How To Read To A Child In The Sims 4

Good parenting goes beyond feeding your virtual child.

To many, playing The Sims 4 is all about recreating daily interactions that we experience in real life (or not!) including cute scenarios like sitting down and reading a book to a child. Besides the cute overload you get from this interaction, reading a children’s book to a child will also help you achieve the Successful Lineage Aspiration and the Big Happy Family Aspiration.



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This action sounds like an easy task, and it is indeed, but there are several steps you need to be aware of before trying to do so. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How To Read To A Child

adult Sim looking at a bookcase in The Sims 4

First things first, there are many ways to get to reading a book to a child. You can do so either by selecting a book from a bookcase or by ordering a children’s book from a computer.

Using A Bookcase

To do it from a bookcase, you must first buy one if you do not have any. We recommend you buy a bookcase if you plan on having a larger collection of books.

Once you have one, you need to click on it and select “Open.” You will then see an item inventory, select the children’s book you want to read to the child, and then select “Read to Child.”

It’s important to mention that this option only appears for children’s books only, so make sure you have one or many in your bookcase. You can easily purchase them by selecting the bookcase and then “Purchase Books.”

Find children’s books to purchase selecting the “Children’s” category after selecting “Purchase Books.”

Using a Computer

To do it by ordering a book from a computer, simply go to the computer and select “More Choices,” then “Order,” and finally “Purchase Books.” Pick the children’s book you like the most, and buy it. It will automatically appear in your inventory. From there, you just have to select the book from the inventory and then “Read to Child.”

It’s important to mention that, both the Successful Lineage Aspiration and the Big Happy Family Aspiration will take two hours of reading to achieve. It will take you just about two books per aspiration, since a single book won’t last two hours.

Just repeat the process a couple of times and it will be done. After all, you already know how to do it!

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