane Porter, Kida, Tinker Bell, and a host of others have cosied up to the Princesses without making the cut.

This deck is for all the shoulda woulda couldas out there, and is made of Emerald and Steel. It also includes Kronk, a Disney Princess in my heart. This is a disruption heavy deck, breaking up your opponent’s tactics and stopping them from playing cards freely.

  • Megara, Pulling The Strings x4
  • Hercules, True Hero x4
  • Tinker Bell, Most Helpful x4
  • Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy x4
  • Tinker Bell, Tiny Tactician x4
  • Peter Pan, Never Landing x4
  • Mother Gothel, Selfish Manipulator x4
  • Mother Knows Best x4
  • Frying Pan x4
  • Flynn Rider, Charming Rogue x4
  • Hans, Scheming Prince x4
  • Hans, Thirteenth In Line x4
  • A Whole New World x4
  • Prince Eric, Dashing And Brave x2
  • Lilo, Galactic Hero x4
  • Kronk, Right-Hand Man x2

Please note that these decks are for thematic purposes only and if you get your ass kicked playing them TheGamer assumes no responsibility. Lorc at your own risk.

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