Ranking The Best Nintendo Switch Games With Character Creation

There are a lot of fantastic games available on the Nintendo Switch. But what if you don’t want to play as a pre-established character? Character creation allows you to add your personal touch to a game. You could create an avatar of yourself to be the hero or perhaps create someone completely new.



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From deciding on your character’s aesthetic to selecting their specific stats and features, lots of Switch games give you plenty of ways to customize your character’s look, personality, and abilities. Here are 10 fantastic games that allow you to create a custom character available right now on the Nintendo Switch.

Updated on July 27, 2023 by Luke Ackroyd: If you love getting to add your own personal touch to your gaming experience, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of Nintendo Switch games with character customization out there for you to enjoy, from games that let you alter every aspect of a character’s appearance to games that allow you to customize their stats and personality. You’re designing a character that will be going on an epic adventure with you, so you want them to fit in with your style. With that in mind, this list of Nintendo Switch games with character creation has been updated with even more fantastic options to sink hours into, so be sure to check them out.

14 Moving Out

A jester cat and a space dog in Moving Out

Out of all the character-creation Switch games available, Moving Out is undoubtedly one of the silliest. It takes the tedious chore of moving house and turns it into a chaotic fun experience for you and your friends. You will attempt to carry furniture into the moving truck as quickly as possible throughout increasingly outlandish levels. Many obstacles are in your way as you smash items and break almost everything you were supposed to deliver safely.

Before jumping into the game, you get to design your character. The more you play, the more options you unlock, from animals to a plant-pot-headed character. You also get to give them accessories, such as silly hats, and change the colors of your outfits. You can get some ridiculous designs that add to the chaos of this hilarious party game.

13 For The King

One of the characters and the Blacksmith class description in For The King

For The King is a captivating RPG that is a must-play. After the king is murdered, you are tasked with setting off through a kingdom falling into disarray and attempting to return peace to the land. This is where you get to customize your dream team of adventurers to take on this challenge. You begin with the choice of the Blacksmith, the Hunter, the Scholar, and the Minstrel. These classes give you unique skills and abilities and starting items. You also get to design your look, from your color scheme to what kind of backpack you’ll carry. Once your party is crafted, you’re set to begin your quest.

For The King can be a challenging experience at times, especially for beginners. You might find yourself keen to keep starting again with a new batch of heroes, especially as you unlock different classes during your playthroughs. Having a nice variety of characters is recommended to help you in all sorts of situations, but you are in for a fun time no matter who joins your party.

12 Dark Souls

Class menu and the player character as a warrior in Dark Souls

If you can handle seeing the wonderful character you’ve designed be killed off repeatedly, then Dark Souls is a great choice to play next. This brutal game sets you into a mysterious fantasy realm to battle countless monsters. It requires a lot of skill and strategy to survive in this world, especially its tough boss battles. So, your character’s design at the start of the game is pretty essential.

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Before you begin your adventure, you’ll get to select your starter class. You could be a warrior, sorcerer, or even an unclothed enigma with just a club and an old plank shield. Each class has different stats which will influence your playstyle throughout the game. You can also pick a starting gift to aid you on your dangerous adventure. Your character’s appearance does not affect the gameplay, but you can have a lot of fun designing how your protagonist will look. Once you’ve made these tough decisions, you’re ready to set out there and likely instantly die.

11 Disco Elysium

Selecting an archetype between thinker sensitive physical and custom in Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium follows the story of a detective attempting to solve the mystery of a recent murder, but it is far from a simple case. You begin the game with no memory of who you are, which is confusing, but also a chance to have a truly blank canvas character to unravel more about during the story.

Although you cannot design the look of your character in Disco Elysium, you still get to customize their personality and skillset. At the start of the game, you can select an archetype from Thinker, Sensitive, and Physical. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and put your skill points wherever you wish. Your decisions on what attributes you want to be skilled (and unskilled) in will have a massive impact on your playthrough. From giving you unique lines of dialogue to potentially locking you out of specific paths, your story will differ each time you play. It is fun to see how focusing on different skills will help and hinder your progress in this captivating story.

10 The Outer Worlds

Picking the skills of your character in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is an epic science fiction adventure with incredible places to visit and fun companions to befriend. It is up to your unique character to decide the fate of the Halcyon system.

You can decide on your character’s attributes, such as if they should be charming or strong. You can give your character flaws that will push you to switch up your tactics. You get to select what skills you have, what aptitude you have, and determine your appearance. The customization options are pretty detailed and give you much freedom to create whomever you want each time you play.

9 Attack On Titan 2

Deciding the height of a character in the Character Editor In Attack On Titan 2

The Attack On Titan game is slightly different from the anime it is based on but still follows the story of the first few seasons. You get to join the Scout Regiment and take on the formidable Titan threat. It is an exciting game with some entertaining gameplay mechanics, especially getting to fly around on your vertical maneuvering equipment.

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Although you can play as characters from the main series, the customization option is detailed and worth checking out. You can decide your height, facial features, and even the color of your outfit. Crafting a unique character helps you feel even more immersed as you join the action in this tense, epic story. So, if you’re a fan of switch games with customizable characters, you’ll have a blast with Attack On Titan 2.

