AEW Fight Forever: Best Custom Wrestler Skills

One of the best parts of wrestling video games is creating a custom wrestler. You can live your fantasy of being a wrestler by creating a version of yourself, or be a bit more outlandish by creating the wildest wrestlers you can imagine. Whatever the case, they’ll only be effective if you give them the right skills.



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In AEW Fight Forever, you can take your custom wrestler into the story mode called Road to Elite. You’ll gain Skill Points as you progress through it. Those can then be used on crucial skills that make your custom wrestler a main event level talent who is ready to win a championship.

10 Grit

Kenny Omega pins Jon Moxley after landing the One-Winged Angel, allowing the Grit skill to roll for Moxley to see if he'll kick out in AEW Fight Forever.

Grit is an essential skill if you want to mimic the best five-star matches from real life in AEW Fight Forever. It is a Passive skill that will cost 2,000 Skill Points for your custom wrestler. It gives you a slight chance to kick out of a pin attempt that would normally end the match.

If you get hit by a devastating finisher or perhaps put through a table from the top of a ladder, Grit is a skill you need. Each time a potentially match-ending pin takes place, the skill will roll. Hopefully the odds are in your favor and it keeps you in the fight for a bit longer.

9 Taunt Buff

Kenny Omega taunts at Jon Moxley across the ring in AEW Fight Forever.

Taunting is a great way to gain momentum in AEW Fight Forever. You can add to that momentum boost by assigning the Taunt Buff to your custom wrestler. It will set you back just 1,400 Skill Points from the Passive category.

It can be used just once per match, but will give you added momentum to whatever you do for a brief moment after activation. If you’re feeling confident about winning the match, taunt and gain the Taunt Buff. All of your attacks and future taunts for that short period will get you closer to your signature and finishing moves.

8 Kick Out Buff

Jon Moxley raises a shoulder to kick out of a pinfall attempt by Kenny Omega in AEW Fight Forever.

If your opponent hasn’t damaged you enough to win the match, you have a chance to kick out of their pinfall attempt. Mash those buttons and stop the count at two. If you’ve got the Kick Out Buff enabled, this once per match Passive skill will give you a short boost to your momentum gain after the kick out.

You can apply it to your custom wrestler in AEW Fight Forever for 1,200 Skill Points. Couple it with another skill like Grit and you can land the perfect finish to a match. Get yourself out of the pin, gain extra momentum with a flurry of offense, and snatch the victory out of your opponent’s grasp.

7 Bail Out

Lance Archer uses Bail Out to roll from the ring while facing Jeff Hardy in AEW Fight Forever.

Bail Out is an Action skill that costs a hefty 4,000 Skill points. If you choose this one for your custom wrestler, you’ll be able to get out of harms way as often as you need to. If you’re near the ropes in a grounded state, you can flick the right-stick down and cause your wrestler to roll out of the ring.

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There’s a chance for you to time this and cause some real damage, along with humiliation, to the opposition. Being able to get away unscathed after being put the mat is invaluable. Imagine your opponent is in the midst of a top rope dive. Use Bail Out to escape and you’ll send them crashing and burning into the ring.

6 Jump Start

Lance Archer uses the Jump Start skill to grapple with Jeff Hardy before the match has officially begun in AEW Fight Forever.

Heels are what they call the bad guys in wrestling. More often than not, you’ll find the Jump Start ability on a heel wrestler. If your custom wrestler is villainous, Jump Start is a necessity in AEW Fight Forever. Grab it for 3,500 Skill Points from the Action category.

The skill allows you to move your wrestler around before the bell rings. There is a brief period when you load into a match where opponents will face off, wait for the bell to ring, and then begin to go at it. Jump Start lets you break out of that scene to attack your opponent early. Use it to get a quick upper hand on them and make easy work of the match.

5 Guardbreak

Lance Archer lands a strong strike on Jeff Hardy with the Guardbreak ability to stagger him in AEW Fight Forever.

Guardbreak is a vital offensive skill in AEW Fight Forever. From the Action category, you can spend 2,500 Skill Points and add it to your custom wrestler’s abilities. Then you can use it to prevent your opponent’s defensive stands.

If you hold the high or low strike buttons, you’ll perform a strong strike. This is a heavy hit that deals solid damage to the other wrestler. Strikes can be blocked, however. You or your opponent can hold the reversal button to put up a long-lasting guard stance. Guardbreak allows you to break through that stance with a strong strike, staggering your opponent allowing you to capitalize on this.

4 Movement Speed

Kenny Omega runs at Jon Moxley as the referee looks on in AEW Fight Forever.

Stat skills are where you can improve your custom wrestler’s basic attributes. These are very important in the grand scheme of AEW Fight Forever. That’s why you’ll want to invest in Movement Speed, as all skills in the Stat category have multiple tiers to unlock with increasing Skill point costs along the way.

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Movement Speed is pretty self-explanatory. It ensures your wrestler is not a slowpoke. You’ll be able to keep up with some of the quicker opponents you’ll face. This allows you to evade more easily and simply reach your opponent faster for when you want to lay the smackdown on them.

3 Finisher Slots

Kenny Omega leaps at Jon Moxley to land the V Trigger, one of his secondary finishing moves, in AEW Fight Forever.

Every custom wrestler starts with a single finisher slot. In the Stat category, you’ll find the Finisher Slots skill. You should absolutely choose to upgrade that skill at least once. But you are able to do so four more times to give your wrestler up to five finishing moves.

With however many Finisher Slots you’ve opted to go with, head to the custom wrestler menu and open the moveset. You’ll see that ability to add multiple finishing moves. This can give you a huge advantage in your matches. You’ll be able to land hard-hitting finishers from a variety of locations and positions, depending on how you’ve spread them out.

2 Finisher Strength

Kenny Omega lifts Jon Moxley up to hit his One-Winged Angel finishing move in AEW Fight Forever.

Each finishing move slot has its own subsequent Finisher Strength skill. You can upgrade each finisher’s Finisher Strength in Stats skills four additional times, starting at 1,000 Skill Points. The higher the level, the more powerful that finishing maneuver will be.

This is a good way to make your customer wrestler as strong as possible in AEW Fight Forever. You can even have a bit of fun with some realism aspects. Perhaps you want your wrestler to have a finishing move that is so dangerous they only use it in rare occasions. Boost its Finisher Strength all the way and perform the move in only the most high profile of matches.

1 Momentum Rate

Kenny Omega is able to easily land a signature move and set up Jon Moxley for a finisher in AEW Fight Forever with a high Momentum Rate skill.

Momentum Rate is the number one skill you want to focus on in AEW Fight Forever. You can upgrade it for your custom wrestler in the Stat skills category. Every upgrade increases the amount of momentum you gain by doing actions such as attacking, taunting, or receiving buffs you’ve chosen.

Momentum is how you put your opponent away in the game. You are more likely to kick out of pins, break out of submissions, and reverse moves with higher momentum. Increased Momentum Rate will see that your momentum reaches its peak much earlier than the opposition, which also means you’ll have access to signatures and finishers first if your offensive strategy goes as planned.

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