Best Halloween Pikachu Plushes In 2023

Fall is finally upon us, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a Pikachu plush in the other while browsing through all the new Pokemon Halloween goodies online. Whether or not that is your ideal method of autumnal shopping, if Halloween Pikachu plushes pique your interest, you’re in the right place.



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2023 is another great year for Halloween Pokemon merch and the company’s mascot is stealing the thunder as the Pokemon with the most plushes dedicated to the holiday. Whether you take a cutesy or traditional approach to decorating for Halloween, there is a Pikachu to match. If only it could use its electricity to power all your decorations. Until you come across a real Pika in the wild, let these substitutes inspire your fall and Halloween celebrations.

Best Pikachu Plushes For Halloween

winking pikachu plush holding a pumpkin
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Pikachu Plush Holding A Pumpkin

Pikachu Gourd-ness for All

Pumpkin in hand, this Pikachu embodies the cheerful spirit of the season. Get two cute faces peering back at you for the price of one with this Jazwares plush. What it lacks in complexity compared to the Pokemon Center plushes, it makes up for in pumpkin.


  • The adorable Pika-faced jack-o-lantern
  • Sold at multiple retailers, making it easier to find
  • Simple design makes it easy to pair with any Halloween decor

  • Jazware plushes are known to vary slightly in size and stitching

Kicking it off is one of the simplest Halloween Pikachu plushes, and you know, sometimes in a mess of tangled orange lights and decorative spider webs, simple is best. This Pikachu understands that well, having carved a self-portrait in the pumpkin in its hands. I think I just found the plush and the pumpkin design I’m going for this year.

In addition to design, this plush is one of the simplest to find, as it can be found through three retailers rather than being a Pokemon Center exclusive. The manufacturer, Jazwares, is behind some of the best modern Pokemon plushes, and while you may expect very slight variations in stitching or size, overall the quality stands. Add this Pikachu to your cart along with a pumpkin carving kit and your Halloween preparations are halfway done.

pikachu halloween pokemon plush
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Pikachu Pokemon Spooky Festival Plush

Electrifying and Festive

$25 $35 Save $10

Be warned, Spooky Festival Pikachu takes Halloween seriously. This dapper fellow is decked out in autumnal flair and is ready to dominate any costume party. Don’t underestimate its sweet expression, this Pika plays to win.


  • Highly detailed costume with varying textures and fabrics
  • A perfect centerpiece for your Halloween display

  • The expression and pose lack in comparison to the fit

Spooky Festival Pikachu celebrates with pomp and circumstance, arriving at your Halloween party in a frilled shirt and a bowler hat covered in leaves. Like intricate holowear straight out of Pokemon Unite, this plush spares no detail, down to the patterns and textures of its fancy costume. Matching the intensity of the most dedicated fans of Halloween, Spooky Festival Pikachu deserves an invitation to your spooky party, at least.

This plush is a part of the Pokemon Center’s Spooky Festival Collection, a gathering of pocket monsters who celebrate in style. These plushes are known for their outstanding quality with embroidered costuming and detail that you won’t find on a basic Pikachu plush. Of course, this makes it a pricier option, but for the most opulent Halloween kings, jesters, and queens, it’s one of the best Pikachu plushes of the season.

Pikachu Pokemon Pumpkin Celebration Plush

Pikachu Pokemon Pumpkin Celebration Plush

You’re cordially invited…

Arriving at your door in a crushed velvet top hat is Pumpkin Celebration Pikachu, and what is that in its hands? You won’t be able to resist accepting the invitation to the best Halloween party of the year. This plush is a step above the rest, in politeness and design.


  • The interactive envelope and invitation are thoughtful details
  • This plush sits up nicely, making it easy to decorate with
  • Matches the fellow Pumpkin Celebration plushes in the collection

  • The invitation is small and not attached in any way to the plush, making it easy to lose

Speaking of Halloween party invitations, this special Pikachu has something for you in its little hands. Pumpkin Celebration Pikachu is inviting you to the party, and based on the hand-drawn invitation within the envelope, it’s going to be spooky and cute. Meet Pika at the haunted house at midnight on the night of the crescent moon.

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Okay, while unfortunately none of us can make it to the Kanto region for the party, this plush will be a great addition to our own celebrations. Featuring a crushed velvet top hat adorned with a ghost Pikachu and a bowtie to match, this is one of the cutest Halloween Pikachu to date. The interactive envelope and invitation really take it over the top, a detail the Pokemon Center didn’t need to add, but I’m so glad they did. Quality materials, stellar design, and seasonal spirit; what else could we ask of a Halloween Pikachu plush?

Pikachu Eerie Delights Plush

Pikachu Eerie Delights Plush

Fork Over Your Poke Dollars

Can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of detail on this appetizing plush? The hat features Banette, Mimikyu, and Joltik adorning a web-topped cake. Not to mention the felt fork and seasonal cape. Pair this Pikachu with the other friends in the Eerie Delights collection for the full experience.


  • A unique, food-oriented, take on a Pikachu plush
  • Superb detailing and costume design
  • Perfect for displaying alongside your Halloween treats

  • If any real food gets on this plush, its delicate costume will be difficult to clean

If your answer to that last question is, “A fork,” this is the Halloween Pikachu for you. Eerie Delights Pikachu is dapper and hungry, ready to take a bite of all the fall treats you’re hiding around the house. On its cake-inspired top hat sits Banette, Mimikyu, and Joltik, tagging along for the festivities.

