Best Elixirs In BG3

One of the more easily forgotten mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially for those who don’t hoard every alchemical ingredient they come across, is the alchemy system. When your ingredients are spread across your party, and you forget to manually extract them sometimes, you can miss out on some game changing elixirs and oils.



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Since elixirs are one per customer, they are expected to have strong effects that could break the game if more than one could be applied to the same character. There is a lot to consider when choosing which elixir to have ready at any time.

8 Elixir Of Cloud Giant Strength

in game description of the elixir of cloud giant strength in baldur's gate 3

The strongest elixir for martial classes that use strength-based weapons, the Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength gives you a strength score of 27, which is seven higher than is otherwise allowed through ability score increases.

This puts your strength modifier at a +8, which affects your strength saving throw, athletics checks, weapon attack and damage bonus, jump distance, carry weight, throw and shove distance, and even works with magic items that grant bonuses based on Strength.

7 Elixir Of Bloodlust

in game description of the Elixir of bloodlust in baldur's gate 3

For characters with multiple high damage attacks or actions per turn, the Elixir of Bloodlust could send you on a killing spree, eliminating half a dozen smaller enemies with a single character in just one or two turns. While it is strong on its own for resetting five temporary hit points after every kill, the additional action allows you to conjure some powerful combinations.

While you could use this to pop off a couple of Fireballs in one turn, a fifth level Fighter with two-weapon fighting can make up to seven attacks in one turn as long as they kill an enemy. What makes this elixir so strong is that it is relatively cheap to craft and stays active until you long rest.

6 Elixir Of Heroism

in game description of the elixir of heroism in baldur's gate 3

The Elixir of Heroism is a strong elixir choice to give you an edge against any enemy in the game while giving you one of the strongest buff spells without wasting a spell slot or having to maintain concentration. The ten temporary hit point buff alone is one of the highest amounts you will see across class features and spells.

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As for Bless, granting 1d4 bonus to all of your attack rolls and saving throws permanently until long rest will help you make attacks against high AC enemies or when you have forced disadvantage. Although it will only bless one character at time, having it up for much longer than ten turns without having to concentrate on it is hard to overlook.

5 Elixir Of Universal Resistance

in game description of the Elixir of universal resistance in baldur's gate 3

The strongest elixir in the game, the Elixir of Universal Resistance halves all damage you take from any source up until you long rest. While this doesn’t stack with a Barbarian’s rage resistance, it is beyond useful for any race, class, and equipment combo.

Although it is an exceptionally strong potion, it might start burning a hole in your pack from lack of use due to how difficult they are to craft and obtain. However, you’ll want to use it every time you get into certain boss fights in Act Three if you want at least one party member standing.

4 Elixir Of The Colossus

in game description of the elixir of the colossus in baldur's gate 3

Using the enlarged in the Enlarge/Reduce spell, the Elixir of the Colossus doubles the size of your character. While it doesn’t increase your strength score like the giant strength potions, the flat damage bonus has the potential to deal more damage on weapon attacks than the modifier increase would.

The bonus to strength saves and checks is useful to avoid getting shoved, stunned, disarmed, or tripped, but this elixir is best used on martial fighters who use Dexterity-based weapons like bows, that the giant strength elixirs wouldn’t otherwise improve.

3 Elixir Of Battlemage’s Power

in game description of the elixir of battlemage's power in baldur's gate 3

The Elixir of Battlemage’s power seems simple at first until you inspect the Arcane Acuity condition, which gives a +1 to spell attack rolls and DC for every turn remaining. However, since it’s an elixir, the condition stays at three until you long rest where it would otherwise decrease by one every turn.

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This means you get a flat +3 to all spell attack rolls and spell save DC, which is a significant bonus on its own, but when combined with other magic items, it means you will never miss an attack roll or have an enemy save out of your spells again.

2 Supreme Elixir of Arcane Cultivation

in game description of the supreme elixir of arcane cultivation in baldur's gate 3

The Supreme Elixir of Arcane Cultivation is special in that instead of refilling spell slots, it grants a whole new one regardless of your spellcasting ability or max slot level. For Warlocks, the arcane cultivation elixirs are extremely useful to get past the three slot limit, and it even refills after taking a short rest.

For Paladins and Eldritch Knight Fighters, this gives them access to a spell slot level not otherwise afforded to their class, allowing them to upcast spells for more damage than they’d normally have. If nothing else, these elixirs can be used in an emergency to get an additional slot when you’re out.

1 Elixir Of Vigilance

in game description of the elixir of vigilance in baldur's gate 3

This elixir is best used as insurance while exploring to stop from causing your party to get wiped out by a surprise attack, as it prevents whoever drank it from receiving the surprise condition. This is especially useful in Act Two, where enemies are waiting in ambush around nearly every corner.

The other bonus from the elixir is a flat +5 bonus to initiative, which is best used on certain characters that you want to ensure start at the top of initiative, or for low Dex characters that you don’t want going last.

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