Which Starting Class Should You Choose In Remnant 2?

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The dimensions the crystal in Remnant 2 drags you into are incredibly dangerous places. There are a lot of exotic and strange creatures wandering around these foreign and bizarre locales and all of them want to take a bit meaty chunk out of your hide if they’re given the chance.



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Thankfully there’s a solid class system known as Archetypes available that lets you spec into a range of unique, useful, and downright powerful builds. Whether you’re creating the ultimate scavenger for solo play or filling a role in a squad through co-op, there’s a lot of variety available for everyone’s particular play style. There are plenty of them to get through, so here are the Archetypes in Remnant 2, explained.

What Are Archetypes?

Remnant 2: The Archetype Menu And The Gunslingers Stats

For those new to the series, Archetypes are essentially a class you choose for your run through the game. In total, there are ten of them and you can create up to five new characters at one time, so you can have a nice collection of scavengers ready to go for any occasion if you’re dedicated enough.

Each one of them is unique, unlocks their own types of perks and powers according to their play style, fills a particular role in a team and their starting gear is all distinct. For example, the Medic starts off with a hefty machine gun, whilst the Hunter gets a bolt-action rifle and the Gunslinger gets a surprisingly solid six-shooter to play around with. You can also collect other weapons as the game goes on, or buy them from Brabus.

How To Change Your Archetype

Remnant 2: Talking To Wallace In Ward 13

It’s incredibly easy to choose your Archetype in Remnant 2. It’s something you do almost at the start of the game, you just have to clear the Tutorial and intro sequence first, then after arriving at the Hub, speak to Ford.

Exhaust all his dialogue and he’ll then tell you to go speak to Wally. This strange chap can be found by the crane near the water. He’ll give you your first Archetype, or as he calls it a “Path”. Other Archetypes can be unlocked either through secret methods in certain worlds or by speaking to certain NPCs like Mudtooth or buying special items from the vendors in the Hub.

Remnant 2: The Orb Of Undoing Within Wallace's Menu

You can also reset your character’s progress by purchasing an Orb Of Undoing from Wally as well as switching out your Archetype from the Archetype Menu whenever you unlock a new one.

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The Archetypes

Remnant 2: The Gunslinger And Hunter Archetypes

As mentioned previously, there are ten Archetypes and whilst you can pick the main four options (or five if you pre-ordered to get the Gunslinger), some of them are hidden away and you can miss them if you’re not aware.

Some of the abilities of the Archetypes are also arguably a lot better than the others, so it can be quite tricky to figure out which one is going to pay off the most in the long haul. So to help you with your choices, here’s a brief rundown of each one.

You can also bring in a Secondary Archetype on top of your equipped one allowing you to take advantage of their abilities except for their Prime Perk. To unlock a Secondary Archetype, level up your current class to level 10 then use the Archetype Menu to switch them out.


Remnant 2: The Alchemist Archetype Character Model

An elemental tinkering Archetype that excels at boosting stats and buffing their bros with various vapor clouds that add unique effects. It’s a great Support Archetype that is also hidden away and requires a run-in with a sewer monster in Losomn in order to unlock.

The Alchemist’s perks are good for increasing damage resistance but the three Vapour clouds of Stone Mist, Frenzy Dust, and Elixir Of Life add a lot of versatility. They’re ok on their own, but they work best in a group as they can drop some really powerful buffs right before a boss fight, and you’ll always need it.


Remnant 2: The Engineer Exploring An Alien Tomb

Another of the unlockable Archetypes, the Engineer loves their big guns and they’re an absolute god in small, confined dungeons. This turret-tossing, heavy weapon expert can Overlock themselves, which not only gives you infinite ammo but also enhances fire rate and gives a healthy 25 percent to ranged damage. So they’re quite a beast.

Found on N’Erud at the Eon Vault in the fog, it’s tricky to find but this Gatling-wielding demon is worth it. As a final selling point, the Engineer can also put down three types of turrets. These are the Vulcan, Flamethrower, and Impact Cannon Turrets and they’re great for holding chokepoints or reinforcing the team during a wave of monsters.


