The 10 Best NPC Castaways In Pikmin 4


  • Key Takeaways:
  • Pikmin 4 follows our protagonist as they explore the alien world of PNF-404 in search of their missing friend Captain Olimar.
  • The game features a diverse cast of castaways, each with their own unique personalities and backstories.
  • Castaways like Horatio, Mika, Sammy, Puddle, Dalmo, Don Bergman, Louie, Nelle, Olimar, and Schnauz add depth and charm to the game’s storyline.



Pikmin 4 sees our protagonist exploring the alien world of PNF-404, a planet inhabited by the eponymous Pikmin species. After the famous Captain Olimar has mysteriously vanished on the planet, you are tasked with saving him and your fellow Rescue Corps officers with space-pooch Oatchi.

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While PNF-404 is populated by Pikmin and countless other strange alien species, countless humanoid characters have crash-landed on this planet for one reason or another, scattered across sublevels waiting to be rescued. With a total of 43 civilians awaiting your aid, here is a list of some castaways that stand out from the rest.

10 Horatio

Horatio Talking to Oatchi

This grumpy little guy is the 23rd castaway you’ll find on PNF-404 as part of the ‘A Tour Without Tourists’ mission. Originally from the planet Sozor, Horatio is described as a member of the gig economy and a person who unintentionally spreads ill will with his grumpy expression.

After his rescue, however, it’s clear that he’s a harmless little squirt. In his dialogue with Oatchi, you can see that he’s interested in making people smile and is just saddled with resting-grouch-face.

9 Mika

Mika from Pikmin 4

Another notable planet-dweller is the humble academic adviser, Mika. Hailing from the planet Neechki, Mika is visiting the Pikmin planet with Alayon Academy’s Planetary Science Club, for which she is the head teacher.

She has only been teaching for a year after receiving her liberal arts degree, and she confesses that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing half the time. While she may not be as vibrant or chaotic as other castaways, Mika’s authentic vibe makes her memorable.

8 Sammy

Sammy from Pikmin 4-1

Sammy is memorable because he is visiting PNF-404 for the purest and simplest of reasons. Part of Chet’s research team from the Interstellar Federation, Sammy is simply interested in seeing his first blue sky as he hails from a region of planet Ocobo that is covered in perpetual storms.

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Sammy’s blue bowl-cut and charming personality, complimenting Oatchi with various allusions to the perfect sky he is now able to see, make him a buddy worth remembering.

7 Puddle

Puddle from Pikmin 4 Speaking with Oatchi

One of the few castaways with a special skill applicable to your protagonist, Puddle is a stylist with clients all over the universe. A fashionable castaway with his swooping purple hair, he is the ninth person you save as you progress through the story.

Puddle is able to activate character customization after interacting with him at the Rescue Command Post, allowing you to change your character’s appearance. He also offers additional missions which can unlock even more styling options.

6 Dalmo

Dalmo from Pikmin 4 Talking to Oatchi

This civilian castaway perhaps best encapsulates the joys of exploring an alien landscape. Dalmo is a biological researcher from the planet Sozor and is also unlocked early in the game, being the fifth castaway you save.

Interacting with Dalmo allows you access to the Piklopedia, where each life-form you encounter throughout your adventure is documented and commented on by Dalmo’s descriptions. The innocent way he speaks about even the most terrifying and unsightly creatures is a testament to his love of biological exploration.

5 Don Bergman

Don Bergman from Pikmin 4

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Pikmin 3’s Captain Charlie, Don Bergman appears on PNF-404 as the only castaway with a surname. Mr. Bergman is a member of a three-person team central to solving the Cure Oatchi main mission in Pikmin 4.

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Hailing from Koppai (the same home planet as Charlie), Don Bergman has ventured to this alien landscape in search of treasure. But in true heroic fashion, he hopes to use these profits to feed the starving back home.

4 Louie

Louie from Pikmin 4

Returning from Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, this notorious troublemaker makes for one of the trickiest castaways in the game. Originally arriving at PNF-404 by order of Hocotate’s president to find his partner, the lost Captain Olimar, Louie quickly loses interest after touching down.

Determined to quell his appetite, he attempts to eat the various lifeforms on the planet and is committed to thwarting anyone who gets in his way. As he is the only castaway you are able to fight, Louie is a truly mischievous and memorable character.

3 Nelle

Nelle from Pikmin 4

A member of Don Bergman’s treasure-hunting troupe and lookalike of Pikmin 3’s Brittany, Nelle is a very important castaway. With her stylish pink bob and circular spectacles, Nelle is a veterinarian who ends up being taken hostage by Louie.

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Finding Nelle and assisting her with her requests is crucial to curing Oatchi, who winds up diseased with the strange virus, transforming castaways into Leaflings and leaving them unable to PNF-404. Nelle’s expertise and manner make her one for the books.

2 Olimar

Olimar from Pikmin 4

The flagship character and poster boy for the Pikmin series appears again in Pikmin 4. Captain Olimar is a central figure within the events on PNF-404, as it is his disappearance that largely prompts the intervention of both Louie and the Rescue Corps.

Olimar is kind-hearted and courageous, a veteran Pikmin commander who must repair his broken ship and look after his newfound space dog, Moss. Finding himself at the center of the strange virus and the Rescue Corps escapades, Olimar’s life seems constantly mired in intrigue and excitement.

1 Schnauz

Schnauz from Pikmin 4

As the second castaway found in the game, Schnauz accompanies you throughout nearly all of your adventures on PNF-404. He is a virtuosic treasure appraiser whose skills were used to develop an appraisal artificial intelligence.

Rescuing the erudite and well-traveled Schnauz allows you to unlock the Treasure Catalogue and associated side missions. It’s endlessly charming to see Schnauz’s names for the various treasures you collect, such as the Stately Rubber Cutie, the Puzzle Snack, and the Maestro of Flavor. This charming appraiser is undoubtedly the most interesting and memorable castaway you’ll find.

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