Twitter’s Community Notes Writers Are The Planet’s Biggest Dorks

The internet is full of little dweebs who nobody really likes, but who collectively make our lives easier. We’ve all seen our favourite subreddits dissolve away into unrelated memes and harassment when unmoderated, but still nobody likes Reddit mods. And we want people to feel safe and comfortable on platforms like Discord, but we also know that Discord mods are prone to power trips and take smaller issues way too seriously while overlooking major concerns. Now, there is a new job for everyone with small lives and a lust for control but no way to earn it themselves: enter the Community Notes writers.



On Twitter (or more accurately these days, X), Community Notes have rapidly grown in prominence. For most of my time on Twitter, I had never seen them. Then, they slowly appeared on posts by high profile political accounts where specific disinformation was being spread, like the claim that horse worm medication cures Covid. They seemed to have a rule that these notes would only be applied when specifically in the public interest – a major and theoretically trustworthy source spreading incorrect information, deliberately or accidentally, on an issue that could cause public harm. It wasn’t particularly entertaining, but it worked.

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Then Elon Musk took over. Things working was no longer a concern. Instead, it was all about memes and engagements and, for some reason, sinks. So Community Notes got a makeover. First they were let off the leash, and the bar for what sort of accounts should be eligible for Community Notes was lowered. It went from just actual politicians and those in positions of power to anybody discussing politics. At first, people liked this – everyone is basically on Twitter to dunk anyway, so seeing company mandated dunking was popular. Ever the populist, Musk quickly gave the Community Notes more freedom, not only to correct information factually, as the system had been designed for, but to unleash dunks of their own.

Elon Musk Twitter

Very quickly, the qualifier that the post should be about politics, or at least a topic in the public interest, disappeared. Literally any post on Twitter seems eligible these days, whether it’s a high profile politician talking about a serious and complex subject, a celebrity scandal, or just some guy joking that he’s going vegan by only drinking beer, only to be told by a nerd with nothing better to do that some beers use isinglass and therefore are not considered vegan.

These days, we even see Community Notes that start with ‘this is probably a joke, but…’, and let me stop you right there bud. It was a joke! It was funny! You ruined it! I said at the start that this was a new job for people with small lives, but of course it’s not a job at all. Like Reddit or Discord mods, they don’t get paid for it. They’re doing this for fun. Just scrolling through Twitter looking for memes and shitposts so they can push their taped-together glasses up their nose and cluck their tongue while reminding us ‘um, this is not actually an alien discovered in Montana, but a prop from Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. We simply could not be a community without these notes keeping us on the straight and narrow.

Elon Musk Twitter Death

Perhaps my least favourite though are the Community Notes that are ‘corrections’ to something that did not need any. In a recent tweet (post, whatever) where someone was surprised that Elvis Presley met his wife when he was 24 and she was 14, the Community Notes states that they were entirely platonic until Priscilla turned 18. Sure they were. They ran off together and tried to move in together when she was 17, but they were just best buds, right? We’re also seeing a wave of Community Notes point out that meme accounts take paid promotion to post accounts with OnlyFans or other subscription pages. Yeah, we know. Nobody cares. At least they get paid for their job on Twitter, you fucking loser.

It’s not only annoying that Elon Musk, the ultimate small dweeb who has always wanted to be in charge of things just kinda because, has turned Twitter into a place where dweebs who want to be in charge just because can thrive. It’s damaging that in such an age of mis- and disinformation, one of the biggest and most active social media platforms is policing posts where someone claims more celebrities attended Beyonce’s tour over Taylor Swift’s. Here’s a Community Note for you: nobody gives a shit.

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