How To Complete Things Are Looking Up In Disney Illusion Island

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Whether you’re looking to obtain every Collectible, experience the story in its entirety, or are just in it for the pure platforming goodness, Disney Illusion Island has lots to offer, making every Ability you obtain feel world-changing. These Abilities all come from the Main Quests of your adventure, which can throw all kinds of challenges your way.



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While there is no combat of any sort in Disney Illusion Island, there are many threats you must look out for and many more mini-puzzles and challenges to complete via your newly learned Abilities. Take the Things Are Looking Up Quest, for example, a relatively early Quest with some minor puzzle elements that perfectly represent what you’re in for during the rest of your journey!

Things Are Looking Up Quest Walkthrough

The complete Task List for the Things Are Looking Up Quest in Disney Illusion Island

Things Are Looking Up is one of the first Quests you will be met with in Disney Illusion Island, becoming available just after you finish the Tutorial Quests ‘What’s That Sound?‘ and ‘A Lead… Kinda.

There are five Tasks in this Quest, with the first being the most substantial of the bunch, as the rest are merely just you backtracking or using your new Wall Jump Ability to reach new areas. You can find the complete set of Tasks below!

Things Are Looking Up Tasks

  • Find A Way To Travel Higher
  • Travel Towards The Surface
  • Travel Up To The Overgrown Farmlands
  • Climb To The Canopy
  • Travel To Terrarium Town Gates

Due to the ‘Find A Way To Travel Higher’ being the most substantial part of this Quest, we separated it from the rest of the Tasks, allowing us to focus on all its steps more thoroughly. You can find it and the remaining Tasks in the sections below!

Find A Way To Travel Higher Guide

A collage of images of Minnie Mouse unlocking the two Locked Doors in the Things Are Looking Up Quest in Disney Illusion Island

When beginning the Things Are Looking Up Quest, your first Task will be to Find A Way To Travel Higher, quickly introducing you to the concept of Locked Doors, which require you to find Three Keys to unlock and gain access to the new area.

There are two Locked Doors you must gather Keys for in this Task, ultimately leading you to Mazzy, who will provide you with the Wall Jump Ability, thus completing this Task. Fortunately, after clearing this one, the rest are more or less you backtracking while testing your newfound powers.

Locked Door #1: First Key


After being introduced to the concept of Locked Doors, you will find the first Key for it directly above it. Since this is the first Locked Door, the Keys will be relatively easy to find!

Locked Door #1: Second Key


The second Key for the first Locked Door will be found by heading west from the first Key until you reach a dead end, then jumping to the elevated platform and running eastward. Once here, the camera will zoom in on the second Key.

There will be two bounce pads here. Use the first one to reach the red leaf platform to the right, then jump from here onto the other bounce pad on your right to reach and obtain the second Key!

Locked Door #1: Third Key


With the second Key in your possession, make for the top right exit in the same room as the Key. Once here, continue heading east until the camera zooms in on the third and final Key needed to open the Locked Door.

To get the Key, jump on the Venus Fly Trap, quickly jump off it, and use your Boost Jump to reach the elevated platform on your right. From there, you can simply jump to your right once more to acquire the third and final Key. Now you can finally return to the Locked Door and open it, gaining access to the next area!

If the Venus Fly Trap is giving you trouble, you can take the bottom-most path and use the bounce pad to reach the Key. Either method works, but the Venus Fly Trap route is the fastest and most direct.

Locked Door #2: First Key


After unlocking the first Locked Door, follow the linear path downward until you reach yet another Locked Door near the southeast portion of the zone that requires three Keys to open.

From the Locked Door, head west and continue in that direction until you reach a room with a Cactus enemy on the ground, a Venus Fly Trap platform, and the first Key in the upper left corner.

Jump and use your Boost Jump to reach the Venus Fly Trap, then quickly run to the left and jump near the platform’s edge, then use your Boost Jump once more to acquire the first Key!

Locked Door #2: Second Key


With the first Key acquired, drop down from where the Key was, then head west and follow the linear path that will eventually lead you northeast. You will ultimately end up in a room with two Cactus enemies, one on the ground and the other in the top right corner, directly in front of the second Key.

There are two bounce pads in this area. Use the first one on the ground to reach the elevated platform on your right. From here, head to the other raised platform to the right, then use your Boost Jump to get onto the purple platform with holes in it to the left.

From here, jump onto the elevated bounce pad and use the height to reach the uppermost platform on the right, the one with the Cactus enemy and the second Key. Jump over the Cactus enemy and grab the Key, leaving only one left!

Locked Door #2: Third Key


After obtaining the second Key, head east and follow yet another linear path until you reach a large room with several pits of spikes, another Cactus enemy, and three bounce pads. The third Key will be visible in the bottom left corner of the room.

Navigate to the ground floor of the room, then head to the left, jumping over the Cactus enemy when it approaches you. Next, jump over the first series of spikes and onto the bounce pad, propelling yourself over the second set of spikes and onto the third and final Key.

With the final Key in your possession, head back to the Locked Door and crack it open to access the next area!

Mazzy: Wall Jump Ability

Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and Mickey approaching Mazzy and receiving the Wall Jump Ability in Disney Illusion Island

Now that you’ve unlocked the second Door follow the linear path once more that leads toward the southeast portion of the area, ultimately bringing you to Mazzy.

After several lines of dialogue, Mazzy will give everyone the Wall Jump Ability, enabling you to cling onto walls and jump off them, allowing you to reach new heights and areas, completing this Task!

Remaining Tasks Guide

Mickey and Minnie Mouse approaching Jido, and NPC found in Disney Illusion Island

As touched on much earlier in this guide, after you obtain the Wall Jump Ability from Mazzy and complete the ‘Find A Way To Travel Higher’ Task of the Quest, the remainder of your Tasks are basically you backtracking and using your newfound Ability to reach the next new zone.

Follow the waypoints on your map, as the remainder of your objective requires you to follow linear paths. You will also meet Jido for the first time, who will give you a Map Piece of the Overgrown Farmlands region, outlining the rest of the path for you, along with other areas you’ve yet to explore!

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