Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 Reportedly Launching In 2024

According to prominent Dragon Ball leaker Geekdom, Budokai Tenkaichi 4 is coming out sometime in 2024.



“Tenkaichi 4 is coming sooner than people realize,” Geekdom tweeted. When asked if that meant early 2024, they replied, “perrrrhaps”. One fan responded, “Nah there’s no way”, but Geekdom said it all “depends on what you mean by ‘early'”.

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There hasn’t been a Tenkaichi game since 2007 with the third release, but a fourth game was announced earlier this year after months of leaks, rumours, and speculation. Details are still scarce, and there’s no confirmed release date or even window at this point. All we know officially is that Super Saiyan Blue Goku will make an appearance, but we did find out in March that the game’s code name is reportedly “Sparking! Zero”.

What that name means isn’t clear right now, but it’s worth noting that overseas in Japan, the Tenkaichi series is known as “Sparking! [X]”, with the second game replacing the ‘X’ for Neo! and the third game replacing the ‘X’ with “Meteor!” Zero is often used for prequels, such as Resident Evil 0 and Yakuza 0, but it is a code name so it could change before release.

Last month, Dragon Ball Z voice actor Sonny Strait also shared that he had “just got through recording a video game” that involved “a lot of screaming”. We don’t know what game this is, but fans believe it to be Tenkaichi 4.

It was reported in June that fans would finally get a glimpse at Budokai Tenkaichi 4 in July after a decade of waiting, and after it skipped Xbox’s Summer Showcase where Dragon Ball Z games tend to be announced. Unfortunately, this didn’t pan out, leaving fans disappointed and eagerly waiting for something, anything. If it truly is coming out in 2024, and ‘early’ 2024 at that – whatever that means – we might not have to wait much longer to see this long-awaited sequel.

Geekdom also teased that they’ll have more information to share soon. “May stream about it this week,” they said when asked for more details about the release date. And when fans asked when we can hear more news, they said, “This week maybe”. Perhaps we’ll find out more about what Geekdom means by ‘early’. As for when it’ll get announced, the only upcoming events left this year are PAX, EGX, and The Game Awards, which has its own dedicated stream in which Geoff Keighley and several guests announce new titles as well as updates on existing ones. It’s possible we’ll see Tenkaichi 4 here, if Bandai Namco doesn’t show off the game itself.

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