How To Reset Your Trait Points In Remnant 2

Upgrading your character in a role-playing game is always a little tricky at first. This is because you typically do some upgrades before you actually get to grips with the game. Therefore, you can end up spending your hard-earned points on the wrong things. In the case of Remnant 2, it’s trait points that you’re at risk of wasting.



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Thankfully, like plenty of other RPGs, the game allows you to respec your points, giving you a chance to start your build all over again. Unfortunately, that specific mechanic is well hidden in Remnant 2. This is how you do it.

How To Respec Trait Points

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Wallace Map Location

The man you need to find to be able to respec your points is Wallace. He is located in Ward 13, but he isn’t in the main town area.

The mystical man is atop a crane near the water. So, he’s not too far from the rest, but he does noticeably live away from the others.

You may remember meeting the guy earlier in the game, as he’s the one who can see into the future and gave you your archetype.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Main Character Talking With Wallace

When you interact with him, you must ask to see what he can craft.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Wallace Crafting

One of the things he can make is the Orb of Undoing. This thing resets all your trait points, meaning you can redistribute them.

The item isn’t cheap to craft. You have to fork over three Lumentie Crystals and 2,500 scraps. You do acquire plenty of these things while playing, but it is still fairly expensive, so try to spend your trait points correctly the first time.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Inventory Screen

When you’ve bought the Orb Of Undoing, you need to head to the inventory screen to find it. Once you’re hovering over it, hit ‘use’ to reset your points.

Now, you can spend your points more wisely, or you’ll have to part with more of your precious resources to get another orb.

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