How To Unlock Ford’s Chest In Ward 13 In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 contains its fair share of puzzles. However, the one regarding Ford’s chest stands out because it isn’t immediately obvious that it is a puzzle. After all, at first glance, it just looks like any other chest you find in the game. Yet, you will notice something is amiss when you realize there is a code lock on it.



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As this is a video game, you don’t just get given the combination. You have to find it if you want what’s inside. But if you want to avoid scouring the streets of Ward 13, this guide contains everything you need to know to get the chest open.

Where To Find Ford’s Chest

Remnant 2 Split Image Showing Ford Chest Location

To find the chest, head upstairs in the warehouse, directly above where McCabe and Rigs set up shop. Up there, you can find Ford’s sleeping quarters, which is the same room where the chest is located.

How To Find The Code Combination For Ford’s Chest

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Flashlight In Inventory

You don’t have to go wandering anywhere to locate the combination for the lock.

Even though you’re not aware of it, you’re given the code when Ford hands you a flashlight early in the game. This is because, for some reason, the old man carved the code into the bottom of the item.

So, go into your inventory, hover over the flashlight, and hit inspect.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Code On Bottom Of Flashlight

Then rotate the light so you can see the bottom where the combination will be.

How To Open Ford’s Chest

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Code Combination

Now that you have the code (0415), simply interact with the chest and input the combination.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Key In Ford Chest

Once you do, the chest will open, and you will find a key inside. To be more specific, it’s the Cargo Control Key.

This isn’t generally something you expect to see locked in a video game chest. However, this key can lead you to an actual reward.

What To Do With The Cargo Control Key

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Cargo Control Door Map Location

Thankfully, the door the key opens is in Ward 13. Yet, it’s a bit far away from the warehouse, as it’s inside the old destroyed cargo ship.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Opening In Fence

So, head past Dwell and Brabus before going through a chain-link fence.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Rusted Door

Then keep following the path forward until you head inside the ship and find an old rusted door blocking your path.

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of MP60-R SMG On Desk

Use the key on the door and head inside to find the MP60-R SMG sitting on the desk. This is your reward.

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