The Best Humongous Entertainment Games

If you were a child growing up in the ’90s or 2000s with a computer, then you’ve likely had the pleasure of playing a Humongous Entertainment game. While the developer was prolific in its heyday, it’s best remembered for its line of “Junior Adventures” titles, which brought a myriad of endlessly imaginative point-and-click adventure games targeted at a younger audience.



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A whole generation of gamers swear by the names of Putt Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and Spy Fox, and for a good reason. These were some of the first games to prove that skewing younger could still result in a high-quality experience, and many of Humongous Entertainment’s games have endured as childhood favourites over the years.

8 Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise

Fatty Bear hanging off a shelf inside a closet.

Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise was one of Humongous Entertainment’s earliest point-and-click adventure games, and one of the few games in its lineup that doesn’t fall into its ‘big four’ IPs. None of that means that Fatty Bear isn’t worth playing — as it encapsulates all the old-school charm of the developer’s earlier MS-DOS games.

The puzzles, visuals, and story are all pretty basic, albeit still enjoyable. If you have any budding gamers under the age of five in your life, then Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise is a joyous introduction to the world of Humongous Entertainment.

7 Putt Putt Saves The Zoo

Putt Putt in the middle of the entrance to Arcticland, Grassland, and Jungleland.

Every child loves to visit the zoo and take in all of the incredible sights and sounds of animals from every corner of the Earth. Putt Putt Saves the Zoo leans into this fantasy with a wonderfully colourful adventure about returning loveable wildlife back to their families.

The puzzles are still straightforward, but the presentation is simply immaculate. The animation and character designs still look so sharp after all these years, meaning this world continues to bring a smile to your face no matter your age.

6 Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Missing Kelp Seeds

Freddi and Luther inside an old abandoned ship.

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds has much higher stakes than your typical Junior Adventures game. Instead of planning a birthday surprise or saving baby zoo animals, the first Freddi Fish game is about finding out what happened to the missing kelp seeds to stop the entire ocean’s marine life from starving. Things just got serious.

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But thankfully, not too serious. The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds still has plenty of light-hearted moments, endearing characters, and simple — but still engaging — point-and-click gameplay to hook in any children playing.

5 Putt Putt Travels Through Time

Putt Putt talking to a long neck dinosaur in front of a lake.

Putt Putt Travels Through Time is arguably the most fleshed out game to feature the purple car. As the title suggests, this game sees Putt Putt and Pep bounce between different time periods—from the stone age all the way up to the distance future.

The gameplay is refreshingly open-ended for a Putt Putt game, allowing you to enter whichever time zone you like whenever you want. Best of all, many of the puzzle solutions require you to jump between the time periods, forcing you to really engage that thinking cap of yours during the adventure.

4 Pajama Sam 2: Thunder And Lightning Aren’t So Frightening

Pajama Sam looking at the World Wide Weather factory.

The strength of the Pajama Sam series has always been how it takes very real childhood anxieties and personifies them as fully realised imaginary worlds. In the case of Pajama Sam 2, the setting of the World Wide Weather factory brilliantly captures the frenzied energy of severe weather events, featuring some of the most electrifying (in more ways than one) characters in the entire series.

And then there’s the puzzles. Pajama Sam 2 mixes up the locations of the four key weather machine pieces with each playthrough, ensuring that each experience feels fresh even if you have played the game multiple times. The writing is as sharp as ever and the visuals and music do an amazing job immersing you into this sky high world.

3 Spy Fox In “Dry Cereal”

Spy Fox dancing with a cat lady on a boat.

Spy Fox in “Dry Cereal” features Humongous Entertainment’s dashing leading fox in an irresistibly charming homage to spy films. Every aspect of this game — from its 1960s cartoony art style to its array of deus ex machina gadgets — leans into what makes this style so endearing, while still featuring the developer’s trademark humour.

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The wit in “Dry Cereal” is some of the sharpest in any Junior Adventures game, showing a clear intent from the writers to appeal to as wide an age range as possible. If all of that wasn’t convincing evidence that this game is as sleek as they come, you also get to play a game of Go Fish against a gangster pig. Iconic stuff.

2 Freddi Fish 3: The Case Of The Stolen Conch Shell

Freddi and Luther next to a crashed plane and a lava gorge.

The Freddi Fish series truly hit its peak with its third entry: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell. From the tropical carnival setting and cast of instantly memorable characters to the intriguing mystery that reveals a different culprit each time you play the game, what isn’t there to love?

Freddi Fish 3 is close to being the perfect children’s game. It has just enough suspense to hook younger gamers in, but never makes its puzzles too obtuse, all wrapped up in a world that feels so rich and alive.

1 Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside

Pajama Sam in front of Darkness' treehouse.

What child hasn’t, at some point, been afraid of the dark? This is the core question at the heart of the first Panama Sam game, leading to the most consistently imaginative and enchanting Junior Adventures title out of them all.

Simply put, Pyjama Sam: No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside is Humongous Entertainment firing on all cylinders. The Land of Darkness is a joy to explore, its characters a pleasure to interact with, and its puzzles continually inventive and engaging whether it’s your first time playing or you’re 20th.

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