How To Upgrade Your Ships Fuel Capacity In Starfield

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Space travel is a big part of Starfield. It’s important to understand how your ship works in order to get to your destination. Every time you jump to different stars and planets in Starfield, your fuel gets consumed. You can’t go anywhere without it and a big part of the game is spending time traveling through space.



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You have a limited amount of fuel to spend on each trip. If you jump from star to star with no breaks in between, you may end up stuck in one place with zero fuel in the tank. The game doesn’t really explain where to get fuel to power up your ship again. Below is an explanation of how to fuel up your ship and get to exploring.

How To Refuel Your Ship In Starfield

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You do not actually need to manually fuel up your ship in Starfield. There is no place to purchase fuel and no special gas cap where you may pour in some more. To refuel your ship, you must simply wait.

Ship fuel regenerates over time.

If you have run out of fuel, you can finish up some side quests on the planet you are on, trade your valuables, or collect materials. Whatever it is, you must find a way to pass the time as your ship refuels.

Despite the inconvenience of waiting for fuel regeneration, there are some ways you can increase fuel capacity and travel longer distances, for a longer time, before needing to regenerate more.

How To Upgrade Your Ships Fuel Capacity

Starfield Speaking To Ship Maintenance NPC

You may find yourself constantly running out of fuel, especially if you are focusing on exploring different stars outside of following a quest. The farther you travel, the larger the amount of fuel that gets consumed.

What you can do to prevent losing too much fuel too quickly is to upgrade your ship’s fuel capacity. To upgrade fuel capacity, you must speak with any ship technician.

Ship technicians are NPCs found just outside of your ship when landed in a settlement at a spaceport.

With a ship technician, you can purchase various upgrades for your ship. The two main important ones for fuel troubles are your Fuel Tank and Jump Range. Your fuel tank is part of Ship Parts, where you can increase fuel capacity so that you have more to expend.

You may also increase your Jump Range. Increasing your Jump Range allows you to perform more jumps before your ship needs to regenerate fuel. This is found under Ship Attributes.

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