Items You Can Always Sell In Starfield

Making money fast in an RPG will allow you to purchase high-end armor and weapons sooner rather than later. Having money on you is always good, but as per usual Bethesda fashion, there are a million things you can loot in Starfield.



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It is important to know what items you should keep in your inventory and which ones you should definitely sell. There are too many to count, so this article will detail the main important items you should always collect and sell.

Equipment And Weapons

Starfield Apparel Inventory

The usual items you will always sell in RPGs are extra weapons and armor. When looting any enemy’s body, you will start to collect multiple pieces of armor as well as guns and melee weapons.

Aside from armor and weapons, you will also loot other equipment like packs and helmets. All armor-related equipment is worth selling. Collecting every single armor and weapon from each enemy will make you over-encumbered quickly, though.

You will eventually have to drop some equipment due to your inventory weight load. The important thing is to check the value of each item on the right-hand side of the screen when you hover over it.

Armor and weapons will always sell for way more than random objects lying around the world.

Random objects can sell for 35 credits or 240 credits. Armor and weapons consistently sell for 1,000 credits or higher.

It will be harder to collect armor and weapons over objects because of their weight load, but you can upgrade your inventory weight by leveling up the Weight Lifting perk under Physical.

Science Equipment

Starfield Microscope in Inventory

If there is a sciencey area nearby, chances are so are credits. Items such as a microscope can sell for 240 credits. Science equipment sells for a lot more than regular objects, but will not weigh as much as armor.

Notable science equipment:

  • Molecule Extractor – 1.60m/320c
  • Empty Oxygen Booster – 0.75m/365c
  • Microscope – 2.75m/240c

Steal A Ship

Starfield Birds Eye View Of Ship On Planet

You are actually able to be somewhat of an intergalactic pirate yourself. By boarding an enemy ship and killing all crew members, you can take control of the ship and basically steal it.

With a stolen ship, you are able to keep it as your own or sell it. A spaceship can sell for 10,000 credits or more. You can sell ships to the ship technician on deck.

To do so, you must first sign the ship in your name to transfer over ownership. Doing so will cost some money, so it is up to you to decide if that cost is worth selling it.

Fire Extinguishers

Starfield Fire Extinguisher In Inventory

This is one of the more reliable objects you can loot. Fire extinguishers can be found anywhere. You are bound to run into some while inside any building you are exploring. Fire extinguishers sell for 105 credits and weigh 1.60 each.

If your inventory capacity is not pushing its limits, you should pick up as many fire extinguishers as you can. This is a great way to earn some extra cash.

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Desk Objects

Starfield Tablet In Inventory

There are a lot of desktop objects that sell for around 140 – 200 credits each. While inside any building that was once lived in, check the desks for any items with a high credit value.

These items will also not weigh more than 2.00 mass. You can quickly collect an array of office equipment and earn some good money once you get back to a settlement and start trading.

Notable desk objects:

  • Desktop Globe – 2.00m/240c
  • Planetary System Sculpture – 2.20m/240c
  • Desktop Digiframe – 1.40m/195c
  • Tablet – 0.25m/140c

Find And Sell Contraband

starfield space fight first person

Contraband is illegal. That means that it is really hard to find around the world and will require some work to smuggle.

Contraband is different types of items that you can find from pirate spaceships or abandoned outposts that have been taken over by pirates.

Contraband items can sell for anywhere from 4,500 – 7,600 credits. The danger is that when you approach any planetary system that has a settlement, they will scan your ship. Scans have a chance of finding your contraband, but it is random.

There are only two planets or docking stations that will not scan you – The Den and The Key.

Sell Books

Starfield Player Hovering Over Book With Sarah

Books are one of the best miscellaneous items to collect and sell. They weigh the least and some of them sell for a good amount. If you are tight on cash, it is always best to check any nearby books to see what their value is like.

Some books can sell for anywhere from 105 credits to 620 credits. That is a big jump but shows why checking for books is worthwhile. Books weigh 0.50 each, so selling them is well worth it.

Sell Survey Slates

Starfield Scanning Trilobite

The only way to earn a Survey Slate is by reaching 100 percent scan completion of a planet.

This means scanning new creatures, plant life, and materials on a new planet. While your scanner is out, anything that is highlighted blue has yet to be completely scanned.

Survey Slates will sell for different amounts depending on who you go to. You can sell them for around 600 credits at any general trader. For more money, you can sell them to faction leaders for around 1,000 credits.

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