Levelling And Prestige In Phasmophobia, Explained

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Previously in Phasmophobia, there wasn’t a lot of incentive for progression. You’d earn cash from your cases that could be funneled into new equipment, but there wasn’t much else that let you show off your dedication to hunting the paranormal. That was until a big overhaul landed.



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Alongside little patches over numerous months that added new customization options and badges comes a new way to level up as well as a Prestige system. It’s a great way to keep you coming back to the game, plus Prestiging comes with unique rewards. For those curious about how it all fits together, here’s a helpful guide to how leveling and Prestige work in Phasmophobia.

How To Level Up In Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia: The Contract Reward Screen After A Mission

When it comes to leveling up your character in Phasmophobia you’ll find it’s not too difficult, though it does get a bit grindy the higher you go. As you play the game and complete contracts and other actions, you’ll earn XP.

Contracts are the investigation that you’ll be going on. Whether that’s a ghoul roaming around a house in suburbia, a night in an abandoned asylum, or an evening chasing some specter around the shady cells of the local Prison. Successfully identifying the resident spook and completing other side tasks will be rewarded with Experience Points

Phasmophobia: A Ghost Photographed Behind A Hunter

These XP rewards are given out at the end of an investigation, but if you fail in your objective you’re given nothing. So be thorough and don’t close up shop at the haunting site until you’re positive you’ve picked the right poltergeist or demonic entity.

Every bit of XP is vital as you start at level zero and as you hit those higher numbers you’ll unlock extra benefits. Though it may take a little while as those XP rewards aren’t very high, but at least it all adds up over time. Plus, at 100 you can choose to Prestige.

You can earn extra XP for things such as Bone Evidence, Photographs of Prints, playing on larger maps with higher difficulties, and completing a Perfect Investigation.

Perks Of Leveling Up

Phasmophobia: New Map Level Up Rewards

The main goal of leveling in Phasmophobia is that the more experienced your Ghost Hunter is, the more toys and locations you get to play around with. The game won’t throw you in the deep end at the beginning, so you’ll want to start digging into the toybox as quickly as you can to get access to all the fun stuff.

You start with a few pieces of equipment by default, but by the time you reach at least Level 20 you should have most if not all of your gear unlocked. Which in turn will make finding Ghosts much easier and quicker in the long run.

Phasmophobia: All Ingame Equipment Shown On A Storage Board In The Store

So by 100, or at least the halfway point, you’ll have plenty of options for hunts to really farm up those experience points.

Once you hit level 100 or above, you’ll be able to Prestige. It’s similar to how it was done in Call Of Duty, in that your level and equipment reset back to zero and you start the process of building it all back up all over again. However, you do gain some rewards for doing so.

Phasmophobia: The Unlockable Locations For Contracts And Their Level Requirements

The level cap is 999. But you can’t earn any more XP or rewards by that point. So you’re better off using the Prestige System.

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What Is Prestige?

Phasmophobia: The Prestige Warning Message And The Unlockable Badges

After you hit or blow through the level 100 marker you’ll have the option to Prestige. As mentioned previously, doing this resets your progress, but you’ll gain unique icons, backgrounds, and patterns for your character’s ID Card. There’s a maximum of 10 new patterns and you can Prestige up to 20 times.

The complexities of these cosmetics improve the more you Prestige, with the high-end ones coming with subtle animations instead of static images. It’s not overly fancy, but it’s a cool cosmetic to show off how much of an experienced Spook Catcher you are. Your current Prestige Level is represented by the classic Roman Numeral and it can be seen at any time by just checking your ID Card.

Every time you Prestige, the amount of XP required for the next one increases. So it’s going to take some time to get everything.

Legacy Badges

Phasmophobia: Legacy Badge Customisation Screen And A Legacy Badge

Every time you Prestige you’ll unlock what’s known as Legacy Badges. As we mentioned previously, they’re badges that come with cosmetic upgrades that show off your dedication to the game and they can be customized however you like.

The badge designs are intricate and interesting enough that they’re worth trying to unlock. Though it will take quite a while to get there as to hit level 100 you’ll need to have collected roughly 310 thousand Experience Points. Plus, considering that the amount of XP required increases each time you Prestige, don’t go in thinking you’ll be maxing it out within a week.

Your Legacy Badge will permanently appear on your arm until you unlock the next one. So if your group is rocking a uniform design, then everyone will need to get the badge.

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