Every Security Code In Prey

A game that doesn’t hold your hand, Prey really makes you work to get your loot and access to the next area. Within the game, dozens of passwords and keycodes are scattered around on terminals, notes, or hidden in various other unlikely places that players might never think to look in. Due to this, it’s common for players to miss out on quite a few locations.



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The game’s access codes are divided into three categories: passwords, keycodes that never change, and keycodes that are randomized every time but can be found in set locations. This means that among keycodes, only a handful will remain the same from one playthrough to another, while the rest will be randomized but still discovered at set spots in the game.

Updated July 26, 2023, by Sean Murray: Don’t let your progress faulter just because of some silly codes. We’ve refreshed this guide with improved formatting to make it easier to find the security booth codes in Prey.

If an entry does not include a code, that means it is randomly generated.

Neuromod Division Safe

Prey Neuromod Division safe

The first safe you’ll discover once out of the simulation is within the Neuromod Division at the very beginning of the game.

Security Booth And Security Station

Prey Divya Naaz's Corpse

In the main entrance hall of the Neuromod Division, the corpse of Divya Naaz will eventually spawn after a quest from Alex Yu sends you back here. The keycode for both locations will be on a note near her corpse.

Morgan’s Office

Prey Morgan's office keycode

At the top of the stairwell on the right side of Talos I Lobby is Morgan’s office. Consult the terminal outside of it the grab this code.

Security Station Safe

Prey Security Station Safe

Just before the stairs leading up to Morgan’s office, take the path down to the security station. You can access the room through a vent above the door. The safe inside will have some useful loot.

Security Station Holding Chamber

Prey Security Station Holding Cell Room Door

Inside the Security Station of the lobby is a small holding room with a corpse inside. To get to it, you’ll find a code for it at the desk.

Volunteer Quarters

Prey Volunteer Quarters door

This is the code to the upper room of the Neuromod Division lobby. Head to the Executive Offices in the lobby, and inspect the terminal of Bianca Goodwin to find it.

It’s not recommended to go there early in the game due to tough enemies.

I.T. Department

Prey IT Security door opened

The I.T. Department is one of the rooms on the left stairwell of the lobby. It’s also a code that seemingly can’t be found anywhere in the game, except when inspecting its source code.

This room is also known as I.T. Security. It’s also possible to hack the door with Hacking I.

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Pilot’s Lounge

Prey Octabia Figgs' Corpse

Head up to the staff lounge in Talos I lobby. You can make your way through by jumping over a railing to get to a balcony, and then access the lounge. Find Octavia’s corpse and listen to the TranScribe titled “This Isn’t a Drill”. The Pilot’s lounge will be relevant much later on in the game.

Dr. DeVries’ Safe

Prey Doctor DeVries Safe inside his office

In the Trauma Center is Dr. DeVries’ office, with a safe inside. The code for it can be found further inside the Trauma Center, beyond a Thermal Phantom and a regular Phantom.

Dr. Thorstein’s Safe

Prey Doctor Thorstein's Safe inside his office

Upstairs from the lobby of the Hardware Labs is Thorstein’s office, as well as his personal safe. A small riddle needs to be completed to figure it out.

Machine Shop’s Supply Closet

Prey Machine shop supply closet door

Once you’ve unlocked the Small Scale Testing workstation with the password from a clipboard found nearby, inspect the terminal for an email titled “If You Need Supplies” to get the keycode for the supply closet.

Thorstein’s Office Access

Prey Dr Thorstein's Office

To get to Thorstein’s office, find Thaddeus York’s workstation upstairs in the Hardware Labs, in the area before Thorstein’s office. The keycode is in an email titled “You’re In Charge”.

Ballistics Lab Safe

Prey Ballistics Lab Safe

Enter the Ballistics Labs. To access the safe, check the floor of the room and look for a heavy grate that will need to be lifted with Leverage I skill. Underneath, you should find a note with the keycode.

