Cyberpunk 2077 Fans Want The Adam Smasher Fight To Be Even Harder

We’re just a couple of weeks away from seeing Cyberpunk 2077’s combat and RPG elements completely overhauled. And every time we get more information on the Phantom Liberty expansion and the accompanying version 2.0 update, it seems like they get more ambitious, with new abilities and a rework of some of the game’s less popular elements. Now, fans are hoping these changes will come to the main campaign, giving us a new boss fight.



Many Cyberpunk 2077 fans hope that the Adam Smasher fight – a final boss in the main story – becomes even more difficult, making the most of the revamped combat. They fear that letting us take him on again with our new abilities will just make him far too easy to beat if he doesn’t get any upgrades of his own, especially since some found him easy enough in the vanilla game too.

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This conversation came about after Reddit user Blackwolf20978sb realised it’s very possible, even likely, that the big bad of Cyberpunk 2077 has received an upgrade in the version 2.0 update. However, many players welcome this idea, even if it would make doing another run of the main campaign much harder.

“I really hope so,” says Reddit user Viper_Visionary. “The guy’s a massive cyberpsycho decked out with weaponry, his boss fight had no business being so easy.”

Others are quick to agree. “First time I fought him, I was doing the secret ending on Very Hard,” says ErikMaekir. “The one sniper who spawns halfway through the fight gave me more trouble than Smasher himself.”

This isn’t outside the realm of possibility. We already know that the update will take inspiration from the Edgerunners anime in its new perk system. And of course, Adam Smasher was a true final boss in the show – so difficult to take down that the main characters couldn’t even manage it. What better way to make avenging them all the sweeter than making him a real pain in the ass to kill? Of course, this will be absolute hell for anyone who chooses to take on Arasaka on their own, but that is supposed to be the point of that route, so it would all work out.

We’ll get a clearer idea of what the devs have been up to when the update and expansion go live on September 26. In the meantime, CD Projekt Red recently revealed some of the changes, showing us that features like the increased level cap, new weapons, and relic abilities will be exclusive to the paid expansion, not the free patch. Those of you skipping Phantom Liberty, however, will still be able to enjoy the new perk system, vehicle combat, and more.

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