Super Mario Bros. Wonder Once Again Proves Toad’s Head Isn’t A Hat

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has given us even more evidence that Toad isn’t wearing a mushroom hat and that his head is actually just shaped like that.



One of the biggest mysteries in the Super Mario universe is a simple one – are the Toads wearing mushroom-shaped hats, or are their actual heads mushrooms? The mainline Mario games have almost always made it seem like the mushroom on Toad’s head is part of his body, but the Super Mario Bros. Super Show (and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3) actually had him remove it and twist it around like it was a cap of some sort, with Toad even having a little hair on his head underneath the “hat”.

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That one joke in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show has caused the debate on whether Toad is wearing a hat to rage on for decades, with Keegan-Michael Key even making a joke about it before he showed off a clip of Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. movie at The Game Awards last year. Well, even if Key wants to reignite the debate once more, it looks like Nintendo has offered yet another piece of proof that it’s not a hat at all.

As pointed out by GameXplain, Nintendo recently shared some new gameplay of Super Mario Bros. Wonder as part of a Nintendo Treehouse stream. During the stream, we got to see some unedited direct gameplay of Wonder that featured several things that we didn’t get to see in the Direct, such as characters using powerups and badge abilities that were only briefly detailed before.

In the final section of the stream, Nintendo are playing as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Nabbit, and they have the badge equipped that lets them use hats to glide around the level. We’ve seen from the trailers that Mario and Luigi both take off their hats and use them to glide around, so using that power as Toad should surely prove whether his mushroom is a hat or part of his head, right?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder proving that Toad's head is not a hat.

Wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened. At several points during the stream, we see Toad using the hat gliding move and, instead of pulling off his mushroom (not like that), he pulls out a custom-made hat to float around with. This makes it all but certain that the mushroom on his head isn’t a little hat that he can take off and is instead an important part of his anatomy that probably houses his brain. Yep, you’re all sickos for wanting him to take it off.

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