How To Defeat Thief #1 In Disney Illusion Island

Despite having no combat, Disney Illusion Island still has boss encounters, with the first one being kicked off by Thief #1, who is aptly named that due to them stealing the Tome of Engineering. Using your platforming Abilities, you must overcome minor puzzles and obstacles to best them in battle.



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While you won’t directly attack Thief #1, jumping on specific switches will trigger items to fall onto them, dealing damage in the process. Doing this throughout various phases will have you emerge victorious from the battle with the Tome of Engineering in your possession!

Thief #1: Phase One Guide


The first phase of this encounter has three parts to it, all requiring you to jump onto six switches that will trigger the gacha-esque capsules to fall onto the boss’s head, damaging them in the process.

Phase One: Part One Guide


Part one of the first phase has no active threats to you as it simply teaches you the encounter’s mechanics. Here, you will see six yellow switches you can jump on and split into groups of three to the left and right sides of the boss.

To get to them, use your Wall Jump Ability to reach the platforms, then jump from them onto the yellow switches. Landing on a yellow switch will retract it back into the wall and give you a hefty bounce, enabling you to position yourself to land on another one or a higher platform.

In the first part of this phase, the yellow switches are all positioned near one another, so you can use the height of each bounce to reach the next one. After hitting all three on one side, head over to the other and repeat the same steps to drop the first capsule on the boss!

Phase One: Part Two Guide


After getting hit with a capsule, the boss will summon three spiked batteries on the bottom of the arena’s floor. One in the far left corner, another in the middle, and the last in the far right corner. Additionally, there will now be two shuriken-like projectiles that will continuously fall just to the left and right of them.

Aside from the new threats present to you, your goal is the exact same as the first part. You just now have to be wary of the spikes and shuriken. You can easily avoid the spikes by using the Wall Jump Ability to reach the platforms, just like last time.

Once you’re on the platforms, you will realize that the shurikens fall at a steady but prolonged rate, passing over two of the switches you need to hit. Take your time and wait for the shuriken to pass over the bottom-most switch.

From here, you can safely jump on the bottom-most switch, use the height of the bounce to reach the one just slightly above it, then use the height of that one to reach the upper-most one. After that, just repeat the process on the other side to drop the second capsule on the boss!

Phase One: Part Three Guide


Hitting the boss with the second capsule will have them call in even more support, this time summoning another spiked battery into the picture, on the upper-most green platform on the left side of the stage, along with two more shurikens on the far left and right side of the arena.

As you could have guessed, your goal is the same as the previous parts. Still, your strategy is a tad different this time, thanks to how the switches are positioned and how many hazards are on the stage.

But fortunately for you, the new shuriken fall just as slowly as the first pair, so you can just wait for them to pass through the stage floor before using your Wall Jump Ability to reach the first platform.

Next, we suggest taking your time to hit all three yellow switches. There’s no need to rush here, and we recommend hitting the one near the wall first, as it enables you to reach the highest platform, giving you access to the highest switch.

After jumping on the highest switch, you can use your height gained to fall onto the yellow switch below it. You can then Glide over the spiked battery in the middle of the arena, giving you access to the other side, where you just repeat the same process to finish the first phase!

Thief #1: Phase Two Guide


Clearing the first phase will have the boss drop a gate behind them before lifting it, revealing a slightly different layout than before, this time with the first platform being a conveyor belt that will make things somewhat more challenging.

Like the first phase, the second will have three different parts, each slightly more challenging than the last. Fortunately, your goal remains the same across all three parts, having you jump on six yellow switches to drop a capsule on the boss’s head.

Phase Two: Part One Guide


Part one of the second phase opens with four spiked magnets on the ground, requiring you to be careful with your jumps as you get near the wall to Wall Jump onto the new conveyor belt. There will also be two shurikens to the left and right of the boss, so be mindful of them as well.

Once you’re on the conveyor belt, wait for the shuriken to pass over the bottom-most yellow switch, then jump onto it and use the height gained from the bounce the reach the platform just above you. From here, use your Wall Jump Ability to reach the topmost switch and use the bounce from that to reach the one directly next to the boss.

Doing it this way enables you to reach the other switch on the opposite side of the boss from the bounce, allowing you to skip the entire process of reaching the opposite end of the stage and quickly hit all switches.

After hitting the switch on the opposite end of the boss, you can Glide to the upper-most switch on this side, then quickly drop down onto the lower-most one to clear the first part of the second phase!

Phase Two: Part Two Guide


Remain put on the upper-most platform on either side of the boss before the second phase begins, as the boss will only summon two more shurikens into the arena, one on the far left and the other on the far right.

Your goal and strategy are the exact same here. Drop down from the top platform onto the bottom-most switch, then use the bounce to get back onto the upper-most platform. From here, use your Wall Jump Ability to reach the highest switch, then Glide to the one closest to the boss.

From here, Glide to the bottom-most switch on the opposite end, using the bounce from that to reach the upper-most platform. Next, Wall Jump to the highest switch, then land on the one closest to the boss to quickly and efficiently clear this part of the second phase!

Phase Two: Part Three Guide


The third part has the boss summon two spiked batteries into the arena, one on top of the upper-most platform on the left and the other coming out of the bottom of the upper-most platform on the right. However, these are almost entirely useless if you use the same strategy as the last part.

Again, you will want to remain put on the upper-most platform on whichever side you’re on and will then want to jump onto the switches in a way that enables you to reach the other side effortlessly.

If you’re on the left side, jump on the switch to your left and use the bounce to reach the uppermost switch. From there, simply land on the bottom-most one, then Glide over to the other bottom-most switch on the opposite end of the arena. Then jump on the other switches after you reach the highest platform, as usual.

Starting on the right side gives you slightly more leeway, as you can start from either the top or bottom switches and use the uppermost or lower-most switch to reach the other side’s bottom-most one via Gliding, then finish the other two off efficiently!

Thief #1: Phase Three Guide


Our third and final phase of the Thief #1 boss encounter is the most varied and challenging of the bunch but only has one part to it as opposed to three like the others have. There will also be two Hearts that spawn during this phase, so be sure to grab them if you are low on health!

Phase Three: Final Step Guide


The final step replaces all platforms with conveyor belts, places four spiked magnets along the ground, and has four shurikens that descend from the ceiling, replicating their positioning, speed, and pattern from the previous phases.

In addition to that, you will have to jump on eight yellow switches instead of six, except this time, they will periodically retract back into the wall temporarily before revealing themselves again, having you time your jumps.

For this phase, we suggest taking your time, being incredibly patient and cautious of the situation, and not relying too heavily on chaining together switches, as the timing can be tight and complicated to nail.

First and foremost, we recommend you Wall Jump onto the first conveyor belt and then again to reach the second one, then take care of the three upper-most switches first, before simply dropping onto the bottom-most one before Gliding to the other end of the stage.

Once you’re on the opposite end, repeat the same process to finally defeat the boss. The only real challenge here is getting the timing down of the switches, but once you hit one, it will never come back out, so if you’re patient enough, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Don’t attempt going trying to hit all of them in one motion. We strongly urge you to take it one step at a time and only hit one to two at most at a time. Any more will likely result in you falling to the bottom of the stage and likely onto a spike.

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