How To Get A Crafting License In Palia

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The residents of Kilima Valley graciously provide a sizable piece of property to all the new Humans arriving into the world of Palia. You’ll initially be given an equally sizable tent, but you’ll be able to make a home, and a garden, and decorate them with a variety of furniture pieces. It’ll take a lot of crafting and refined materials to do this, and that means crafting stations.



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At first, you’re limited to a certain amount of crafters in your home plot, a.k.a. your Crafter Budget. However, through the purchase of Crafting Licenses, you can increase that number. We’ll show you where and how to purchase Crafting Licenses, so you can have all the crafters you need at home.

What Is A Crafter Budget?

Player character moving crafters in Housing mode and showing Crafter Budget UI in Palia.

Once you obtain your home plot and clear it out during the main quest, Welcome to Palia, you’ll automatically start off with a budget of five crafters, also known as your Crafter Budget.

This means you can place down a total of five crafters in your plot, including duplicates.

Especially early on when you only have the basic crafters, you may want to have multiple to speed up the crafting of refined materials like Sapwood Planks or Copper Ore.

When you hit that maximum, you’ll need Crafting Licenses. Each license increases your Crafter Budget by one, meaning you’ll be able to place one more crafter in your plot.

How To Get Crafting Licenses

Player character in City Hall Store menu, showing purchasable Crafting Licenses and housing additions in Palia.

To get one (or multiple) Crafting Licenses, you’ll have to head over to City Hall in Kilima Village.

There will be a cash register at the front desk, directly next to where Kenyatta stands. Interact with it, and you’ll get the special City Hall shop, where you can purchase Crafting Licenses you’ll need to expand your Crafter Budget.

You can also buy housing additions at City Hall, such as new rooms or a fireplace, and Writs, which allow you to expand your housing plot’s size.

Your first Crafting License costs 500 Gold, and the price will go up by 250 Gold until your fifth purchased Crafting License.

  • Starting with the sixth license, the price will start going up by 500 Gold.
  • After your eighth license, the price will go up by 1,000.
  • After your 12th license, the price will go up by 1,500.
  • After your 15th license, the price will go up by 2,000.

You can buy a total of 25 Crafting Licenses, giving you a maximum of 31 crafters allowed on your housing plot at one time.

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