Best Young Players To Sign In A Road To Glory

FIFA 23 features a lot of high-quality footballers, both young and old. The top talents in the game have high market values that most smaller clubs in career mode can’t afford. If you’re managing one of the game’s top clubs, this would be fine for you. However, if you’re looking for a challenge like a road to glory, you need talented signings that fit your club’s budget.



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Road to Glory is the ideal game mode to challenge yourself and enjoy your FIFA 23 game. It’s a challenge that allows you to find a small team in the lower leagues and build their strengths until they reach the pinnacle of football greatness. Of course, as a small club, you won’t have access to the large stacks of cash that the bigger clubs have. These young talents that will improve with your club are the perfect signings for your club’s small budget.

8 Maarten Vandevoordt

A screenshot of Maarten Vandevoordt in FIFA 23

Maarten Vandevoordt is a 21-year-old Belgian goalkeeper who starts the FIFA 23 game cycle playing at Genk in the Belgian first division. At 6’3, he is an imposing figure in goal for any lower-league side that is lucky enough to have him.

Vandevoordt starts the game cycle at 20 with an overall rating of 73 and a potential rating of 84. His potential can always get higher than 84 due to the game’s dynamic potential mechanic. With his youth, an increased initial rating, high potential, and a starting price tag of €8 million, Maarten Vandevoordt would be an ideal signing for anyone looking to build their team from the ground up.

7 Owen Gene

FIFA 23 Owen Gene kicking the ball.

Moving a bit further up the pitch, you have Owen Gene. He is a 20-year-old French right-back who plays for Amiens in the second tier of French football. Gene is a solid defensive and offensive player. His 5’11 height makes him a fantastic athlete if appropriately utilized in the game.

At the start of FIFA 23, Gene is 19, and his overall rating is 62, which is a solid rating for any lower league side at the beginning of your road to Glory. The right-back has a potential of 79, which he can surpass through steady game time, training, and dynamic potential. Gene’s market value of €1 million and his wage demands of €700 make him a bargain, especially when you consider the fact that he starts the game with a three-star weak foot and two-star skill moves.

6 Leonidas Stergiou

Leonidas Stergiou standing next to his stats in FIFA 23.

Leonidas Stergiounidas Stergiou is a Swiss center-back who plays for St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League. Stergiou is 21 and a solid defensive option on the back line. He is an attentive ball-playing center-back who can win the ball from the opposition attack and progress it up the pitch to trigger a counterattack.

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Stergiou starts the game at 20 with an overall rating of 69 and a potential 84. He would slot into any lower-league backline nicely and immediately improve it. The center back stands at 5’11, which is different from the ideal size of your average center back; however, he makes up for his lack of size with speed and agility. He is also a solid option to deploy at any other position in the backline. With a value of €3.2 million, a three-star weak foot, and two-star skill moves for a center back, he is a solid choice to go to the top throughout your road to Glory.

5 Elliot Anderson

FIFA 23 close up of Elliot Anderson.

Elliot Anderson is an English midfielder who plays for Newcastle in the Premier League. He is 20 years old and a solid and versatile player on any team. Anderson is 19 at the start of FIFA 23, but he is already an imposing player.

His athleticism is incredible due to his 5’10 frame, which allows him to glide past opponents while progressing the ball to try and get a goal or an assist. He has high attacking and medium defensive work rates, making him a solid offensive and defensive player. Anderson starts the game with a four-star weak foot and three-star skills, with an overall rating of 68 and a potential of 82 overall. For all these impressive stats, Elliot Anderson is only valued at €2.9 million, making him an absolute steal and one for your Road to Glory playthrough.

4 Antonio Nusa

FIFA 23 Antonio Nusa celebrating a goal.

Antonio Nusa is a Norwegian winger who plays for Club Brugge in the Belgian top flight. At just 18, Nusa has already proven himself to be a special player. He is incredibly versatile and can be deployed on either flank of the pitch and still produce quality performances.

Nusa is only 17 at the start of FIFA 23, which means he can contribute to your team on your Road to Glory.

He is also very athletic; standing at 5’11, Nusa is a problem for any defense when he comes barreling down the wings. At the start of the game, he has an overall rating of 66, with a potential that sees him climb by 20 ratings to 86 overall. Nusa also has a four-star rated weak foot and four-star skills, making him an absolute steal and the ideal signing for a Road to Glory when considering his transfer value of €2.3 million.

3 Dane Scarlett

FIFA 23 Close Up Of Dane Scarlett.

Dane Scarlett is a young English striker who plays for Tottenham in the Premier League. He is a skilled forward with a good pace, good athleticism, and a good eye for goal; at 19, he can only get better. Scarlett starts as an 18-year-old striker at the beginning of FIFA 23. His pace is his most impressive stat.

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He has a sprint speed stat of 77 and an acceleration stat of 83, making him very difficult to deal with for any defense, let alone one in the lower leagues. He has an overall rating of 63 to start with and a potential of 78, which could always be higher with the help of dynamic potential. With his four-star weak foot and three-star skill moves, he will get goals throughout your road to Glory for his value of €1.1 million.

2 Charlie Patino

FIFA 23 Close Up Of Charlie Patino.

Patino is a young English midfielder for Arsenal in the Premier League and one of his position’s most sought-after young players. He is 19 and is deployed primarily in the central midfield role, contributing to attacking and defensive plays.

At the start of the game, Patino is 18, which gives him ample time to grow throughout your Road to Glory into an exceptional player. Patino cuts an imposing figure for his age, standing at 6’0 already, which gives him a few advantages in the more physical aspects of the game. His starting overall rating is 67, but with a potential of 85 and his three-star weak foot and two-star skill moves, he is worth adding to your squad for his market value of €2.6 million.

1 Jarrad Branthwaite

FIFA 23 Close Up Of Jarrad Branthwaite.

To complete your center-back pairing, consider young English defender Jarrad Branthwaite. The 21-year-old center-back plays in the Premier League for Everton and would be an ideal addition to any road to Glory. Jarrad is a 20-year-old center back at the start of FIFA 23, which means that you can have him in your team throughout your road to Glory if you like.

He is a difficult challenge for any attacking player to get past; cutting an imposing figure at 6’5, he would make an excellent center-back pairing with a player like Leonidas Stergiou to give you a bit of diversity in your back line, not to mention his aerial abilities and the extra goal-scoring threat he provides from corners and other set pieces. Branthwaite starts the game with an overall rating of 70 and a potential of 84 with a perfect five-star weak foot and two-star skill moves. He would be a brilliant player to add to your squad for his market value of €3.6 million.

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