Should You Choose The Crimson Fleet Or UC SysDef In Starfield?

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  • Should You Side With UC SysDef Or Crimson Fleet?
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It’s the grand finale to Starfield‘s Crimson Fleet quests, which means it’s the finale for all your mingling with UC SysDef as well. You’ve just finished ‘Eye of the Storm’, and you’ve got Kryx’s Legacy in tow, but before you can choose where to go, you must decide which of these two sweeping organizations comes out on top in the final telling.



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Who should you pick? Well, there are two trains of thought here: there’s the moral dilemma, and the practical dilemma. Which choice feels right to you? And which choice gets you the best rewards? We’ll go over it all.

Should You Side With UC SysDef Or Crimson Fleet?

UC Vigilance Command Deck Starfield

Before you read this guide, do make sure you’ve completed your dangerous business in our preceding guide for ‘Eye of the Storm’. Consider this a direct continuation, and conclusion, of your perilous escape.

Starfield doesn’t sugarcoat it here; before you can pull your ship free from the Legacy, you must decide whether to grav jump to either UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. So, let’s talk consequences.

First, the obvious: you should take your own feelings into account when making your decision. We think the Crimson Fleet crew is more interesting, though we hesitate to agree that the Fleet’s lack of galactic oversight is necessarily a good thing for the average citizen.

The Rights And Wrongs Of Galactic Power-Balancing

The Key space station in Starfield

Conversely, UC SysDef doesn’t really strike us as the darker side of what the United Colonies military can be – for that, look no further than the UC Vanguard questline that got you into this whole mess.

But setting that aside, we’re sure players will want to know the more tangible effects, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t partly swayed by this as well.

Siding with UC SysDef

Siding with Crimson Fleet

Space battle against Crimson Fleet ensues

Space battle against UC SysDef ensues

Either kill or persuade Delgado

Either kill or persuade Ikande

Lose access to the Key

Keep access to the Key

You’ll earn the UC SysDef uniform

You’ll maintain access to the Crimson Fleet Mission Board

250,000 credit reward

Same 250,000 credit reward

Most companions will approve

Fewer companions will approve

To be crystal clear, when we say ‘more companions will approve’, we actually haven’t found anyone who’s pleased with siding with the Crimson Fleet. But some players have reported having companions agree with them, so we’ll leave it open-ended a bit. Broadly speaking, you should expect just about everyone to think UC SysDef is the right answer, and dislike the alternative.

So, you get the same (huge) amount of credits regardless. You’ll get more companion affinity for UC SysDef – but course-correcting affinity is pretty easy. Losing access to the Key is the big pragmatist’s downside to turning against the Crimson Fleet, and to be fair, it’s kind of a doozy. Therefore, from a moral stance we’d tend to suggest UC SysDef, whilst from a practical stance we might say the Crimson Fleet is the better call.

No pressure, explorers.

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