Tips For New Project Zomboid Players

Project Zomboid is one of those games where, if you don’t have a guide, you’re likely to die and die again. And then, even when you do get a guide, you’re still probably likely to die and, well, die again.



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But, hopefully, we’ll be able to prepare a guide for you that will keep you from being the next zombie to stumble around the greater Kentucky area and turn you into a fierce survivor who will hopefully manage to stick around longer than a week. These are some handy tips that will likely save your life out there as a newly-fledged survivor in the world of Project Zomboid.

10 Keep Calm And Slay Zombies

A horde of zombies surround a white car

The first rule is to keep calm. Project Zomboid can be a scary game, especially with just the lack of music leading you to feel just how empty the world is. Zombies can be overwhelming and those jumpscares definitely don’t help.

What you need to do is ground yourself. If you panic and run around either trying to confront zombies like no tomorrow or running aimlessly away from them, you’re going to end up dead early on. So when you spawn in, take a moment to just ground yourself, look around slowly and get immersed.

9 Don’t Use Guns

A survivor aims and shoots a shotgun at a group of zombies

Congratulations, you’ve found a gun. They are utterly useless. Trust us, unless you have a mod like the Arsenal[26] Gunfighter Mod, which actually adds some useful weapons and boosts firearms a lot, then you’re likely never going to use a gun.

They are loud, you are likely not skilled in them, and you’ll run out of bullets eventually. They’re also heavy, so there’s no use taking one ‘for emergencies.’ It’s best to skip them, especially early in the game. Just stick to the melee weapons.

8 Find A Space Place

A survivor's base featuring numerous cars, fencing and a farm

It sounds obvious, but you will really value having a safe place when you find your character tired, hungry, and thirsty. The best place is to use your spawn house as your temporary base, but this will only work for a couple of nights.

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Look up the Project Zomboid Map online to see what safe places you may be able to get to in your starting town. The best places are on the outskirts as default settings will have zombies urban centered.

7 Watch TV… No, Really

A TV screen in a lone dark room with options for channels on the side

Electricity and water will shut off at any random time. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week. Value them and watch TV. If you watch the Life and Living channel 6am, 12am and 6pm, you will be able to learn skills such as Carpentry, Cooking, Foraging and Fishing — unless you already have them due to an occupation.

This is invaluable. It may be your only chance to get a boost to such skills and level them up, as books will only give you an XP boost, not actual experience.

6 Walk, Don’t Run

A figure walking from zombies that chase one after the other

For the love of all that is good, walk, don’t run. Your first instinct will be to run away from the zombies, but this will only tire you out. Trust us — your walking speed will be faster than any zombie.

So, even if they’re following you, just walk and you will be able to gain some distance. This will also help you keep calm when it comes to zombies, making sure you don’t freak out and can control yourself around them.

5 Push To Kill

A man wielding a spiked baseball bat and fighting zombies

You should go into your options and change a setting under Display, and turn the Aim Outline setting so that it can work on any weapon. This will help you when right-clicking and aiming at zombies for melee combat, but also when the zombie is highlighted, you can press the space bar and push them.

This is very important for gaining distance, but also you can often push zombies over, which will make it easier to kill them, even when unarmed.

4 Know Your Limits

A bloodied figure sitting down in a messy home

So you’ve survived longer than a day, and you suddenly think you’re the next Rick Grimes who will survive no matter the odds. Well, let’s just hold your horses there. Whether it’s a scavenging mission gone well or you’re just on a zombie-killing spree, you should really pay attention and know your limits.

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You may think that, even though your character is tired, you can ignore it and just go on a little longer. You should play it safe as long as you can and get back to base.

3 The Value Of Sheets

A woman staring at some sheets covering a window

If you find a sheet, loot it if you can. Sheets and ripped sheets (usually able to be made from clothing you can rip) are very valuable and easy to get. Sheets can be hung on windows, which will come in very handy, especially as your base might not be automatically fitted with them.

Ripped sheets can also be great for patching up holes in your clothing with a tailoring kit, so you don’t leave yourself open to bites and scratches. They can also be used as makeshift bandages.

2 Curtains Down, Lights Off

A figure crouched down in a house with sheets over the windows

The moment you get into a house to stay in, you should turn the lights off and pull any curtains down. If there are no curtains, use sheets and add them to the window and cover them. This is just so any zombies that are outside or wandering nearby don’t see you.

As long as you’re not overtly loud, you should be fine, and it will make things a lot safer for you in the long term.

1 Go Slow

A woman in the rain aiming a gun at two zombies

Project Zomboid is one of those games where you usually will have to go slow. Unless you’re an amazing player with hundreds of hours of experience, you will likely never set up the perfect base in a week or so.

This is a game where you can spend an entire in-game day just looting one or two houses and then going back to your base. Things will take time and it’s much better that way than trying to risk your life and force everything to be perfect at once. So if you can, make sure to take things one at a time.

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