Super Mario 64’s Question Block Lego Set Is On Sale At Amazon And Target

If a fictional world’s backdrop and characters have been immortalized in Lego, it’s probably safe to assume that fictional world has made it. Three years on from the reveal of Super Mario’s first-ever Lego set, the plumber’s brick-building collection is now pretty massive. From interactive courses modeled after levels from the original games to a NES replica that even comes with a buildable Lego TV, Nintendo and Lego have gotten pretty inventive while working together.



The collaboration’s best set to date may well be the Super Mario 64 Question Block, though. The incredibly intricate set was released almost two years ago. One big Mario Question Block on the outside, but hiding within are various famous levels from Super Mario 64, one of the most iconic and well-loved Mario games of all time, and the first time Nintendo’s mascot was playable in three dimensions.

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Made up of more than 2,000 pieces and including some intricate details, Lego Mario’s Question Block set doesn’t come cheap. However, as we approach the set’s second anniversary, you can pick the usually-$200 set up for significantly less than usual. The Question Block is currently on sale at both Amazon and Target, retailing at just $160, so 20 percent less than usual. You can grab the set for that reduced price by following the links below.

super mario 64 question block lego set
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Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block Lego Set

$160 $200 Save $40

Lego Super Mario’s most intricate set yet, the Question Block includes miniature recreations of four levels from Super Mario 64. Made up of more than 2,000 pieces and a number of characters from the game included.

Four levels from Super Mario 64 have been turned into Lego and delicately placed inside the Question Block. The game’s hub Peach’s Castle, the first level you play through Bob-Omb Battlefield, Lethal Lava Trouble, and Cool Cool Mountain. Yes, that last one is the infamous level where you can throw the baby penguin off a cliff after rescuing it, and yes, since the sets includes little Lego penguins, you can recreate that historic gaming moment.

Other characters included in the set are Mario, Peach, King Bob-Omb, and a Chain Chomp. Although the set’s areas are much smaller than the other Lego Mario characters, they can interact with your Question Block if you have any of the figures from other sets. There are even stars to find hidden around the set’s levels, just like in the actual game.

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