How To Use Amiibos

Nintendo is and always has been pretty quirky. With the power its consoles have to compete with via what PlayStation and Xbox now bring to the table, Nintendo needs to be different now more than ever, It does that in a variety of ways. Whether it be through massively popular exclusives like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, combining a handheld console with a home one like it has done with the Switch, or giving players interactive figures to collect called amiibos.



Just like Funko Pops, Nendoroids, and any other collection of figures, amiibos can be used to do nothing more than look good. If you’ve got the games that correspond with your amiibos though, you may as well put them to work. That’s right, your amiibos function than more than just ornaments, and below is a guide detailing how exactly you can make the most of them.

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How To Use Your Amiibos

If you have already been making the most of what your amiibos have to offer, you may well be rolling your eyes at a guide – and those who need to use it – explaining how it’s done because, well, once you know, it’s pretty simple. The thing is, some people don’t know. In fact, I would hazard to guess a lot more than half of the 125 million people who own a Switch don’t know amiibos function as interactive figures that unlock in-game rewards.

blue arrow pointing to right stick on nintendo switch

Every amiibo has a base, and in that base is a chip, hidden from view so as to not spoil the aesthetic of your figure. To activate whatever goodies that chip has, you will need to start up the corresponding game and then tap that chip against the NFC reader in your console. Again, that’s not something you can see. It is located inside the stick on your right Joy-Con, so that’s where you will need to tap your amiibo’s base. You can also tap it against the Switch logo at the top of your Pro Controller if you have one.

What Happens Next?

Once you have tapped your amiibo to your Joy-Con or Switch logo, and you have the right game open, your reward should appear, ready to be collected. If it doesn’t work, make sure you have the latest software update for that game downloaded and installed. As for what you’re going to get, that all depends on the amiibo you’re using and the game you’re playing.

The Switch game with the most amiibos to its name is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Almost every character has their own amiibo, and if you tap it on your Switch when playing the game, you will unlock an AI version of that character you can then train. In Tears of the Kingdom, the rewards are a little different. Again, another series with a lot of amiibos, and some of them will unlock a unique material for Link’s glider when activated.

the archer link, guardian, and rider link breath of the wild amiibo for tears of the kingdom totk all amiibos guide

The list of what amiibos can do is a long one because it differs from game to game. Outside of Smash, most will give you little rewards, sometimes even something that is otherwise unattainable like the glider materials in Tears of the Kingdom. Now you know how to use them, if you own a few, try them out and see what happens. If you don’t already have some but now you’re itching to grab a few and take them for a spin, check out our guide to the very best Nintendo amiibos available right now.


Do Amiibos Work With All Switch Games?

No, all amiibos do not work with all Switch games. You will need to check which games an amiibo works with before you buy them if you plan on using them to unlock in-game rewards.

Can You Use Amiibos More Than Once?

Yes, you can use amiibos more than once. In fact, some amiibos can be used to unlock in-game items on a daily basis.

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