Every Leg Type Available In Armored Core 6, Ranked

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of designing your mech in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. You’ll be going up against a wide variety of enemy types, from other Armored Cores to attack helicopters and warships, so you’ll need to have a firm grasp of how your own AC controls.



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Of course, different situations will call for different types of mobility, and thankfully, Armored Core 6 provides a solid amount of options when it comes to the way your AC moves around. From hovering with the tripedal legs to rolling around the battlefield in a tank, here is our ranking of every leg type in Armored Core 6.

4 Bipedal Legs

Armored Core 6 screenshot of an armored core with bipedal legs

The standard type of legs that you’ll start Armored Core 6 with, bipedal legs are fairly well-rounded, if not spectacular. They may lack some of the flashy features of the game’s other leg types, but there are definitely scenarios where you may find yourself returning to these tried and true leg types.

One example lies with the DF-LG-08 Tian-Qiang legs, a bipedal set designed by Dafeng Core Industries. These legs are designed with a heavy upper section sitting atop relatively thin ankles, leaving your AC with a solid Load Limit without sacrificing too much speed or aerial ability.

Naturally, other leg types tend to be more suited for both of those traits, leaving bipedal legs at the back of the line. Still, there are few “bad” options for your build in Armored Core 6, and bipedal legs can certainly come in handy when you’re looking for a pair that has good results in most stats.

3 Tetrapod

Armored Core 6 screenshot of an armored core with tetrapod legs

Your taste in legs will most definitely come down to your playstyle, and you may take to some movement styles surprisingly well in Armored Core 6. With that being said, some legs tend to be more versatile than others, and depending on how you play the game, your mileage may vary with the four-legged tetrapod build.

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On one hand, your ability to hover in midair gives you one obvious advantage over enemies who need to ground themselves more often, or are essentially limited to the surface of Rubicon. If you’re able to pilot this style of AC effectively, you can fly around the area and rain bullets, missiles, and more on your foes. What’s more, you won’t need to stop to shoot heavy weapons.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll be fairly slow when gliding above ground, and it’s possible to get caught up by some of the more overwhelming attacks or speedy adversaries you’ll run into. Still, some players may not have as much trouble as others working around these issues by managing their height and boost meter, so the tetrapod build is definitely worth trying out.

2 Reverse Joint

Armored Core 6 screenshot of an armored core with reverse joint legs

The reverse joint legs have a number of practical uses, on top of how cool they look. These are the legs you’ll want to try out for your speedier, more lightweight builds, as they come with the best Quick Boost stats in Armored Core 6. If your preference is quickly dashing around enemies while swerving around their missiles and gunfire, you’ll love them.

The reverse joint legs also give your AC the highest jump possible, launching you into the air before you’re even burning through your boost meter. This lends you a lot of aerial maneuverability, especially when combined with a good booster and generator.

Unfortunately, most of the game’s reverse joint legs are limited to lighter builds, with a fairly low Load Limit stat. There are heavyweight reverse joint options in the game, but even these have a pretty low Attitude Stability compared to other leg types, which means you’ll be vulnerable to being staggered if you’re hit by a large attack. Thankfully, if you’re quick enough, you won’t have that problem often.

1 Tank

Armored Core 6 screenshot of an armored core with tank legs

In your typical modern FromSoftware game, “tank” builds are usually big, burly characters, with the health to take major damage and the strength to carry the largest weapons available. This is still the case in Armored Core 6, and with the right weapons, your tank is capable of powering its way through many of the game’s toughest fights.

Tanks share the tetrapod’s ability to fire huge weapons without stopping, letting you zip back and forth while hitting the enemy with everything you’ve got. The advantage of the tank is that it’s also equipped with the best Load Limit of all the leg types, which means you can pile on huge guns, cannons, and missile launchers without overburdening yourself.

Of course, your tank build won’t give you as much maneuverability on the battlefield, limiting your aerial abilities and Quick Boost in particular. You can keep your AC moving to avoid many attacks without outright Quick Boosting away though, and the smallest tank legs are particularly good at this, as they’re the fastest legs in the game. With so much offensive versatility on top of a solid defense, tank builds are top tier in Armored Core 6.

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