How To Defeat The Corruptor In Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 is an RPG with a lot of boss battles, and you will naturally come across many of them as you play through the game. There is a good variety of bosses, and most are cleverly designed. What many of them also share in common is that they’re quite difficult.



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This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Remnant 2 isn’t an easy RPG in general. So, of course, the boss fights are going to be taxing. One encounter sees you go up against a being called The Corruptor, who mostly relies on its guardian to take you out. This is how you overcome the duo.

The Corruptor’s Attacks

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Corruptor Boss

Most of the attacks from this boss come from the golem-like guardian that is under the spell of The Corruptor. Yet, the boss itself has an attack up it’s sleeve, too.

Here is what to look out for:


How To Defend Against It

The guardian swings its various swords around.

Keep your distance by jumping to the other platforms using the stairs. If the monster does get close, attempt to dodge its swings and get away.

The guardian detaches its hands, and they float over to you to attack. They get more dangerous as the fight progresses.

Shoot the hands before they reach you and dodge away if they get close.

The guardian jumps in your direction, electricuting the floor as it lands.

It does this move when you’re on a different platform to the guardian. To avoid it, simply run or dodge away when it’s in mid-air so you’re far enough away when it lands.

The large Corruptor unleashes a deadly beam that covers a full platform.

Jump to a different platform before it hits. Luckily, it’s easy to teleograph when it’s going to do it, as things start to go red as the attack builds up.

When the golem is temporarily down, a few flying creatures sometimes attack. You can easily shoot them out of the air.

How To Damage The Corruptor

Remnant 2 Screenshot Of Shooting Guardian

There isn’t a special way to bring The Corruptor down. You simply have to rely on good old-fashioned shooting.

The best thing to aim at most of the time is the head of the guardian. It will sometimes grow brighter, which makes it even more vulnerable. But it is a weakpoint throughout all the battle, so make it your primary target.

When the guardian falls, The Corruptor will go over and revive it. At this point, take aim at the bigger beast. Its weak points are it’s glowing mouth (when open) and the glowing hole underneath it.

Once you widdle down the health bar at the top of the screen, both The Corruptor and the guardian die. For your success, you get the Twisted Lazurite material that can be used in crafting.

If you defeat The Corruptor without depleting the health of the guardian, you get the Hollow Heart material instead of the Twisted Lazurite.

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