The Best Arrows In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to spice up your ranged weapon attacks with unique arrows that have a variety of effects and uses, from attacking multiple enemies, dealing elemental damage types, or even effects that don’t directly deal damage.



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While there are more than a dozen unique arrow types, not all of them are equally useful, and some are even played for laughs like the Arrow of Sparrow Slaying. To help you decide which arrows to keep and which are best for the gold they are worth, here are the top ones for your archer’s quiver.

8 Arrow Of Transposition

in game description of the Arrow of Transposition in baldur's gate 3

The Arrow of Transportation acts like the Misty Step spell in that it can teleport you anywhere you have visual range and can fire an arrow, but unlike the Misty Step spell, it has superior range. This can be used by firing it through grated bars or through walls of fire to get your martial characters access to areas they would otherwise struggle with.

Also, you can stealth before taking the shot and remain in stealth after teleporting, allowing you to set up critical ambushes or sneak your way out of or into tough situations. The only downside of this arrow is that you can’t use it to deal damage, but will let you get right in that archer’s face who’s just out of reach of jump.

7 Smokepowder Arrow

in game description of the smokepowder arrow in baldur's gate 3

The Smokepowder Arrow has the highest damage potential of all the arrows in most situations, especially against grouped enemies, as it literally is little more than a bomb strapped to an arrow. There are almost no situations where you will prefer a standard arrow over this one, especially given they can deal up to 48 damage to multiple enemies.

You can also use this arrow to ignite flammable surfaces and barrels, causing even more damage from the resulting blast. This is best used when combined with grease from spells or bottles so that you can make your own traps or explosive combos.

6 Arrow Of Acid

in game description of the arrow of acid in baldur's gate 3

The Arrow of Acid is like the arrow of fire in that it deals the same amount of damage in the same radius but leaves a pool of acid on the ground after each shot. This pool of acid coats your enemies and reduces their armor class.

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This arrow is perfect against high heavily armored enemies or just creatures that have naturally high AC like the Steel Watch, so that you can make all of your party’s attacks more likely to hit. So you can even use it against acid-resistant enemies and still trigger the effect if you don’t mind less damage.

5 Arrow Of Many Targets

in game description of the arrow of many targets in baldur's gate 3

The Arrow of Many Targets is one of the best arrows for dealing with large groups of enemies that aren’t all gathered in a tight pack for fire or acid arrows. The game treats every target as its own weapon attack, and can let you trigger class and magic item abilities multiple times.

Despite the other targets receiving half damage, the initial target has no change in damage and the half damage could still let you pick off low-health enemies and prevent them from using their turn to wreak havoc on your party. This arrow is one that you will likely use every fight if you get the chance.

4 Arrow Of Roaring Thunder

in game description of the arrow of roaring thunder in baldur's gate 3

Despite having a simple description, the Arrow of Roaring Thunder is more useful than it seems on the surface. The most obvious use-case for this arrow is pushing enemies off ledges, as that can lead to outright killing certain enemies.

Or you can use this arrow, especially on characters with the multi-attack feature, to move enemies into groups or in a line so that you can cast spells that would otherwise miss enemies outside the spell’s range. It still allows you to make weapon attacks and trigger class features without having to waste a bonus action on shove, all while setting up perfect Fireball scenarios.

3 Arrow Of Piercing

In game description of the Arrow of Piercing in Baldur's gate 3

The Arrow of Piercing is like the arrow of many targets, except it shoots through enemies in line until it hits a solid object. This allows you to get around the max distance of your bow, as it can go past the limit as it strikes through enemies.

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Although it is more situational than the arrow of many targets, having both will let you use either one in every combat involving multiple enemies. The only problem with the arrow of piercing is that you won’t find any until Act Three, as they’re rare despite having the same effect as the arrow of many targets, because it can potentially hit more than four targets.

2 Arrow Of Humanoid Slaying

in game description of the arrow of humanoid slaying in baldur's gate 3

Out of all the creature-type arrows, the Arrow of Humanoid Slaying is the strongest simply because humanoid is the most common enemy type in the game next to undead.

You can play around with the effects of these arrows, because, instead of providing vulnerability, it just doubles the damage from whatever bow you are using. If you use the Amulet of Branding, then you can grant a creature vulnerability and quadruple your damage from these arrows, making them have the highest damage potential out of all the arrows.

1 Arrow Of Arcane Interference

in game description of the arrow of arcane interference in baldur's gate 3

The Arrow of Arcane Interference is the best tool against casters, even better than the silence spell. What makes it especially useful is that it automatically breaks concentration on hit, which requires a concentration check in almost every other circumstance other than casting Sleet Storm, which doesn’t also silence the target.

You can even use this arrow preemptively if you don’t want your target to be casting any spells before it gets to their turn, essentially locking them out of combat. It is the only tool you need against boss enemies like Lorroakan as the arrow also follows through in damage and triggers class and ability features.

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