The Most Valuable Reprints In The Planeswalker Party Precon

Planeswalker Party is one of the four pre-constructed Commander decks released alongside the main Commander Masters set in Magic: The Gathering. As the name implies, the deck is built around a planeswalker theme, often referred to as “Superfriends.”



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There are plenty of strong reprints and powerful new cards available in the deck. There is no shortage of fantastic planeswalkers and cards that support a Superfriends strategy available in Planeswalker Party. Of the reconstructed decks, Planeswalker Party has some of the most valuable reprints of the lot. The Superfriends strategy is very popular among Commander players, so having more access to these cards is fantastic.

10 Karn’s Bastion ($2.13)

MTG Karn's Bastion card and art background

Proliferating is one of the best effects you can be using in any deck that utilizes counters – something planeswalkers do with loyalty counters. Karn’s Bastion helps to give all of your planeswalkers more loyalty counters to be able to use their ultimate abilities quicker.

The best utility lands are the ones that can still produce mana – something Karn’s Bastion can still do. Even though most planeswalkers don’t need colorless mana, it will still pay for a generic mana cost. The proliferate effect can be done at instant speed, allowing you to use it before your turn starts after you don’t need to keep mana up anymore.

9 Reliquary Tower ($3.06)

reliquary tower card and art background

Reliquary Tower is a simple land. It only taps for a colorless mana, but giving yourself no hand size limit is what makes it so good. Despite being printed in multiple pre-reconstructed decks, the card has maintained a decent price.

In Superfriend decks specifically, it’s especially strong as you can often draw multiple cards with the various planeswalkers available. Since you need a lot of interaction to make sure your planeswalkers stay safe, having as many cards in hand is vital to ensure you can always respond to any attempts to take your planeswalkers off the battlefield.

8 Cascade Bluffs ($4.00)

MTG Cascade Bluffs card and art background

Cascade Bluffs is part of a cycle of lands referred to as filter lands – lands that can tap for a colorless mana or can be tapped along with paying one generic to produce two mana of two colors.

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These lands are very solid in multicolored decks, and can be used to make sure you always have enough mana to pay for a spell that requires specific colored mana to be used. They come in untapped as well, allowing you to take advantage of their effects as soon as they enter the battlefield.

7 Elspeth, Sun’s Champion ($3.83)

Magic: The Gathering Elspeth, Sun's Champion full card with background

The best Planeswalkers are often ones that also have a strong effect attached to them. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion fits into this role as it comes with a board wipe available as soon as it hits the battlefield. It can also produce tokens to protect itself. Unlike most planeswalkers that make tokens, Elspeth makes three tokens to produce enough blockers to keep it safe from attacks.

If you manage to ultimate Elspeth, Sun’s Champion, odds are you’ll be able to win the game through combat off of it, as a stat boost along with flying are both very good traits for creatures to have.

6 Spark Double ($6.74)

MTG Spark Double card and art background

Spark Double is a fantastic creature, as it can double up on any of your powerful planeswalkers or creatures. It even comes with an extra counter on it to give it a bit of a boost. This allows you to have Spark Double come into the battlefield to immediately utilize a powerful planeswalker effect that you ran out of loyalty to use.

Since Spark Double comes with an extra loyalty counter, this makes using a planeswalker’s ultimate ability that much easier – especially when combined with proliferate cards such as Karn’s Bastion.

5 Ajani Steadfast ($6.91)

Ajani Steadfast

Ajani Steadfast is one of the best planeswalkers for Superfriend decks. It is primarily good for its -2 effect, which can bump up the loyalty counters of all your other planeswalkers. Though it can give a temporary stat boost to a creature, this isn’t what Ajani Steadfast will be used for.

If you get enough loyalty counters on it, Ajani Steadfast’s ultimate ability is phenomenal. It makes taking you out of the game through combat almost impossible with the stat reduction and keeps the rest of your planeswalkers safe from being destroyed by anything other than removal spells.

4 Mangara, The Diplomat ($8.70)

Mangara, the Diplomat

Card draw is always going to be great in Commander, and Mangara, The Diplomat is fantastic at that. If your opponents are attacking you a lot, you’ll be getting plenty of cards to start your next turn. In Commander, playing more than one spell is very common, so you’ll likely get another card draw from that.

Mangara’s effect that applies to second spells is for each opponent each turn, so if there are players playing multiple spells in the same turn you’ll get card draw from each of them. Mangara is easy to cast as well to let you start taking advantage of it early on in the game.

3 Mystic Gate ($8.86)

MTG Mystic Gate card and art background

Mystic Gate is another card in the filter land cycle – this time for Azorius (white/blue). This is a strong color combination and makes for a solid dual land that was due for a new reprint.

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The filter lands are all very strong dual lands for multi-colored decks. Since Planeswalker Party is Jeskai (red/white/blue), lands that tap for red and either white or blue can be converted into only white and blue mana to help pay for any specific color of a spell. That is one of the biggest strengths of filter spells in three or more color decks.

2 Chandra, Awakened Inferno ($10.45)

chandra, awakened inferno

Chandra, Awakened Inferno is a phenomenal six mana planeswalker that was long due for a reprint due to its popularity. Emblems have no way to be interacted with, so giving your opponents permanent burn is fantastic – especially since you can keep stacking it up. Since it gives you two loyalty counters for using it, this help to keep Chandra safe.

If the battlefield has a lot of small creatures on it, Chandra can act as a respectable board wipe to it. Though its one of the weaker effects, its -X can be used as decent removal.

1 The Chain Veil ($22.20)

MTG The Chain Veil card and art background

The Chain Veil was the most hoped-for reprint in Planeswalker Party and is the most valuable of the deck. The Chain Veil hadn’t ever seen a reprint outside the List, having only appeared in Magic 2015 in 2014.

The Chain Veil lets you double up on all of your planeswalkers’ loyalty abilities, which can get them to their ultimate abilities much quicker, and in some cases – let them ultimate the turn they hit the battlefield. It only applies to planeswalkers currently on the battlefield when The Chain Veil activates, so make sure the planeswalkers you want to use are there before activating it!

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