Where To Find The Well In New Atlantis In Starfield

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Humanity in Starfield may have conquered space flight, but it is yet to find a solution for poverty. On the exterior, New Atlantis may seem like the UC’s shining capital; however, look beyond the clean, harmonious exterior, and you will discover its rusty, decaying core called the Well.



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Many citizens and explorers agree with the sentiment that the UC is masking their awareness of the citizens’ poor living standards down in the Well. However, despite being a poor district, the Well is well worth visiting if you’re in New Atlantis, as it features many quests, characters, hidden items, and services without the pompous overtones of the UC Commercial District.

Where To Find The Well In New Atlantis

Starfield: New Atlantis Spaceport

New Atlantis is the UC’s capital city, which can be found on the planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. If it’s your first time visiting the city, you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the districts.

The MAST District, where the UC conducts all its operations, not to mention the Commercial, Residential, and Spaceport Districts. But then there’s the Well. A large underground district, while the Well is not hidden, it’s not exactly easy to reach.

  • The Well can be accessed via the elevator between Terrabrew Coffee and Jemison’s Mercantile in the Spaceport District.
  • The Well can be accessed via the Lodge basement by the room with the locked spacesuit.
  • You can get to The Well by taking the elevator in the MAST building in the MAST District.

The Well Spaceport Entrance

Starfield: The Spaceport Wells Entrance

You’ll first visit New Atlantis during the One Small Step story mission and be able to access the Well straight after you land the Frontier ship in the New Atlantis Spaceport.

The elevator found between Terrabrew Coffee and Jemison Mercantile will lead you to the Well.

The Well MAST Entrance

Starfield: The MAST Well Entrance

It’s only a matter of time before you visit the MAST building, whether that is to join the UC Vanguard to earn your citizenship or during the main quest.

You can get to the elevator leading to the Well from the NAT Tram found by walking down the steps at the front of the MAST building.

The Well Lodge Entrance

Starfield: The Lodge Well Entrance

Once you’ve joined the Constellation, you’ll have access to the Lodge. The Lodge is a great base to store your loot and resources, as the basement has all five crafting stations.

You can enter the Well by walking down the corridor leading out of the crafting room to find a door on your left of the locked spacesuit leading to the Well.

This entrance will only become accessible once the door on the other side has been unlocked.

The Well Services

Starfield: The Well Services

The Well has an assortment of services available:

  • Med Bay
  • Kay’s House
  • UC Surplus
  • Apex Electronics
  • House of the Enlightened
  • The Trade Authority
  • UC Security Office

Among these services, you will acquire several quests, such as the Kindness of Strangers House of Enlightened mission, and be able to find hidden items by exploring the vent ducts, such as the Modified Arc Welder.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to access Vicente Salinas’ services once you complete the Shipment for Salinas mission.

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