8 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Designing The Hairstyle of a character in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very relaxing game that lets you renovate an island paradise while befriending your animal neighbors at the same time. You begin the game by customizing your avatar before starting your new life.

Animal Crossing doesn’t have the deepest character customization, but there is enough variety for you to create a unique look for yourself. You can also constantly update your character’s look and style with various outfits you can source online even after character creation. You can have multiple hairstyles and outfits prepared, allowing you to design your character to fit whatever mood or style you are in that day.

7 Saints Row: The Third

The Body Build Tool and The Charater's Face in the character creation stage of Saints Row The Third

Saints Row: The Third is a ridiculous game with many chaotic missions to complete. You take on the role of the leader of the Third Street Saints and fight the Syndicate for power over the city of Steelport.

There are a lot of sliders to alter every aspect of your character’s appearance. You can decide what voice you have (including a zombie’s voice!) and your personality. You can get creative with this, and it is often quite hilarious to see your outlandish character pop up in cutscenes throughout the game. You can further customize your character with ridiculous outfits, too.

6 Baldur’s Gate Collection

The ability Stat generator in Baldur's Gate and the profile picture selection menu in Baldur's Gate 2

You can buy two of Bioware’s classic Baldur’s Gate games as a collection on the Switch, allowing you to experience these fantastic adventures on the go. Set in the world of D&D, the first game has you leaving Candlekeep to uncover several mysteries around the Sword’s Coast. The sequel has you escaping captivity from a mage to begin your adventure.

Both games allow you to create a custom D&D character. You can choose to be a Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc, etc. You also pick your class, such as a Ranger or a Wizard. Your options don’t stop there. You have subclasses, alignments, abilities, skills, and appearance. Your choices will seriously impact how you play the game, making it worth replaying the adventures time and time again.

5 Stardew Valley

The character creation menu in Stardew Valley

For a more relaxed gaming experience, check out Stardew Valley. This farming game is full of hidden details and fun things to do. You inherit a farm from your grandfather, leaving your tedious office job and settling down in the titular valley.

With the game’s pixel art style, character creation is not the most in-depth. But that doesn’t stop you from having fun creating your farmer. With different hairstyles, outfits, and various colors to choose from, you’ll soon create your perfect pixel character. You can even select what pet your character will have. Once you have decided on your character’s look, you can play the game however you like, even being a menace to the valley if you want to be.

4 Pillars Of Eternity

Picking a Dwarf in the character creation menu for Pillars Of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is a fantastic story-driven fantasy game about an Awakened Watcher setting off on an epic adventure in the realm of Eora.

Its character creation stage has a lot of options to choose from. Appearance-wise, you can decide on colors for your outfit, what portrait you have in the game, and your character’s voice. But the bulk of the customization comes from settling on your Race, Class, Attributes, and Culture. You could play as a Dwarf or even a Godlike Race. There are lots of classes to choose from to determine your playstyle. Deciding your culture is also exciting, as you can determine where your character grew up and their occupation before the adventure.

3 Skyrim

The Nord Race being selected in Skyrim

Skyrim is an open-world RPG that will have you returning time and time again. Each time, you’ll be able to create an entirely different character. You play as the Dragonborn and are tasked with defeating Alduin and the rest of the dragons to save the realm.

Skyrim gives you a lot of options in terms of character customization. You could play as an Argonian, Khajiit, or anything else that catches your eye. There are presets, but you can customize as much or as little as you like. The tutorial area will help you determine what skills you’d like to focus on before entering the wider world. From finding all of the Black Books to completing Daedric quests, there is much to do once you’ve designed your latest hero.

Customizing a soldier's appearance in Xcom 2

XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactical game. You are the leader of XCOM, attempting to fight back against the aliens that have taken over Earth. Instead of just creating one character, you can make several throughout the game. This is part of the charm of XCOM, as you get to personalize each soldier that joins your ranks. This helps you grow attached to them before they inevitably lose their lives in the next deadly battle.

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You can select each soldier’s class and what equipment they will take onto the battlefield. The more you level up the soldier, the more skilled they will become, which will help with your tactics for the campaign. You can design their entire look and the vibrant color of their armor. This helps make sure your characters all stand out from one another during a mission.

1 Divinity Original Sin 2

Designing an Undead Dwarf in Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 is an incredible fantasy epic. You play as a Sourcerer who has been sent to the prison island of Fort Joy. Can you escape and take on the terrifying Voidwoken? This is probably the best out of all the Switch RPGs with character creation.

Although you can play one of the fascinating origin characters, you can also create an entirely new character to begin your adventure. You can play as various fantasy races and even as undead variants, which will flip the game on its head. The game gives you presets to choose from to help with character creation, but you can mix things up as much as you like. You have talents to choose from that will give you valuable bonuses. You can also give yourself a tag, such as the role of a scholar or a jester, allowing you to pick unique dialogue options during your adventure. Character creation significantly impacts the game, so have fun with it.

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