How To Craft Wrathful Invokers In Diablo 4 Season Of The Malignant

The first season of Diablo 4 is centered around the mysterious Malignant Corruption, which causes enemies to be fused with a new form of Lilith’s corruption to gain untold power. By defeating these monsters and caging their hearts, you can gain a portion of this power for yourself.



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To summon and trap these creatures, you’ll need items called Invokers. There are four different types of Invokers used for each of the different types of Malignant corruption you’ll encounter. The strongest Invoker type is the Wrathful Invoker, which can be used to summon even stronger monsters, but promises even better rewards. Below, we’ll take a look at what Wrathful Invokers do, and how to get them.

What Are Wrathful Invokers?

malignant outgrowth with wrathful slot

There are four different types of Invokers that you can use to summon Malignant monsters from Malignant Tunnels. These Invokers correspond to the four different types of Malignant Hearts that you can extract from enemies and slot into your Jewelry to gain their power.

Wrathful Invokers are the rarest of the four, and allow you to summon stronger-than-normal Malignant monsters. These monsters will drop Wrathful Hearts, which have unique effects that can drastically change your build.

Wrathful Invokers are used at Malignant Outgrowths found at the end of Malignant Tunnel Dungeons. Occasionally, these will appear with a Wrathful slot where you can use the Wrathful Invoker to summon a powerful enemy.

How To Get A Wrathful Invoker

crafting an uncertain invoker at the malignant items crafting table

There is only one way to get a Wrathful Invoker, and that is by crafting it. At either the Workbench in Kyovashad or Cormond’s Workbench to the south of Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes, you can craft a variety of Invokers using Malignant Ichor gained by salvaging Hearts or defeating Malignant enemies.

However, you aren’t able to craft Wrathful Invokers directly. Instead, you’ll craft an Uncertain Invoker that contains a random type of Invoker, with a chance to get a Wrathful Invoker. You can craft the Uncertain Invoker box using 40 Brutal Ichor, 40 Vicious Ichor, 40 Devious Ichor, and 1,000 gold.

The chance to get a Wrathful Invoker from the Uncertain Invoker box isn’t the best, so you’ll probably need to save up your Ichor materials for a while. You’ll get these in abundance as you progress your character through the season.

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