Starfield Fans Share Their Biggest Gripes With The Game So Far

Starfield is a critical and commercial success, with millions of players now searching the Settled Systems for adventure and mischief. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect though, as every game has its irritating flaws that can build up and slightly tar an otherwise perfect time. Starfield is no exception, as even the players that love the game the most have been sharing their biggest gripes that they hope Bethesda or modders will fix in the future.



The question was put to the Starfield subreddit by u/Nervous-Mind-5113, who asked for the criticisms fellow fans of the title have so far. With almost 6,000 comments at the time of writing, there’s a wide variety of minor inconveniences that players have come up with, the majority of them being either inventory-based or digs at the ship builder.

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A player called u/CheesecakeCareless44 mentions how they’re irritated that Digipicks are placed in the Misc category of the inventory with all the other crap you collect on your travels. This particular issue seemed to resonate with quite a few people, and it can be annoying to have to dive through all of your junk just to see how many Digipicks you have left.

Another big criticism is the map and the menus, as u/cin0nic argues that “every menu is horrible” and feel like they require far too much effort just to see the planet and star maps. Starfield’s city maps are particulalrly egregious, opting to show you a large flat blue surface with markers pointing to shops rather than anything with any particular intricacies. It functions as a general guide to where you need to go, but it doesn’t stop you from getting lost in some of the game’s bigger settlements.

A lot of fans are also annoyed over the lack of features that were previously present in Bethesda’s other games. Eating food and reading books without having to put them in your inventory first are two big quality of life improvements that Starfield players hope come in a new patch, two features that were included in Fallout 76 and Skyrim respectively.

Barrett in Starfield.

There is a way to read a book without having to pick it up, but it leads to another gripe in that many players are irritated Starfield doesn’t include any tutorials for its menu shortcuts, leaving players to go look up answers online when they just want to be immersed in a game.

Of course, these are just minor irritations, and the majority of people are enjoying their time with Starfield. There are some clear issues though, and voicing opinions on social media is really the only way players can potentially get the changes they want.

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