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Genshin Impact fans are incredibly creative, as we have seen in the past. This time, we have an ambitious skit made by Anwar Jibawi, a comedic content creator on Vine who now posts on YouTube. Titled “Summer Drama In A New World”, this skit shows Anwar magically transferred into the world of Genshin Impact while his PS5 was malfunctioning.

Genshin Impact: Summer Drama funny skit by Anwar Jibawi

The skit begins with Anwar trying to switch off his PS5, after playing Genshin Impact for a while. After several failed attempts, the TV sucks him into the game.

Inside the game, he assumes the role of Aether, the male version of the Traveller. This is where the interesting part of the skit begins. He meets Zhongli, the Geo Archon, who tells him about having “the most wonderful adventure ever” and points to a nearby line. A montage of the Golden Apple Archipelago from Version 2.8 plays, implying that is where everyone is headed. Anwar gets excited and joins the line to buy a ticket to that place. Several popular characters like Kazuha, Raiden Shogun, Sucrose, and Ganyu are also standing in the line.

Summer Drama skit: Anwar Jibawi continues to play the game

When it is his turn to buy a ticket, a problem occurs. So far, he had been moving on his own. But this time, a child in the real world picks up the PS5 controller and starts moving the character. As the character moves on the screen, Anwar also moves in the game. The child leaves after a while, granting Anwar control of himself back. By this point in the skit, it is too late and all the tickets have been sold out.

Image by Anwar Jibawi on YouTube

Anwar becomes frustrated and sits on a bench. A Primogem approaches him and tells him that he would need to complete a very difficult challenge to be able to buy the last remaining ticket. He agrees. A montage of Anwar fighting multiple low-level enemies plays. When he is tried, the primogem informs him that it was all practice, for the final challenge, a Cryo Regisvine. The next sequence contains the most creative part of the skit.

Anwar struggles a lot against the Cryo Regisvine as the Primogem watches while eating popcorn. At one point, the Primogem hands him a sword which he uses to defeat the Regisvine. The Regisvine spawns a chest, and inside of it is the last remaining ticket. Anwar is overwhelmed with joy as the next shot shows Paimon joining him and the others from the line. What follows is a montage of the characters dancing and begging Anwar to join them. With this, the skit comes close to the end. The skit ends with the child from before, once again taking control of Anwar while he is trying to show off his dance moves.

Final Thoughts

This skit was sponsored by Genshin Impact itself, which is evident from the high-quality cosplays that appear throughout. Many of Anwar’s long-time viewers commented that they are not used to him making Genshin-related content, but it is a welcome surprise nonetheless. We wish to see more high-quality Genshin content from him in the future.

What are your thoughts about the Genshin Impact Summer Drama skit made by Anwar Jibawi? Let us know in the comments below!

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