All Endings For The Mortuary Assistant, Ranked

The Mortuary Assistant requires you to go through multiple different shifts if you want to uncover the dark lore that lingers inside and underneath River Fields Mortuary. Whether you’re diving into the mortuary to uncover its darkest secrets or you just want to get through your shift while pretending like nothing is wrong, there will be an ending for you.



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However, the demons that cling to both the dead and the alive won’t make any promises that your ending will be a happy one. If you’re lucky, you’ll see everybody’s stories through, but if you don’t pay enough attention, you might end up becoming one of River Fields Mortuary’s many secrets.

Updated on August 2, 2023, by Tallis Spalding: The Mortuary Assistant has always had an incredibly mysterious story with a lot of loose ends that have been begging for more story and more lore. Thankfully, with the Major Update on June 28, 2023, the Mortuary Assistant gave that to us.

This new ending adds more lore to the game, several new haunt events, some new bodies, and even a “Haunt Aggressiveness Slider.” All Mortuary Assistant endings are fairly self-intuitive to get, and this ending is no different – just play around with your environment (while being mindful of your time limit) and eventually, you’ll end up with the ending you wanted.

8 Secret Ending One: Not Caring Enough

the mortuary assistant raymond prepairing a coffin container for the now possessed rebecca in a secret ending

This ending will only happen if you don’t focus on finding out who the possessed body is and run out of time (just over an hour and a half). Alternatively, you can go through the process of embalming and taking care of two corpses, throw a random mark onto one of them, and then burn the marked one.

You will wake up in the cutscene chained to the wall, and Raymond will put you in the box, incredibly disappointed. This is one of the most disappointing endings, given that it answers no questions, and you really have to not care to get it. Thankfully, this is an unofficial ending of the Mortuary Assistant, so realistically, Rebecca won’t end up in one of the coffin prisons in the basement of the mortuary.

7 Secret Ending Two: Not Being Detail-Oriented

the mortuary assistant raymond looking at the possessed rebecca in the coffin cage with disappointment

This second unofficial ending can be triggered pretty quickly into your shift by building a random sigil, placing the sigils in the wrong order, or burning a random body. Of course, there’s a small chance that you could trigger the first unofficial ending or the possessed ending, depending on time. Make sure that you go through all three bodies if you want to avoid the first unofficial ending.

In this one, you will wake up in one of Raymond’s Coffin Containers with him staring at you with the utmost disappointment (sorry, Mr. Delver). He’ll shut the opening of the box on you, and you’ll be shunted back to the home screen. This ending is only slightly less disappointing because, while you may not get more lore, at least you tried a little bit, right?

6 Ending Three: Possession

The mortuary assistant Raymond looking at the posessed Rebecca and telling she chose the wrong body just before he is killed

This ending happens if you burn the wrong body or pick the wrong demon for your symbols. Things will proceed as normal, and you might even end up convinced that you did actually pick the right body and demon to burn. Once Rebecca wakes up in the morning, she and Raymond will talk, and he will suggest that she should head home.

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However, things quickly go south from here and Rebecca will say that she feels fine and has just been waiting for so long. Raymond will then reveal that you picked the wrong body (most likely). The demon will then kill Raymond before throwing him across the room and laughing, which is a bit horrifying to watch.

5 Ending One: Surviving Shift One

Raymond in mortuary assistant, standing beside the window in the upstairs mortuary while looking out a window and telling rebecca to go get some rest after the first night

This ending is one of the easier ones to get that even beginners should be able to get, given that the first night tends to be easier. During the cutscene, Raymond and Rebecca will talk about what happened. She will tell him that she doesn’t want to do this anymore but Raymond informs her that she really doesn’t have a choice in the matter now.

Raymond tells her that she is the first one he’s seen survive these events and that other demons will be after her, wherever she decides to go. He offers her a new opportunity to be the person to do the night shift and learn about demons and possession.

4 Ending Two: Surviving Shift Two

Raymond in mortuary looking out the window after the second night and telling Rebecca that this will never end in the mortuary assistant

This ending is very similar to the first ending and is triggered by going back and successfully completing your second shift. This will start a cutscene with Raymond that is similar to the first time you survive, though if you keep a close eye out, you’ll notice that the dialogue is different.

Instead of claiming that she doesn’t want to do this anymore, Rebecca accepts that this is her life, and although tired, Raymond seems happy with this. She asks Raymond if this will ever end, though he seems doubtful about it. This ending starts to give you a bit more insight into the lore of the Mortuary Assistant, but this is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much more for you to explore and become involved in.

3 Ending Four: Basement Ending

Raymond in mortuary assistant talking about Vallery in the basement and how she is no longer vallery but just the demon in her shell

The basement ending will help you begin to understand why Raymond is seemingly stuck in the loop of trying to survive and banishing demons. To get this ending, you will have to find your way into the basement from the storm cellar entrance outside. Poke around the different things in the mortuary and eventually, you’ll have the things you need to go down there.

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To get this ending, head straight to the door on the right and interact with the coffin-like container. Complete your shift like normal and continue on your way to the final cutscene. While this previously was the most information you could get from the Mortuary Assistant, with the addition of a newer ending, things only get more intense and detailed from here.

2 Ending Six: Raymond’s Story

The mortuary assistant in the basement with the possessed vallery in her coffin prison with the demon sigil.

This new ending for the Mortuary Assistant was included in the New Ending Update, which added significantly more lore. In it, you can finally explore a bit more of Raymond’s story and why taking care of demons is so important to him. For this ending, all you need to do is remember to put the fuse back into the fuse box in the bathroom and carefully look around the basement.

You should have some time, even after burning the body, to go back into the basement to explore all the new material and experience the new ending in its fullest form without the pressure of the time limit bearing down on you. This ending also gives a hint that there may be more to come in the future, given that it does leave a few loose ends that are waiting for answers.

At the moment, ending six isn’t the best ending in the game, especially considering it doesn’t feel like a particularly good closing point for Raymond and Rebecca’s story. On a side note, this ending is probably best experienced if you’re playing in total darkness.

1 Ending Five: Rebecca’s Closure

the mortuary assistant rebecca's father talking to her from the afterlife

This is one of the best endings you can get, but it also requires working through some intensely scary mechanics and a lot of game knowledge to achieve. To get this ending, you will need to pick up the sobriety coins and the necklace that belonged to Rebecca’s father in one of the bottom drawers.

If you see Rebecca’s dad laying on a gurney, place his necklace around his neck. Alternatively, if you see Rebecca hanging in the hallway where the bodies are stored, you can place both of the sobriety coins in her open hands. Complete your shift correctly to trigger a cutscene earning the achievement “Closure.”

As implied this is where Rebecca, and you, can get some closure regarding the things that you have seen and experienced. It’s heartwarming and tear-inducing and is by far, the sweetest ending in the Mortuary Assistant.

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