10 Best Single-Player Games On Steam

Being an adult is rough. With so many people juggling work life and other responsibilities, finding people to play video games with can be tricky. Thankfully, Steam has your back with a diverse library of high-quality single-player titles.



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Steam is one of the best places to look if you want a single-player experience. Thanks to its versatile catalog of games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a cozy life simulator, a thrilling psychological mystery, a story-rich open-world adventure, or something else, there’s bound to be something to suit your tastes.

10 Doki Doki Literature Club Is A Cozy Game With A Dark Twist

Doki Doki Literature Club: Monika Looks Down While Standing In A White Room

Welcome to the Literature Club! Come for the cupcakes; stay for the murders. What starts as a cute slice-of-life visual novel takes a dark turn when you realize this after-school club isn’t what it seems. Doki Doki Literature Club uses psychological horror to provide one of the scariest experiences on Steam.

The less you know about the story, the better. While the game is very text heavy, its thrilling plot and many twists make it hard to put down until you’ve solved the dark mystery lurking behind the club’s cozy exterior.

9 Portal Is An Innovative Puzzle Game

Portal title art showing a blue glowing companion cube beside Portal logo

Don’t you hate it when a robot kidnaps you and forces you to solve puzzles? Portal puts a unique spin on the puzzle genre, featuring a first-person perspective and brain-teasers that involve creating portals to teleport things or yourself around the room.

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While the campaign is short, it more than makes up for it with clever brain-racking puzzles and a charismatic villain. The tone is a blend of mystery and comedy with a sarcastic and somewhat macabre sense of humor that will keep you chuckling throughout the story.

8 The Sims 4 Lets You Build A Fantastical World

The Sims 4 - Basement Treasures - official screenshot - Sims hanging out in basement with heart-shaped bed in right corner

Imagine you’re in a giant sandbox where you can build and create things to your heart’s content. That’s The Sims 4 in a nutshell. You design characters called Sims and control their lives. You can make them find true love and raise a family, or lock them in a house and burn the place down.

It’s a versatile experience that can be as cozy or chaotic as you want. If you love to build things, you can spend hours designing and furnishing houses. Or you can cause as much trouble as possible by becoming a vampire or having an affair with the Grim Reaper. There are boundless ways to play with many fun and bizarre things that could happen, and even better – the base game is now free to play.

7 Hades Is An Action-Packed Roguelike

Hades - Zagreus standing in front of a bright red background holding a longsword in his right hand resting over his right shoulder

Take Greek mythology, combine it with anime-esque action, and you get Hades. This beloved indie game is a roguelike dungeon-crawler with hack-and-slash combat. You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who mows down hoards of demons during his attempt to escape the Underworld.

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The game features randomly generated rooms packed with enemies to fight and rewards to collect. Its fast-paced combat and many unlockable weapons keep each playthrough fresh and engaging. To top it off, a compelling story with stellar voice acting will keep you enthralled from start to finish.

6 Hollow Knight Is A Gorgeous Metroidvania

Hollow Knight: The Knight In A Blue Cave With The Logo

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Metroidvania that looks as stunning as Hollow Knight. Playing this game feels like jumping into a gothic painting. The beautiful backgrounds and environments are a treat for the eyes as you explore the decayed ruins of a fallen kingdom.

You explore the dangerous caverns of a whimsical yet macabre world. Each area is filled with platforming challenges, ancient tablets that flesh out the lore, and abilities that help you access new parts of the map. If you’re looking for a Metroidvania on Steam, this is an outstanding choice.

5 Undertale Is A Must-Play RPG

Undertale: Asgore, Undyne, Toriel, Sans, Alphys, And Papyrus

Undertale is a game everyone should experience at least once. This legendary indie title delivers a hilarious yet thought-provoking story about the morality of RPGs. Every battle gives you a choice. Will you fight the enemy? Or settle the conflict peacefully?

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It’s a diverse game that can be funny and wholesome or dark and creepy based on how you choose to play. How you interpret this story and its message is up to you. Thankfully, Undertale balances its introspective tone with endearing characters, engaging turn-based combat, and great LGBTQ+ representation.

4 Resident Evil 2 (2019) Revives A Terrifying Classic

Resident Evil 2 Claire And Leon Standing Back To Back, Pointing Their Guns At A Hoard Of Zombies

Leon and Claire are the last survivors of a zombie outbreak. They barricade themselves in a police station only to discover someone or something is hunting them. Resident Evil 2 puts a new coat of paint on a PS1 classic. You explore the police department, solve puzzles, and shoot the undead while avoiding the pursuit of the terrifying seven-foot-tall zombie Mr. X.

The tank controls and fixed camera are gone in favor of an over-the-shoulder view and a much better control scheme. Mr. X is scarier than ever, no longer limited to scripted sequences. He can pop up at any time to relentlessly chase you, making him one of the most horrifying villains in gaming.

3 Persona 5 Royal Is An Outstanding JRPG

Persona 5 Royal - Joker Smiling After Defeating An Enemy

If there’s one game that knows how to be stylish, it’s Persona 5 Royal. Its instantly recognizable characters and dazzling UI design make it stand out from other JRPGs. You play as a group of phantom thieves who take on the most wicked people on Earth by entering their psyches and changing their hearts from bad to good.

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The game blends turn-based combat and dungeon exploration with visual novel and dating simulator elements. There’s a lot of dialogue, but the compelling plot and lovable characters make these segments engaging. If you like JRPGs, you owe it to yourself to try this one.

2 Grand Theft Auto 5 Is A Chaotically Fun Open World

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cover Art With Scenes From The Game

What if you could live in a world where you could do whatever you wanted? Want to drive on the wrong side of the road? How about stealing a plane and flying over the city? Welcome to Grand Theft Auto 5. The world is yours to explore and cause as much chaos as possible.

If you want a story, you can follow the main campaign with an engaging plot about three criminals tasked with carrying out a series of heists. Or you can run wild, experiment with the game’s many powerful weapons, and see how much trouble you can cause without getting caught. Either way, there’s a ton of content to keep you enthralled.

1 Red Dead Redemption 2 Is The Best Single-Player Game On Steam

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Arthur Morgan looks ahead as he aims his revolver in a sunny interior

The year is 1899. It’s the Wild West, where shootouts and robberies are part of everyday life. You play as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw whose only goal is to survive in a harsh world where countless people want him dead.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a story-rich adventure game where the Western Frontier is open to explore however you like. The action-packed story is complimented with an honor system that alters the gameplay based on your decisions. Will you be a noble hero or a ruthless vigilante? The choice is yours. It’s a must-play if you want an incredible single-player experience on Steam.

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