Every Location And Combination For Safe Codes In The Last Of Us Part 2

It seems like everyone in Seattle owned the same safe pre-apocalypse, but that just means it’s significantly easier for you to swipe their stuff. As you journey through Seattle, there will be various safes you can open to get extra pills, bullets, training manuals, and craftables. Each safe is cracked by finding entering the correct three numbers for the combination, and these can usually be found written on a note nearby. Sometimes though, it’s a little bit more complicated. Whatever the solution though, we’ve got it right here, so read on to find out how to open every safe in The Last of Us Part 2.



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Oh, and here’s some fun trivia: you can actually crack each safe manually by turning your volume up, turning the dial slowly, and listening for the distinctive click of the pin falling into place. Since we’ve got every solution though, you won’t need to bother.

Updated July 27, 2023, by Sean Murray: Looking for the safe codes in The Last Of Us Part 2? We’ve refreshed this guide with improved formatting to make the codes and safes easier to find.


Snow The Last Of Us Part 2

Jackson has only one safe, which can be found above the supermarket. Almost immediately after Ellie puts her mask on, you can slip right through a gap in the wall. Here, a note says the combination is “the date my good boy got employee of the month”. Turns out, this good boy is a dog, who won the award in July 2013.

The code to the Jackson safe is therefore 07-20-13. The reward is pills and craftables.

Seattle Day One

Bank The Last Of Us Part 2

Once you get into the open space on the first day in Seattle (while looking for gas), there are a lot of buildings to explore. There are a few safes on this day, and the first you will encounter is the bank safe code. You’ll find this in the tallest building on the map, to the left of the river. There are a few clickers to deal with, but as you make your way through, you will find the vault.

Here, a dead bank robber will have a note with the code 60-23-06 on it. Open the safe, and you’ll get the pump shotgun.

Another safe can be found by the West 2 Gate. To get the West 2 Gate safe open, you’ll need to use the gates code list you will have already picked up. There is a painted arrow by the gate, leading you to the safe, and more paint telling you “use gate code.” This means 04-51. Inside, you’ll find a trading card, health kit, and spare parts.

As you collect the gas, you’ll eventually wind up in the courthouse. On the lowest floor of the courthouse, things will be very dark, and you’ll have to clear the infected out first. Once this is done, you can access the courthouse safe.

Go past the elevator doors and turn left, then left again to find the room with the whiteboard, where the code 86-07-22 is written. At the back of the room, you’ll also find the safe. Inside, there are craftables, pills, and ammo. If you wind up in the garage, you’ve gone too far.

The final day one safe can be found in the thrift shop by the TV station, just as the long road beyond the gate begins to bend. To get the thrift shop safe code, you’ll need to go to the shop’s bathroom, where graffiti says “Call Staci (206)5550133”. Go back into the shop from the bathroom, and find the safe opposite the room with the bulletins on the wall.

The code is 55-01-33, and the safe has some health restores and ammo.

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Seattle Day Two

Grassy Field The Last Of Us Part 2

In Hillcrest, you’ll get into a gunfight with some Wolves and their dogs. Ironically, you’ll then come to a pet shop. From here, head into the tattoo parlor next door and move through to the next street. Keep in mind that the infected will be wandering here too.

On this new street, you’ll need to move a trash can to access the workshop, which is also where you’ll find the workshop safe. Infected will come once you move the trash can, at least four from the workshop itself and any others you haven’t yet swept up from town. Once they’re dealt with, you’ll be able to reach the safe on the right.

The code – it’s 30-82-65 so don’t worry about it – is in a nearby pub. In the safe, you’ll get the very helpful short gun holster, which allows you to quick select two small guns, rather than just one. You’ll also get craftables and ammo.

Just opposite the hospital, there is another safe in the block of flats. It’s near the workbench where you get attacked, and a nearby note says the combination is the date the couple who once lived here were married.

To open the block of flats safe, you can find a nearby calendar that has the 30th wedding anniversary written at 10/08/13, meaning the code you need is 10-08-83. Inside, you’ll find pills and ammo.

The final day two safe is found in the pharmacy after fighting the Scar Brute with the big hammer. In the flooded street, head left to find Weston’s Pharmacy. To open the Weston’s Pharmacy safe, you’ll need to go left inside through a crawl safe, to find the safe and a workbench.

The combination is 38-55-23, and the safe has health restores, ammo, craftables, and pills.

Seattle Day Three

There’s only one safe on Ellie’s third day in Seattle, and you’ll find it when she’s in the boat and comes to a gate she needs to open. Head up the nearby stairs on the left, and push the moveable cart to reveal a small crawl space.

Hold Circle to get Ellie as low as she can go, and crawl under. Through here, you’ll find a note with the code 70-12-64. Head through the door on the right and drop down into the caged area, where you can open the boat safe. You’ll find craftables, ammo, and pills inside.

Halfway through the game, control of the story passes over from Ellie to Abby, who experiences her own three days in Seattle before the two finally clash at the end. Abby also has safes to open, although only on days one and two.

Seattle Day One – Abby

The Last of Us Part 2 Characters 3 abby

After figuring out how to get out of the big building in the boat with Mel, there’s a trailer you can climb into if you break the glass. Here, you’ll find a note talking about a lottery win, with the numbers 17, 38, and 7. The code to the safe then is 17-38-07.

However, the safe isn’t here, but instead through a crack in the wall in the M5 Distribution building. To reach the M5 Distribution safe, head through this crack, which you’ll find by going clockwise from the entrance. This safe contains the hunting pistol, the most powerful small arm in the game, so don’t miss it.

The second safe of the day can be found in Jasmine’s Bakery in Chinatown. To get open the bakery safe, you’ll find the code across the street, which you can get to by heading upstairs in the bakery and jumping across to the Ruby Dragon.

Here, you’ll find a note with the code 68-96-89, but even though we’re telling you it, you should go read it anyway, because there’s a double-barrelled shotgun right next to it. Back at the safe, inside you’ll find pills, health restores, ammo, and craftables.

The final safe of the day is on the top deck of the boat with all the infected, where you pick up the crossbow. It’s actually at the end of the corridor where you pick up the crossbow that the code itself, 90-77-01. Take out the infected first, since the safe is right at the end.

To open the boat safe, simply enter the code from before. It has craftables and ammo inside, but perhaps most importantly, it also has a training manual, giving Abby the Ordinance skill tree.

Seattle Day Two – Abby

Skyways The Last Of Us Part 2

The first safe Abby can open on her second day in Seattle is in the apartment building you jump into from the broken highway. If you go through the door on the right, you’ll find a safe in the bedroom, and a note telling you the code is the apartment numbers of Sam and Julia.

To get the apartment safe code, check the floor plan. This tells you Sam lived at 302, Julia at 304, making the whole code 30-23-04. Inside you’ll find craftables and ammo.

The final safe in the game is inside the hotel that Abby and Lev fall into after slipping off the very high bridge. After you land in the pool, go past the weight room to find the safe beyond the door at the far left of the corridor.

There’s a note telling you the combination is the same as the wifi password, meaning to open the hotel safe, you need to enter 12-18-79. This is written on the whiteboard near the weights room. Inside, you’ll find pills and craftables.

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