Hero Buffs, Second Ultimates and more

T3 Arena with its latest September 2023 update just unveiled everything coming to the game this month, which involves the likes of the Hero Road, Balance Changes, enhancements and more. This time, the focus is on revitalizing characters who have been sidelined, introducing exciting features, and addressing community concerns. Join us as we explore the details of the T3 Arena September 2023 Update.

T3 Arena September 2023 Update: Introducing the Hero Road

One of the standout features of this update is the Hero Road, a brand-new reward program designed for each hero in the game. The Hero Road offers players a personalized journey of progress and rewards, accessible through both ranked and casual modes. Think of it as a tailored workout plan for your chosen hero. To advance on the Hero Road, all you need to do is play matches using that hero and accumulate trophies along the way.

Each hero comes with its own unique Hero Road pack, filled with customized rewards such as power cores, portraits, frames, and exclusive autographs. These autographs are a fresh addition, allowing players to showcase their hero’s uniqueness with pride. Best of all, these rewards can be unlocked absolutely free as you progress on the Hero Road.

New Mythic Skins and Hero Road Rewards

Before we dive into the core changes, let’s begin with some exciting news. The Super Season 2 update introduces a set of new Light Guardian-themed mythic skins for several beloved heroes, including Ruby, Johnny Jet, Hua Ling, and Neon. These skins promise to bring a fresh aesthetic to the game, allowing players to personalize their favourite characters in style.

T3 Arena September 2023 Update: Second Ultimates Return, measures and more

Second Ultimates Return

After extensive testing and fine-tuning following the five versus five launches, second ultimates are making a triumphant return in this update. Five heroes—Scotty, Neon, Iris, Jabali, and Shell—are getting their second ultimate abilities. What’s even better is that these second ultimates can be unlocked for free by progressing on the Hero Road. Stay tuned for more second ultimates as new Hero Roads open up.

Strengthening Anti-Cheat Measures

Fair play is paramount in any competitive game, and T3 Arena is no exception. This update reinforces the game’s anti-cheat detection systems and introduces an improved reporting system. After each match, players will have the option to report any foul play, cheating, or disruptive behaviour they encounter. Reports will trigger an investigation by the system or manual checks by staff, leading to user rating penalties for guilty players. This ensures a cheat-free and enjoyable environment for all players.

T3 Arena September 2023 Update: Hero Balance Changes

Four heroes are receiving buffs in this update to boost their viability in the arena:

  1. Chemist: A 10% increase in movement speed and a reduction in the cooldown of the first active skill, Rapid Shot, by approximately 10%.
  2. Hua Ling: An increase in HP from 3600 to 4200 and a boost in her fully charged arrow damage from 2700 to 3000.
  3. Arno: An increase in primary weapon damage from 2880 to 3120 and a strengthening of the portable barrier shield from 4800 to 5400.
  4. Zero Calvin: Increased damage for his snowball ramming and AOE abilities, along with a boost in shield strength from 3600 to 4200.

Please note that these balance changes are still under testing, and the official stats will be detailed in the official patch notes.

T3 Arena September 2023 Update: Enhancements, Map Redesign and more

While the ranked play has been in the spotlight with the introduction of five versus five gameplay, this update shows some love for fast-paced, free versus free action. A new matchmaking settings menu for Free Versus Free mode provides players with more control. You can choose from free matchmaking modes, bots-only matchmaking, or humans-only matchmaking. The latter option allows for matches free of AI opponents but may result in slightly longer queue times.

Gigacave Mine Map Redesign

Based on extensive analysis and player feedback, the Gigacave Mine map has undergone a significant redesign. Changes include wider ramps, adjustments to window and doorway placements, and optimized map lighting to enhance the overall gaming experience. Players can expect a fresh and improved feel when they step into the updated Gigacave Mine map.

Gigacave Map Redesign
Image via XD Inc.

Esports and More

The Super Season 2 update brings exciting news for esports enthusiasts. The Arena League, the official esports tournament for the season, will feature adjustments to its format and rewards, making it more thrilling than ever before. Additionally, a series of ranked mode-based tasks will ensure that glory points are attainable no matter which mode you prefer.

As a bonus, an end-of-season puzzle promises extra rewards and a sneak peek at what’s to come in the next season, adding an extra layer of excitement for players.

Final Thoughts

T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.

The T3 Arena Super Season 2 September update is packed with exciting features and improvements, reflecting the developers’ commitment to enhancing the gaming experience. With the introduction of the Hero Road, the return of second ultimate, reinforced anti-cheat measures, and a host of balance changes and map redesigns, this update promises to rejuvenate the game and cater to the desires of the community. Stay tuned for the official patch notes on T3 Arena’s Discord server where more details such as Neon’s second ultimate will be revealed.

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