What Is The Max Level In Starfield?

Realistically, one could play Starfield for hundreds of hours and still not see everything the game has to offer. In fact, we’re sure the coming years will be proof enough of that, as players begin to show off the jaw-dropping play time on their files, and folks write articles about how they bump into something in 2028 that they had no idea was even in the game.



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That’s all well and good. But it invites the question, just what is the max character level in Starfield, anyway? Or… does it even have one? You’ve seen star systems that recommend players don’t venture there until they’re at least level 75, so this is clearly no Fallout 3 situation. What’s the deal? Here’s the deal.

What Is Starfield’s Level Cap?


So, let’s just get it out of the way in case you want to read the direct answer and exit the page. Hey, we get it. Time is precious. Starfield has no level cap. Yes, you can get past level 100. There’s an achievement tied to reaching level 100, which has caused some fans to suspect it’s the cap, but no. There’s simply no achievement beyond 100 because reaching level 100 is already quite the challenge.

Here’s some food for thought. Given the breakdown of Starfield’s skills, if a player wishes to get all four ranks in every single skill, they would need 328 points. Since you earn one skill point per level, maxing out skills means reaching level 328. We kind of appreciate this, if we’re being honest; it means player builds will feel well and truly separate from each other, save for those who somehow manage to reach level 328. Is it possible to do so? Yes. How long would it take? We… don’t know. A long time.

Starfield - Science Skill Tree

For all intents and purposes, we predict most folks will finish Starfield’s main (Constellation) story around the 30s or 40s, maybe the 50s if they’re quite thorough. At so ‘low’ a level, most skills aren’t maxed, and many likely haven’t even been touched. But you have good enough gear to get through what Constellation (and other factions) bring to the table.

Reaching level 100 is going to take about as many hours. Pushing past it, well, good luck with that. Maybe future Starfield expansions will even surpass the level 75 maximum that Starfield’s solar systems currently possess. For the time being, all we can say for sure is that just because Starfield lacks a level cap, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to see your character reach triple digits, or even remotely close. And that’s OK.

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