How To Equip Multiple Weapons In Starfield

Always have your guns ready for a quick draw.

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Quickslotting weapons may seem like a simple task, especially for a Bethesda game, but with a new IP comes a new responsibility. Certain phrases and explanations of regular game mechanics change to appeal to the new world created.



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In Starfield, you will quickly start collecting a lot of guns and weapons. Knowing how to open your quick slot menu as well as how to assign weapons into a quick slot will be very important for combat and ease of quality of life. Otherwise, you would have to keep entering your inventory during battle to swap to another weapon and that’s no good.

How To Equip Multiple Weapons In Combat

Starfield Quickslotting Weapons From Inventory

First things first, pressing Q on PC or the D-Pad on the controller will open up your quick slot menu. This is how you will access any assigned weapons and throwables without having to open your inventory menu.

To actually assign a weapon into the quick slot, you will need to go into your inventory. Hover over whichever weapon you want, and then press B on PC or Y on the controller. This will essentially “Favorite” the weapon.

You have to Favorite a weapon to assign it to your quick slot.

You may also exit your weapons menu and go to Throwables to assign any grenades or land mines into your quick slot. You are able to quick slot grenades as well as regular guns. Assign them in the same manner, by Favoriting them.

How To Assign Food To A Quick Slot Starfield

Starfield Player Dead On Floor

The quick slot will already have any Med Packs you own already assigned in the center column. You can assign other food or healing items to your quick slot in the same fashion that you assign your weapons, by Favoriting them in your inventory.

To quick heal while in combat, press zero on PC or use the D-Pad on the controller.

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