Onmyoji Homecoming Odyssey event brings a new character, exciting rewards, and more

NetEase Games has released the new Shikigami SP Greenwarden Shishio to Onmyoji in the Homecoming Odyssey event. The new version event began on July 26th, 2023, featuring the new summoning event Forest’s Home-calling.

New horizons and vintage classics versions take over Onmyoji Homecoming Odyssey event

Throughout this event, the regular summons within the game will be substituted with the New Horizons version and Vintage Classics version, each containing a distinct pool of SP/SSR shikigami from the regular summons. Players will have the freedom to choose either version at any given time, and the counts for their selections will be accumulated for stage rewards, special stage rewards, and Memory Scroll.

Onmyoji Forest's Home-calling
Image via NetEase

Notably, during the event, it is assured that players will obtain an SP/SSR Shikigami within 60 summons, and this will not disrupt the tally for the Unlucky Streak achievement series. In the event that an SP/SSR Shikigami is acquired before reaching 60 summons, the counting process will reset. Moreover, players will have the option to employ Mystery Amulets, Jades, and AR Amulets to perform 40 summons during the summoning period, leading to the acquisition of an additional Random SP/SSR Shikigami.

Join the Homecoming Odyssey event and unlock exciting gameplay modes

Homecoming Odyssey showcases a Main Storyline divided into four chapters, which will be progressively accessible to participants. Throughout this event, players have the opportunity to engage in diverse gameplay modes and acquire exclusive event items that can be exchanged for various rewards. Notable event rewards encompass Kisei’s brand-new skin titled Gilded Gamer, an SSR/SP Summon Scroll, an animated frame named Sylvan Fluorescence, a Skill Daruma, limited Illustration and Jade, and several other enticing prizes.

Participants of the SP Greenwarden Shishio Memory Scrolls event can acquire Scrolls Shard items by engaging in different gameplay modes. When players utilize these shards to mend the Memory Scroll, they will receive a random reward on each occasion.

Once the scroll has been completely restored, rewards will be distributed to all players according to their contribution rankings. Those ranked highest among the Onmyoji will be granted shards of SP Greenwarden Shishio and exclusive event frames as rewards.

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