Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 Revealed, Adds Jimmy And Squidward As Fighters

The leaks were real – Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is back.

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After months of rumours and leaks, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 has officially been revealed via a new trailer that shows Squidward, Jimmy Neutron, and more are joining the roster.



One of the worst-kept secrets in the gaming industry over the last few months is that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 is in development, with leaks initially starting all the way back in January. First, Danny Phantom’s new model was leaked and Squidward was confirmed to be playable, and then El Tigre’s inclusion in the game was also shown off and shared by a developer on the game, essentially confirming that All-Star Brawl 2 was real.

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Now, it seems that developers Ludosity and Fair Play Labs have decided to get ahead of the leaks and confirm the game for themselves with a new trailer that reveals a bunch of new features that are coming to the sequel. The most exciting things are, of course, the new fighters which so far include Jimmy Neutron and Squidward Tentacles, two of the most requested characters following the release of the first game.

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