MU Archangel adds new Fae Content with the 1.19 update patch

Global game developer and publisher WEBZEN has revealed that its mobile MMORPGMU Archangel, has launched the most recent 1.19 update patch. Players may access new Fae content, abundant growth systems, and much more with the 1.19 patch.

MU Archangel brings new Fae content with the latest update patch

Once players reach level 600 (Master level 200) and activate the Corps feature, the new Fae content will become available. The Fae may be found in the Mythical Beast > Fae menu. There are four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.

In addition to activating the Type Option Master, which provides potent choices based on the star rating of each type’s Fae in the player’s primary roster, players who enable their Fae to participate in PK (Player Killing) bouts also earn a Spirit Barrier effect that can be applied to PK encounters.

To raise their Fae’s tier and receive different choice effects, players can also level up, promote, and transcend their Fae. Additionally, players can use the new Fae Codex to provide them with strong options. Another approach to increase the power of their Fae is to equip a Fae Rune in each of the four appropriate slots.

By participating in Corps BOSS content or other activities, players can obtain their Fae Rune. In addition to Fae Rune, raising the star rank of their Fae will boost its star rating and unlock its special skills; the better the special skills that are unlocked, the higher the star rank.

MU Archangel also brings a new Costume Codex system, in-game event, and more

With this update, the new Costume Codex system, which allows players to compile a wardrobe and unlock new Codex options, has also been included in the game. In addition, MU Archangel now features the new Relic Combination system, higher Max levels and tiers of each piece of content, new items, and several adjustments, optimizations, and bug fixes.

MU Archangel 1.16 update patch
Image via WEBZEN

A special weekly package will be offered for sale throughout the weekend. In the meantime, MU Archangel is hosting an in-game event that will grant players in Land of Demons a 50% Exp benefit.

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