Where To Find Every Chapter One Collectible In The Expanse: A Telltale Series

While they’re hardly the primary focus of The Expanse: A Telltale Series, the various collectibles hidden throughout the game encourage players to explore and provide extra bits of background on the characters and setting. Tracking them down helps to get the full story, beyond the game’s normal dialogue.



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Whether you’re the kind of player who leaves no stone unturned, or just want to find whatever you missed on a second playthrough, you’ll have to go out of your way to find several of these hidden items. There are even Achievements or Trophies waiting for you if you find them all!

Data Logs

virgil talks to camina in the artemis med bay in the expanse: a telltale series

The Data Logs in Chapter One establish the current state of affairs on board the Artemis, and help you discover the fate of the Urshanabi.

Artemis Diagnostics

khan trang at the helm of the artemis in the expanse: a telltale series

Once you’re done speaking to Khan at the cockpit, examine the Command Console. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to download the Artemis diagnostics from the panel to your left, opposite the gunnery station.

Airlock Prep Log

camina drummer examines the airlock prep log on board the artemis in the expanse: a telltale series

When you climb the ladder down to the crew deck on board the Artemis, the Airlock Log is immediately to your right.


camina drummer walks past the refrigerator in the artemis mess hall in the expanse: a telltale series

Immediately after speaking to Arlen and Rayen for the first time, turn around and inspect the fridge to access its log.

Be sure to stop by the Med Bay and talk to Virgil before you leave the Crew Deck. You’ll get a quest to recover a focus crystal (see below).

Drive Analysis

camina drummer checks the urshanabi drive analysis in the expanse: a telltale series

In the first room of the Urshanabi, walk to the far side of the floating heads, either by going around or straight through. You can scan the ship’s computer from the wall panel there.

Temperature Log

camina drummer finds the urshanabi temperature log in the expanse: a telltale series

Standing in front of the door with the fingerprint scanner leading to the officers’ quarters, go to the left and analyze the panel in the hallway.

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camina drummer finds a spare laser focus crystal in the expanse: a telltale series

There are several pieces of lootable salvage on the Urshanabi wreck. The most important is the laser crystal, which Virgil needs to repair the Artemis’ auto-doc.

Quantum Processor

camina drummer finds an intact quantum processing unit on board the urshanabi in the expanse: a telltale series

When you leave the room with the heads, walk straight ahead. The Quantum Processor can be collected on the right, just before you exit to the next corridor.


camina drummer uses her blowtorch to cut open a panel on baord the urshanabi in the expanse: a telltale series

Cut the panel from the wall during the zero-g movement tutorial. The glowing green cables will lead you straight to it.

The starting point of the zero-gravity exploration area is marked with a green beacon.

Water Recycler

camina drummer finds an intact water recycler in the expanse: a telltale series

Float directly across from the green beacon to the upper half of the Urshanabi’s officer deck. You’ll find the Water Recycler just over the first ledge.

You can also reach this area from the other end; when you find the corpse with the audio recorder, follow the corridor.


camina drummer approaches a hidden piece of the urshanabi wreck in the expanse: a telltale series

From the green beacon, go down and to the right. You’ll see two pieces of debris; the near one has an exercise bike, and the far one has a collectible machine in the center of a square panel.

Focus Crystal

camina drummer approaches a red becon on the urshanabi hull in the expanse: a telltale series

If you accepted the quest from Virgil to find a new laser crystal, start at the green beacon and look for a red beacon above and behind you, at the top of the largest section of wreckage. Open the panel at the end of the corridor to get the crystal inside.


camina drummer floats toward a fuel tank in the urshanabi wreck in the expanse: a telltale series

Float around to the left side of the officer deck (the wreckage directly across from the green beacon) and look for a large red tank. Remove the panel on the side of the tank to collect the fuel, then listen for a message from Maya.


a cigar floats in front of camina drummer in the expanse: a telltale series

Inside the officers’ quarters, enter the right-hand room and open the drawer. When the cigar floats upward, walk along the wall or float over to it and collect it. Drummer will automatically call Khan. Choose the dialogue option “I will end you” to get the Stogie For The Fogey Achievement / Trophy.

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