Psychotronics’ Armory

Prey Aaron Ingram trapped inside glass box

Inside Psychotronics, you’ll encounter a test subject named Aaron Ingram. You can determine whether he lives or dies after checking his personal background on the workstation. If you do spare him, he’ll open the armory for you, which contains a lot of loot and some weapons.

Maintenance Tunnel

Prey Kimberly Bomo's body in the maintenance tunnels

One of the toughest codes to find, you need to get to Kimberly Bomo’s corpse. She’s floating inside the access tunnel itself, behind some of the pipes that run down the length of the tunnel, so check around diligently.

Magnetosphere Safe

Prey Magnetosphere safe code location

Inside the Magnetosphere chamber, go to the bathroom and remove the toilet rolls on the shelf to reveal a note. You can now open the safe inside the room.

Dr. Calvino’s Safe

Prey Doctor Calvinos Safe hidden behind glass

Inside the Crew Quarters, visit Calvino’s room and inspect his workstation. Make sure to listen to his audio log titled “Calvino’s Notes 3” to figure out the safe code.

Fitness Center

Prey Fitness center door opened

Head to the Cabins B bathrooms inside the Crew Quarters to find a note, which contains the access code to the Fitness Center.

Mail Room

Prey Mail room door opened

Still in the Crew Quarters, go to the habitation pods chamber and find Anders Kline’s habitation pod. A small note next to it will have the code to the mailroom.’

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Cafeteria Freezer

Prey Cafeteria freezer door opened by cook

You don’t need to find the code for this one. Simply complete the tasks the cook asks you to, and he will open the freezer for you. Step in at your own risk.

Executive Suites

Prey Executive suite code written on keypad

There are a few ways to find this code, so pick whatever path you find the easiest. All of these are found in the Crew Quarters. This will give you access to the grav shaft leading upstairs from the main lobby.

  • Inside the Fitness Center, check Emma Beatty’s terminal for an email titled “Personal Training Session”.
  • Inside the Recycler Room on the second floor, read a small note found on the table.
  • Inside Will Mitchell’s private cabin, read the email titled “Food Request For Alex”.

Stairwell In Deep Storage

Prey Stairwell keycode in deep storage

The pesky stairwell with a Phantom waiting within needs a keycode to be accessed, and it can be found easily on Zachary West’s terminal nearby.

Deep Storage Safe

Prey Deep Storage Safe

Get to Danielle Sho’s workstation. There’s a note behind her actual terminal that will have the code to this specific safe.

Dr. Igwe’s Container

Prey Dr Igwe's Container in Talos I exterior

As you exit Deep Storage, Dr. Igwe will send a distress message to anyone nearby. It’s up to you if you want to help him or open his cargo container, which would instantly kill him.

Cargo Bay A Security Safe

Prey Cargo Bay A Security Safe

Once you’ve made it inside Cargo Bay B, speak with Sarah Elazar. She’ll eventually give you access to this safe.

Parts Storage In Power Plant

Prey Power Plant's Storage Room

Inside the Power Plant, listen to a TranScribe by Duncan Krassikoff, which is titled “Keycode Change: Parts Storage”. This gives you access to the storage room.

Reactor Room In Power Plant

Prey Reactor Room Main floor

Also found in the same TranScribe by Duncan Krassikoff, titled “Keycode Change: Parts Storage”, it will come in handy when accessing the Reactor Room.

Life Support Storage

Prey Life support storage room open

In Life Support, make your way to the Oxygen Flow Control area. There’s a note within that will give you access to the storage room nearby.

Life Support Security Station Safe

Prey Life Support Security booth

Find Erica Teague’s corpse in Life Support, which will give you the access keycode to the security station in the area.

Talos I Bridge Safe

Prey Talos I Bridge view

Head up to the Captain’s Loft in Talos I Bridge. A book placed on the desk, when interacted with, will have a note that has the code to the bridge’s safe.

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