Tears Of The Kingdom Players Have Set Up A Full Blown Racing Tournament

Ever since release, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have been coming up with all kinds of weird and wonderful machines to truly test the limits of the game’s physics engine. It’s resulted in cars that can drive up walls, planes that can fly forever, and a boat that can submerge underwater. Now those same players are pitting their creations against each other by setting up the Hyrule Grand Prix, a racing tournament where players compete to create the fastest original creation.



First announced on the Hyrule Engineering subreddit by u/Lunisequious, the Hyrule Grand Prix has been in the works for a couple of weeks and is billed as a community effort to “recreate the Mario Kart/Diddy Kong Racing experience in Tears of the Kingdom”. The tournament tasks players with creating the fastest vehicle they can to race around a number of community-created tracks that have been set up throughout Hyrule.

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At the moment, the tournament is currently in its first wave, featuring six different tracks that will “serve as your introduction to Hyrule Grand Prix”. The current tracks are called the Tabantha Great Bridge Circuit, Hateno Hyrbid Circuit, Lanayru Wetlands, Fire Temple Obstacle Course, Skull Lake Sprint, and Gerudo Canyon Pass, short snippets of which you can see in the trailer for the event embedded below.

To make it even better, the ones behind this whole event have even set up a whole subreddit dedicated to the tournament, in which participants can post their times to have them listed on the event’s leaderboards. All you need to do to enter is pick a race, build a vehicle that is capable of traversing the track’s obstacles, and munch down on a 30 minute food of your choosing to help track the time. Post the video of your full lap to the track’s corresponding thread and then a moderator will verify your attempt.

It’s honestly a very well put together and creative event, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering it’s run by people that have been building engineering wonders on the regular. There’s even a smaller event taking place in the subreddit’s Discord server which will let players participate in Live Races. It’s all just a bit of lovely, wholesome fun, and something that you can participate in if you’re feeling the itch to put your engineering abilities to the test. If you do decide to race, just know you’re going to have some pretty stiff competition.

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