Remnant 2: The Summoner Character Model

Classes that let you toss out a lot of distracting minions are always tons of fun and the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2 does just that. Another of the hidden Archetypes in the game, the Summoner requires picking up the Faded Grimoir at the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha, then giving it to Wally. It’s a little pricey, but they’re worth the investment.

Primarily a support Archetype, the Summoner can spawn two of three different types of Root Minions. Their Perks then compliment their utility further by applying buffs to team hit points as well as granting life-steal or spawning healing auras. They struggle a little on their own, but they’re great in a team as their minions are pretty tanky and can cause a lot of distracting chaos.


Remnant 2: The Invader Character Model

The Invader is another of the hidden Archetypes in Remnant 2. They’re unlocked by going on a bit of a side quest as well as taking down a special boss. But they’re worth the extra steps as they’re an absolute powerhouse of damage and they’re ideal for solo players or endgame high-level adventures.

Think of them like a Dungeons And Dragons Rogue. The Invader is about creating decoys, exploiting perfect dodges, and using a teleport skill to phase into battle whilst dumping a healthy 300 percent damage. You need to keep moving to use them effectively, plus their various perks and skills require a lot of micro-management. So they’re perfect for players looking for a fairly advanced Archetype.


Remnant 2: The Challenger In Front Of The Crystal

The Challenger Archetype in Remnant 2 is a hammer, and every problem to them is a nail. It just needs enough whacks. They’re a bulwark against damage and take a lot of punishment whilst leaving piles of corpses in their wake. They’re available right from the start and are always a welcome sight in any party.

The Challengers’ perks are where the fun begins as they provide things like brief invulnerability, 40 percent ranged and melee damage, a buff that reduces damage dealt by enemies as well as reducing stamina regeneration delay and buffing damage whenever Relics are used. Their abilities also range from deadly stomps, receiving a massive buff to damage resistance, or being able to enter into a berserk fury. It’s some fun toys that can turn any Challenger into an unstoppable Gladiator.


Remnant 2: The Handler And Their Dog

If you’re looking for a solid all-rounder that comes with a fuzzy good boy, then the Handler is where you should start. This Support Archetype is all about using their dog to buff the party, revive downed allies, boost revive speed, and raise damage resistance.

They’re a great addition to any team and their dog is perfect for drawing aggro or dispatching at targets like a fuzzy angry missile. They can do well on their own, but they work better when combined with a group. Also yes, you can pet the dog.


Remnant 2: The Hunter And Their Marking Power Activating

A long-range deadeye that can deal out death with ease, the Hunter is another starting Archetype that can be picked after the tutorial ends. Their gimmick is dealing a lot of damage in precise hits to weak points as well as marking targets for the team.

The Hunter’s perks focus on extra weak spot damage, 50 percent boosts to ammo drops, faster reload speed, and extending the duration of skills, speaking of. The Hunter’s skills add a variety of buffs to range and weak spot damage with each of the three powers providing varying methods and ranges for marking targets. They can also cloak themselves with their Hunters Shroud.


Remnant 2: The Medic Character Model

The lifeline that can keep a party alive, especially in the higher difficulty settings, the Medic Archetype is your standard healer and it’s always worth having one on your crew or as your second Archetype. Available from the start of the game, it’s easy to get up and running with this deadly Doctor.

The Medics’ perks are primarily focused on healing, as you would expect, and they can also buff damage, increase Relic efficiency and Relic use speed. Their abilities are equally strong as they can create a Healing Spring, provide a Healing Shield, or pop off a full party instant revive. So it’s a solid selection of Healer toys to tinker with.

Relics are items such as the Dragon Heart. So faster healing animations are a great bonus.


Remnant 2: The Gunslinger In Ward 13

The rootin’, tootin’, shooting damage dealer on the team. The Gunslinger is your classic cowboy that comes with a lot of great perks for preserving that ammo pool and putting out the pain.

The Gunslingers Perks are all focused on enhancing fire rate, ranged damage, and reload speed as well as boosting ammo pick-ups. Plus their skills are suitably Western-esque as they feature a hammer fan of their revolver for multi-target or single-focused big number damage, enhanced draw speed, or turning all their firearms briefly into fully automatic monster mulching machines. They’re extremely good at crowd control, keeping the team’s ammo reserves high, and doing big crit damage on tough targets.


