Starfield: 8 Best Roleplay Ideas

The beauty of certain role-playing games is the player’s ability to role-play. We’ve seen this to great effect recently with Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ve also seen it with much of the past catalog of Bethesda Game Studios’ RPGs – arguably all of them, really, though it’s admittedly a bit difficult to pretend you’re anything other than a worried parent in Fallout 4 until you nip that particular plot arc in the bud.



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Starfield continues the tradition of boldly going – er, boldly letting us decide to play a specific role and running with it. We’re sure you’ve got plenty of great ideas, but if you’re looking for advice, here’s eight from us.

Certain backgrounds may sound like obvious choices for some of these. For example, Bounty Hunter or Beast Hunter for what we’re labeling ‘The Hunter’. There is wisdom here, to be sure, but never feel boxed in!

8 One Last Job: The Hunter

starfield aliens

If it moves, it’s a potential target. And if someone wants it dead, it’s your target. Role-playing as a hunter can mean bounty-hunting, beast-hunting, or simply hunting scoundrels you suspect someone might pay good coin to see dead.

Make certain that anyone you help understands you’re in this either for the coin or the thrill. In rare cases, both. If those distressed children need somebody to take down a massive alien creature that did their parents in, the kids had best be willing to sign a contract that ten percent of their wages are garnished for five consecutive years upon entry into the workforce. This is an expensive lifestyle you lead.

7 The Stars My Passion: The Artist

London Earth Starfield-1

Space, like any muse, is a means to artistic end. Everything you see, you commit to memory as best you can, that you may paint it vividly within the safe confines of your starship, or put its beauty to poetry as you ponder your findings in bed. If word comes in of something majestic, something beautiful, something well worth seeing, you’ll stop all present tasks to go take a gander.

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Does the UC Vanguard require your aid? Perhaps they might wait their turn, as you’ve just heard of a remarkably rare piece of Earth art deep within the towers of Neon. Maybe your goal is to build the most lavish, luxurious outposts in the Settled Systems. Perhaps your long-term achievement is thousands of well-positioned and creative snapshots in Starfield’s Photo Mode. Whilst others are out among the stars for their own reasons, you see this boundless muse.

6 Evil Personified: The Murderer

Starfield Fighting Spacers In Spaceship

Let’s make one thing clear. You don’t give a damn about decency. Every quest you take, every credit you make, it’s all to keep you going until the next big score. And those scores, they’re psychological. It’s all about winning, about surviving to watch others die. A colony ship separated from the rest of humanity for centuries hails you, asking for your aid? Sounds like a ship filled with soon-to-be-victims. Why? Why not?

If there’s an opportunity to kill, you pull the trigger. Find out how far it goes. Which NPCs does Starfield designate as crucial, and thus prevent from being slain via gruesome player ambitions? May the Sanctum have mercy on the rest. The Crimson Fleet thinks you’re a good fit? You aren’t – kindly explain as you’re spraying incendiary flames all over the Key that all their talk about loyalty and family is the stupidity that did them in to your whims.

5 First-Class Service: The Bartender

Starfield Bartender In Astral Tower Neon

Bartending is serious business, as any good bartender can tell you. Learning to get these drinks down is a science, and if you want to put your own spin on something, it’s a downright spiritual affair. How did this all come to be? Did you choose the ‘Chef’ background? The ‘Bouncer’ background? All totally fair.

The important thing is you’re out here now, bringing back samples from every bit of fauna you find, mixing concoctions at the research lab. What won’t kill you will either make you stronger… or it won’t. But it won’t kill you, because again, iron stomach. Collect exotic materials, turn them into the galaxy’s hottest cold alcoholic beverage. Cheers.

4 Constellation Was Mistaken: The Recluse

Starfield Lodge

They think you care what’s out there. You’d don’t. In fact space terrifies you. You’d rather be touched down on a world. Preferably one with breathable atmosphere. And radios. And vidscreens. And cake-flavored Chunks.

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When characters beg your aid, ask yourself, is it scary? Because it’s probably scary. Meh, no thanks. Yet if there’s a way to do it without half as much effort, and surely without the wandering about fumbling in the dark, then sure, why not? Whenever you reach a new star system – and contrary to your hopes and dreams, you will – reach new systems – you’re going to scour that place for all it’s worth. Slowly. Meticulously.

3 All That Glimmers: The Mogul

Walter Stroud in Starfield.

You’re here for the cash. Questgivers who aren’t willing to pony up more dough will be left in the dust. Whenever the opportunity arises to turn base credits into bonus credits, you’ll take him. Wandering from city to city, your goal is to become filthy rich, and you will remind everyone you aren’t lifting a finger on their behalf unless they make the job worth your while.

Build outposts to become a great space empire of iron, copper, platinum, and more. Purchase the most luxurious ships and homes that money can buy. If you detect a possible long-term relationship with someone rather than a quick deal, do it. Don’t be afraid to get your hands terribly dirty, either – those Crimson Fleet piracy missions are worth thousands upon thousands of credits.

2 Caped Crusader: The Vigilante

Starfield: The Well Services

Maybe it was a murderer. Maybe it was a mogul. Someone out there did something very bad, and it affected you in such a way that every fiber of your being pulses in the name of justice for the common people. If a ship’s in need, you help it. If that ship’s in need because someone left them to die, you don’t make a deal with that devil when you find them – you end them. The courts cannot be trusted.

Bad guys are bad guys, and your mission is to rip them clean from the galaxy. If you’re working with the Freestar Rangers, and you learn they use a crook as a go-between to catch bigger fish? Catch the bigger fish, then catch the crook, to heck with the big picture. Your big picture is written in red, and you know in your heart of hearts it’s how to truly protect the human race.

1 Strange New Worlds: The Explorer

Starfield character on a barren planet

You’re precisely what it says on the tin. You’re a member of Constellation through and through, and it’s no marriage of convenience, but a pact between soulmates. You’re here to learn what’s out there. If people are in need, you’ll help them, within reason – but you can’t let yourself get too distracted, for too long. After all, we only live so many years, and you need to put each year to good work exploring the cosmos.

This makes you naturally inquisitive, however, and that can play to your advantage. You’ll ask every question, no matter the situation, so that you have complete comprehension of the task at hand. Maybe you’ll stumble into a more diplomatic means to settle a tense situation in this fashion. Or maybe you won’t. But there’s an artifact behind that door, and for goodness’ sake, you need to see it.

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