And would you look at that collared cape? The Pokemon Center never fails to impress with the quality and detail of their plushes, with Pikachu being the subject of their best designs. Though I doubt you need any more convincing to check out Eerie Delights Pikachu further, the photos of this plush on the Pokemon Center website offer inspiration on how to pose it alongside your Halloween decor, or the other members of the Eerie Delights collection.

Pikachu Pokemon Pumpkin Party Plush

Pikachu Pokemon Pumpkin Party Plush

Pikachu and Hattrem collide!

Electric and psychic-type energy collide in the cutest way possible, culminating in the Pumpkin Party Pikachu plush. This isn’t a true fusion, just Pikachu in a Hattrem costume to celebrate the spooky season. If you’re into the pastel Halloween decor trend, this is the seasonal Pikachu plush of your dreams.


  • Hattrem’s well-deserved recognition in plush form
  • Pastel, kawaii, and perfect for Halloween
  • The round, plushness of the costume is off-the-charts cute

  • Frequently in and out of stock on the Pokemon Center website

To Psychic-type trainers and pastel lovers alike, I humbly present Pumpkin Party Pikachu. This is an adorable cross-over of Pikachu and Hattrem that’s a whole lot more cutesy than spooky but is still perfect for celebrating the witching hour.

The robust plushness of the best Pokemon Squishmallows is rivaled by this Pikachu’s Hattrem costume. It truly captures the ethereal presence of a Hattrem while keeping Pikachu’s uplifting vibes. Leave it to the Pokemon Center to create such incredibly detailed plushes that make me want to shell out hundreds of plushes for every season. Thankfully, this plush alone won’t cost you that much, but be sure to keep an eye on the site for restocks to get your hands on this special Halloween Pikachu.

Pokemon Pikachu with Witch Hat Halloween Plush

Pokemon Pikachu with Witch Hat Halloween Plush

Broomstick Sold Separately

$15 $35 Save $20

This Pikachu is simply happy to be here, smiling away with a festive witch hat on its head. It’s a classic Halloween look that Jazwares has captured well. Less expensive and delicate than its Pokemon Center counterparts, this Halloween Pikachu makes the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one this season.


  • A classic approach to a Halloween Pikachu
  • Perfect for pairing with a witch costume, or as decor

  • I was kidding about the broomstick, but it would be a nice addition to this simple design

Whether you pair this Pika with an enchanting witch costume or display it with other classic orange and purple Halloween decor, Witch Hat Pikachu is ready to join in on the festivities. This plush is simple and sweet, making it a great Halloween gift for a loved one, or adding to your spooky display.

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Even in its cheerful, one-foot-up, pose, this plush will stand nicely against a wall, a candy bowl, or other decor. This is another Jazware offering, and while the quality isn’t as high as what you’ll find from The Pokemon Center, the price nicely reflects that. Coming in as a great choice for new Pokemon fans or seasoned trainers, consider Witch Hat Pikachu for your Halloween collection.

Pikachu Celebrations_ Mushroom Harvest Pikachu Plush

Pikachu Celebrations: Mushroom Harvest Pikachu Plush

Fall for Mushroom Harvest Pikachu

Inspired by Japan’s mushroom harvest season in October and November, this electric mouse is all about nature, going as far as picking fellow Pokemon Foongus and bringing him along for the adventure. This Pikachu deserves your consideration for his wool peacoat alone, not to mention how the hood is removable!


  • This plushes’ raised hand pose is unbearably cute and unique
  • Mushrooms are perfect for fall and are currently trendy
  • Pikachu’s charming wool peacoat

  • The mushroom basket is merely felt, making it very delicate

Taking a more traditional approach to Halloween is Mushroom Harvest Pikachu, who keeps warm under a tailored, hooded peacoat while picking mushrooms in the forest. In Japan, the mushroom harvest season is the celebration that rivals Halloween in October and November, serving as the inspiration for this cute plush.

And who is that peeking out of Pikachu’s basket? None other than the dual-type Pokemon Foongus who has a new plush that rivals the best Pokemon plushes available right now. However, this Mushroom Harvest Pikachu gives you the best of both Pokemon in fall flair. Pair this Pikachu plush with your Halloween decor for a natural touch to this year’s celebration.


Are there any Halloween Pokemon events happening in 2023?

Thankfully for seasonal-loving fans like myself, the Pokemon Company capitalizes on holidays, especially Halloween. There is a confirmed Pokemon Sleep Halloween event in October, with ghost-type Pokemon haunting your research tasks. Rumors swirl of a Pokemon Go Halloween event as well, though no details are confirmed yet. Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Cafe Remix often follow seasonal trends, so look out for upcoming updates there as well. Finally, in addition to these plushes, the 2023 Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOsters were just released, with some minor updates to last year’s collection.

Are there any Pokemon Halloween costumes?

Oh yes! You and the little ones in your life can too become Pokemon this Halloween. Retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart have several costumes up for grabs, whether you like Pikachu or other adorable starter Pokemon. Be sure to check back soon for a full buyer’s guide on 2023’s best Pokemon costumes.

Where are the Halloween Pokemon Squishmallows?

Unless you count Gengar, there aren’t any Halloween-specific Pokemon Squishmallows on the market. Sorry to disappoint. However, the first Christmas Pokemon Squishmallows are confirmed to be finding their way to shelves this winter, with Holiday Pikachu already up for pre-order as a Target exclusive. Rest assured, there are seasonal Pokemon Squishmallows to look forward to.

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