Remnant 2: The Explorer Character Model

The last unlockable Archetype in Remnant 2, the Explorer is available after you finish the campaign. That’s quite the Herculean effort, but it’s worth it for the best farming class in the game. The Explorer’s abilities are more niche, but when you’re grinding the endgame they’re incredibly useful.

For starters, their perks focus on increasing item drop yield and item rarity, providing stackable buffs as well as minor boons to ammo capacity and damage. Their abilities are also pretty strong as they enhance movement speed, reveal nearby treasure, or spawn a fountain that provides a random buff. It’s highly recommended to have this class as either your main or secondary Archetype at all times in the endgame.

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Which One Suits Your Needs?

Remnant 2: The Invader, Alchemist And Explorer Archetypes

Now that everyone is up to speed on the classes and what they do, it’s worth breaking them down a little bit further to provide you with the best recommendation for your particular play style.

Whilst you can hit the end of the game with each one regardless, if you’re dipping into Adventure Mode where you can re-roll worlds again and again for endgame content, having the right role can often matter, especially in a party of players. So here are recommendations for each Archetype and their particular role.


Remnant 2: Challenger Archetype Facing Against A Root Monster

The enemies in this game really like to rush you down, so having someone that can stand out front, draw aggro and take the hits can make the game so much easier. Whilst you can load up on trinkets and rings to buff your armor, having a dedicated big-boy destroyer on the team can trivialize some pretty tough sections.

For those looking for all-out aggression and violence, it’s worth using the Challenger. This buff lad packs a lot of punch with their powerful perks and superb skills. So they’re the best option for those that like to play as the tip of the spear.


Remnant 2: The Gunslinger Doing A Lot Of Damage To Ghouls

The creatures you’ll come across out in the wilds of those far-off worlds can take a lot of damage. Whilst the majority of them will have weak points to exploit, your trigger finger will get tired quickly as you laboriously chip them down. That’s why having a DPS demon on the team definitely matters.

For those that like to see those big damage numbers pop you have a couple of options. For starters there’s the Gunslinger, with a high ammo reserve, buffs to fire rate, and a Revolver fan blast that can hit multiple targets or use one big high-powered shot, it’s great at absolutely deleting tough enemies. The Hunter is also a good choice as they focus on weak point crits, have increased damage for standing still, and are generally all about putting a lot of pain into as few hits as possible. Though they’re not too great if anything gets too close.

Remnant 2: A Root Monster Attacking An Invader Decoy

Finally, there’s the Invader, who’s great for fast attacks and stealthy ambushes. Though they melt quickly if they’re pinned, they’re an absolute damage-dumping machine in the right hands.


Remnant 2: A Medic Using Their Dragon Heart To Revive A Party Member

Whilst you can technically make any Archetype a pseudo-healer with the right weapon mods, nobody does it better than the Medic. Since their whole class is about big heals, they’re borderline mandatory if you’re playing on the higher difficulties.

Though the Summoner has some handy healing abilities, they pale in comparison to the Medic. Also, they’re the only Archetype that comes with a revive ability. It’s a move that rezzes an entire party and with how often entire wipes can come out of nowhere, especially on higher difficulties, the Medic is probably one of the most useful Archetypes in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2: The Handler And Their Dog

For those that prefer to hang back and help out the team, there are a lot of good picks worth looking into. Chief among them is the Handler as this doggy duo can be incredibly useful in a pinch. The Handlers team buffs are perfect for those that like to lend a helping hand. Plus, their pet psycho with teeth can draw a lot of aggro if you’re getting swamped. The same applies to the Summoner and the host of minions that they can bring in.

But if you’re looking for a Support class that can stand on their own or help push the firing line then look into the Engineer. Their turrets and heavy weapons are great for putting out plenty of suppressive fire. This is perfect for some of the more tanky monsters or those that like to hide behind destructible shields that you can whittle down.

Remnant 2: The Engineer Firing Their Gatling At A Target Dummy

On a final note, if you want a lot of defensive buffs then consider the Alchemist, or if you want to enhance your team’s return from farming drops then use the Explorer.

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