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Unpacking is a new indie game that takes an entirely mundane (and rather dull) activity and turns it into a totally wholesome experience. While playing, you’ll be taken back to different moments in a woman’s life, from her childhood home to her finally settling down and starting a family. In the process, you’ll help her out unpack all the things she brings to each new home.



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While the game does not offer a long storyline, what makes you want to keep playing is how utterly satisfying it is to unpack things from the boxes and find the perfect place for them. There isn’t a lot of replay value but if you find yourself wanting more from Unpacking, try to collect all of the game’s stickers, here’s everything you need to know to do so.

Updated July 27, 2023, by Sean Murray: Want to know how to get all the stickers in Unpacking? We’ve got you covered. This guide has been refreshed with improved formatting and breakout tips to make finding Unpacking’s stickers even easier.

What Are The Stickers In Unpacking?

Stickers menu in unpacking

While playing the game you’ll notice that, by doing specific things (like completing certain chapters or unpacking every plant), you’ll unlock a new sticker in your book. These stickers are the game’s achievements or trophies. Just like in any other game, there are some you’re going to unlock just by playing the game, while with others, you’ll have to think out of the box to unlock them.

After unlocking a sticker you’ll be able to use it when taking a photo in the game’s photo mode.

All Available Stickers In Unpacking

In total, there are 27 stickers in Unpacking, here is how to get all of them:

Story Related Stickers

Unpacking stickers featured pic

These are the ones you’ll inevitably unlock just by playing the game and finishing each chapter.


How To Get It


Unpack the camera during the 1997 chapter

Less Than Three

Start the game

Heck Yeah

Start the game


Finish chapter 1997

Get Smart

Finish chapter 2004


Complete the 2007 chapter

Too Cool

Finish the 2010 chapter

Home Cooking

Finish Unpacking’s 2012 chapter


Finish the 2013 chapter

Green thumb

Unpack every plant and find a place for each one


Complete the 2016 chapter

No Place Like Home

Finish the 2018 chapter

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Secret Stickers

These are a little trickier to get, and the game doesn’t give you any clues on how to unlock them. You’ll have to use your creativity or read the list below to know what to do.

Gotta Flush’ Em All

Gotta Flush' Em All sticker in unpacking

Flush the toilet on the chapters where there’s an available bathroom. You’ll have to flush all the toilets in the game to get this sticker.

Keep in mind that the 2018 house has two toilets.

Solve a Puzzle

Solve a Puzzle stciker in unpacking

Whenever you see the Rubik’s cube pick it up. Use right-click or button B in your controller to shift the colors until the cube is solved.

Blast Some Tunes

Blast Some Tunes sticker in unpacking

Right-click on any of the music players you’ll see in the game to turn it on and get the sticker.

Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose in unpacking

When you find the wooden woman mannequin, right-click on it, and it will change poses, keep doing so until it returns to its original posture.

Electrical Hazard

Electrical hazard sticker unpacking

Remember when we said you’ll have to think out of the box to get some of these achievements? Well, this is the perfect example of that. To get the “Electrical Hazard” sticker, you’ll have to leave an appliance in a dangerous part of the bathroom.

For example, a toaster in a bathtub or the hair straightener in the sink.

A Sometimes Food

A Sometimes Food sticker in unpacking

Through the years, you’ll notice the main character carries some special items from place to place, such as the case of the cookie jar. To get this achievement, you’ll have to place this jar on the highest possible shelf during the 2004 chapter.

Game On

Game on sticker in unpacking

Place the GameCube-like console near a TV and interact with it to turn on the console and the TV

Tidy Whities

Tidy Whities Sticker

In September 2010, when moving into the main character’s boyfriend’s apartment, take all of his socks and underwear and put them all in one drawer.

Brew Some Coffee

Brew Some Coffee sticker in unpacking

You’ll be able to unlock this sticker during the 2010 chapter. To make coffee in Unpacking, all you have to do is take all the items needed to brew coffee and put them on the counter that’s near the sink. You’ll need the following items:

  • The electric tea kettle
  • A mug
  • Coffee beans
  • The espresso maker
  • The espresso press tool
  • Sugar
  • Coffee Grinder

Rediscover Childhood

Rediscover Childhood sticker in unpacking

When you go back to the protagonist’s childhood home in 2012, take out the poster that’s inside the sliding shelves and hang it on the wall.

Brilliantly Solved

Brilliantly Solved sticker unpacking

This one is another magnet-related achievement. This time, use the “1,” “+,” “2,” “=,” and “3,” magnets to make the equation 1+2=3.

Keep in mind you have to place them in a straight line on the fridge.

Hat on Head

Hat on Head sticker in unpacking

Take a hat and put it on the monster head that’s in the living room.

This sticker can also be unlocked during the 2007 chapter by placing a hat on a mannequin’s head.


12:00 sticker in unpacking

In January 2013, right-click on the microwave clock a few times to set the time.

Fuzzy Friends

Fuzzy Friends sticker in unpacking

Place the stuffed tiger and the stuffed pig next to each other.

Baby Builder

Baby Builder sticker in unpacking

When unpacking the baby’s room, try to build the tallest possible tower using the wooden letter blocks.

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