Star Rail 1.3 banner order leaks, characters, and more

Honkai: Star Rail is experiencing substantial updates as its player base continues to grow. The much-awaited Honkai: Star Rail version 1.3 update is expected to release on August 30th, 2023, accompanied by significant improvements. Excitement among fans has surged due to engaging marketing posts from HoYoverse and leaks shared by trustworthy insiders on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. These leaks have given players enticing previews of the upcoming 1.3 banners and the order in which new characters will be introduced in the update.

Players have gathered a comprehensive understanding of the upcoming character roster and their release order in Honkai: Star Rail, thanks to a combination of official HoYoverse information and reliable leaks.

Honkai Star Rail 1.3 banner
Image via HoYoverse

This insider knowledge has sparked discussions and speculation within the community about the abilities, stories, and gameplay mechanics of these new characters. Players eagerly anticipate the unique playstyles and captivating narratives these characters will bring to the evolving world of Honkai: Star Rail.

Imbibitor Lunae is the first banner for version 1.3 in Honkai Star Rail

Version 1.3 of the game will introduce an intriguing character known as Imbibitor Lunae as the first banner for the patch, who is a new form of Dan Heng. He follows the Path of Destruction and wields the power of the Imaginary element. As a highly sought-after five-star character, players are excited about his inclusion in the game. Imbibitor Lunae used to hold an important title among the Vidyadhara and is the high elder of The Xianzhou Luofu.

The description also hints at a mysterious aspect of Imbibitor Lunae’s character, suggesting a past connection with the Xianzhou Luofu. His ability to transform into a dragon form has been witnessed by players as they progress throughout the latest main quest of version 1.2. His identity has changed over the years and was reincarnated as Dan Heng in the current timeline.

Honkai Star Rail Imbibitor Lunae
Image via HoYoverse

Leaked information reveals that Imbibitor Lunae has a unique trait in his kit, where his basic attack can be enhanced based on the amount of SP he has consumed. This makes him a character that requires careful management of Skill Points, adding a strategic element to playing him effectively in battles.

Furthermore, Imbibitor Lunae’s kit includes a talent that grants him stacks to enhance his basic attack after using his ultimate ability. This showcases his strength as a formidable character, enabling him to deliver powerful and devastating blows to his enemies.

Fu Xuan is the second banner for version 1.3 in Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3 second half, players can look forward to the introduction of the majestic character Fu Xuan. She is a remarkable five-star Quantum-type character, following the Path of Preservation. With the Quantum element being very strong in the current state of the game, Fu Xuan’s skill set offers significant enhancements.

Fu Xuan’s playstyle revolves around taking a large portion of damage for the team and redirecting it to herself. Her HP reversal talent ensures she stays healthy throughout the battle. Additionally, she provides a CRIT rate for the party, making her a valuable addition to most team compositions. Fu Xuan’s presence is expected to greatly benefit Quantum lineups and enable the Mono Quantum team, which is anticipated to become a top-tier team in the future.

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan
Image via HoYoverse

Accompanying Fu Xuan’s banner is a new 4-star character named Lynx. She is known as the youngest daughter of the Landau Family and is the sibling of Gepard and Serval. Lynx follows the Abundance Path with the Quantum-type element and the last piece of the highly-anticipated Mono-quantum team. She specializes in taunt and cleanse abilities, which can synergize well with certain characters in the game. According to theory crafters, Lynx is expected to be a 4-star counterpart to Clara and Blade in many team compositions.

Her taunt value is anticipated to maximize the counter and follow-up attacks from these characters. Given Lynx’s focus on taunting and cleansing, she is considered a highly valuable 4-star abundance character. Players can look forward to her being a promising addition to their teams, especially for stages of Memory of Chaos where cleanse is crucial.

Honkai Star Rail Lynx
Image via HoYoverse

In Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3, players are expected to explore various team compositions and strategies to optimize mono-element teams. The combination of Lynx and Silver Wolf has the potential to introduce new levels of tactical gameplay and create new team compositions.

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